She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 839 - Investment!

Chapter 839 - Investment!

Chapter 839 Investment!

Looking at this familiar figure, Royce was stunned.

He stared at Nora in disbelief, his eyes widened.

Ms. Nora?

Was it Ms. Nora?

Compared to half a year ago, when she was in New York, she seemed to have lost some weight and had become more beautiful. If not for those familiar lazy almond-shaped eyes when Nora walked on the streets, Royce would not have recognized her.

But what was Ms. Nora doing here?

Royce was a little stunned.

As he stood there, the people behind him thought that Nora had blocked the way. Someone immediately asked, You are?

Nora glanced at Liam and yawned. She said lazily, Lisa.


Royce frowned.

But this was clearly Ms. Nora. Why was she calling herself Lisa?

He looked at Nora in confusion, but he saw the woman giving him a cold warning gaze.


He did not quite understand what this gaze meant.

Royce respected Nora a lot. The chairman was not married and did not have children. When he picked Nora up from the countryside back then, he had said that NTT would be handed over to Cherry in the future.

Who was Cherry? She was this womans daughter!

Moreover, wasnt he handing it to Cherry because Ms. Nora only slept all day and did not want to get involved in the business at all?

The chairman had no choice. He had just said that he would hand the company to Cherry but he was actually giving it to her, in disguise.

As he was thinking about Ms. Noras intentions, the people behind him misunderstood.

One of them said, Youre Lisa, the person Professor Myer was talking about? Why are you here? Wheres Professor Myer?

Nora looked at the stairs. He might be a little busy?

Everyone: ??

Everyone felt like they had been played.


They had come to see his project as investors but he was acting like such a big shot? Did he really think he was some well-known professor? They would still give some face to a professor like Wilson. After all, Wilson had done many projects in the past.

However, Wayne was really too unpopular!

Royces first subordinate said, Since Professor Myer is so insincere, well get going now! We dont want to waste our time here!

Nora: ?

She raised her eyebrows and was about to speak when a bright and careful voice was heard. Well Since Lisa is here, why dont we listen to her for a minute?

Following the voice, Nora then saw that her neighbor, Liam, was in this team too.

Nora held her forehead.

There were quite a few familiar faces today. However, Liam seemed to have received a promotion. It seemed like she had made him level up.

After Liam finished speaking, everyone looked at Liam. Royces subordinate scolded, Youre just a newcomer to the department. What are you talking about? How can an undergraduate explain a laboratory project? Its too much!

Liam was reprimanded and was too afraid to speak.

On the other hand, Royce came back to his senses when Liam was interrupted by the two of them. He stared at Nora and asked, Let the undergraduate talk about erm do you want to talk about it

He looked at Nora tentatively.

Nora: I dont know what the project is.

She would not come to work on a real project. As Anti, she had not done many projects in the past. Furthermore, it took a lot of time to work on a project.

At most, she would just be registering.

When Royce heard this, he immediately understood and said, Then you dont have to say anything else!

When he said this, one of Royces men misunderstood him. Yes, theres no need to say anything else. Its useless even if you do. We wont be investing in your project! The project proposal is a mess. Theres only the two of you


He really wanted to shut his subordinates


He was usually very good at flattering him. Why couldnt he tell that something was amiss today?

He had finally come back to his senses.

Ms. Nora was hiding her ident.i.ty by saying that she was Lisa! The warning gaze she had given to him earlier was also to tell him not to speak nonsense. Otherwise, why would she be here if she could just expose her ident.i.ty?

Royce understood.

Ms. Nora was asking for an investment!

However, she could not expose her ident.i.ty, so he had to make his investment look fair on the surface!

But his own subordinate had been undermining him here. How could he still invest fairly?

As he was thinking about what to do, Liam said again, Um Actually, there are only two people involved in the project. This kind of thing is easy to resolve. Professor Myer was very famous in the school back then but he has fallen from grace these past few years. As long as we invest, the number of people would definitely not be a problem.

One of Liams men sneered and retorted, Not a problem? I think its a big problem! Have you been bribed by him? Whats the difference between this and a scam? Besides, this project proposal is a complete mess. Is there any need to invest?

Liam was lectured. He clenched his jaw and looked at Nora again.

Rene had said that it was not easy for Nora to raise the three children alone. It was not easy for her to attend school here. They were all neighbors and he had to help.

Therefore, Liam took a deep breath and continued, That project Actually, if you look at it carefully, you can tell that it will be very valuable in the future. Although we wont be able to get any benefits in the short term, we have to look further ahead

Even if Royce was helping Wayne out of friends.h.i.+p, he could not have given him money for no reason.

Waynes project was indeed promising for the future.

However, Royces subordinate continued to scold him, This idea of yours is very dangerous! Were investors, of course we look at the long-term benefits! But youre a newcomer, what do you know? You still dare to speak nonsense here? Dont tell me you want to speak up for Lisa because shes beautiful? Mr. Royce will definitely not agree! Isnt that so, Mr. Royce?