She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 838 - Meeting Old Friends

Chapter 838 - Meeting Old Friends

Chapter 838 Meeting Old Friends

Nora only said the word yes. Wayne did not hear her voice.

Nora held her forehead.

She did not expect to meet Wayne. This was really fate.

She did not expect Wayne, who had returned to Staav University, to be in such a sorry state.

When Wilson heard this, he was stunned. After a moment, he did not know whether to laugh or cry. Wayne, youre simply too shameless! Lisa is only an undergraduate. What can she help you with? She doesnt even know what project youre doing. Youre making things difficult for her!

Wayne blocked the door and refused to let Wilson out. He said, Shes a student from my laboratory. Why do you care how I treat my students? Hey, Lisa, did you hear me?

However, Wilson suddenly said, I regret it. Lisa, you can come to my laboratory. Ill take you in. How about that?

Wayne immediately cursed, Shameless Wilson, didnt you throw her to me because you thought her results were bad? Youre really unscrupulous! You even want students with poor grades?

When Wilson heard Wayne say this, he blushed. He knew that the counselor had definitely not told Wayne that Lisa had scored full marks for the exam. He said calmly, No, Lisa is an excellent student. Ill definitely want her. Lisa, how about it?

Wayne could not turn back. He had his back pressed tightly against the door. His head was twisted so much that he could only see an indistinguishable figure in the distance. He could not see the details at all.

He shouted, Lisa, dont listen to his nonsense. Were all Americans. Our eyes are filled with tears when we meet. You cant betray me!


Her almond-shaped eyes narrowed slightly as she heard their conversation.

It seemed like Professor Wilson thought that her results were bad, so he had pushed her to Wayne.

She smiled and replied calmly, Oh.

Wayne instantly became smug. Did you hear that? I didnt despise her even when her results were bad. We Americans all have grateful hearts. Wilson, why dont you remember the time I helped you back then? Why do you have to come and ruin my show today?

When Wilson heard Lisa say this, he shrugged. Im not helping the investors, Im helping you. Otherwise, if you cheat them and your reputation spreads, no one will invest in you when you start a new project. I can actually give you a few of my projects. You can start them first. Its better to look for investors after you have a reputation.

Wayne sneered. How many do you want to give me? How generous of you to say that. Dont forget that I was better than you back then! My reputation was greater than yours!

Wilson smiled. Is that so? But you also said that it was back then. In todays Staav University, who still remembers that there was a Professor Wayne in the biomedical faculty? Youve been doing business for so many years, youve long ruined your reputation!

Waynes eyes turned red when he heard this.

He was doing this to fulfill the promise he had made back then.

That woman had died so tragically, how could he leave her alone?

He shook his head and abandoned the thoughts in his mind. Anyway, I dont care. I have to take down this investor. Wilson, I wont let you meet them!

He shouted again, Lisa, hurry up and go into the laboratory to talk to them. Theres my business plan on the table. Take a look and read it for them Say good things If they dont invest all of it, investing a part of it would be good enough

As Wayne was explaining, Wilson smiled. Heh, Royce is a professional investor. Do you think he cant tell anything from this?

Wilson reached out his hands. Alright, Wayne. Im not going, but do you think Lisa will be of any use to you if she goes into the laboratory? You have no choice because Lisa is just an exchange student. She has no weight in this project.

Wayne naturally understood this.

However, in order to not let Wilson go out and cause trouble, he had to detain him here.

Currently, there were only him and Lisa on the entire project. If he did not let Lisa go, what else could he do?

Wayne frowned in anger. He turned around and shouted again, Lisa, hurry up. Dont let the investors wait too long!


After Nora agreed, she took two steps forward and walked to Laboratory 706 from the door that was revealed.

Wilson looked at Wayne and shook his head.

He spread his hands and pretended to look down on her. He pursed his lips and said, Wayne, Im waiting to see a good show.

Nora stood at the entrance of the laboratory.

She knew that the person in the room was Royce but when she thought of Waynes current state, she felt that she had to help him.

After all, Wayne had fallen to such a state for Yvette.


She sighed and pushed open the door.

Inside the room.

The investor was looking at the door impatiently.

Someone said, Hey, Professor Wilson sent me a message. He said that Professor Myers laboratory only has him and an undergraduate American exchange student. He doesnt have anyone important. How can he have the cheek to work on a project?

The other person frowned and said, Just two people? Furthermore, the plan is written in a mess. I can tell at a glance that it was rushed. Dont tell me Professor Myer did this alone?

Ah, no wonder Professor Myer hasnt called us over despite being away for so long. Hes really rude to leave us here! We shouldnt invest in such a project, right?

Wilson just sent a message to suggest that we should invest very carefully. Hes our partner and wont lie to us. Since he warned us, he must not be optimistic about this project.

Royce took the project book and flipped through it casually before nodding.

He looked down at the time and stood up. I still have something on later. Since Professor Myer is so busy, lets go.

Then about the project Well talk about it next time.

With that, he opened the door and saw a tall American girl.