She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 837 - Investment Project

Chapter 837 - Investment Project

Chapter 837 Investment Project

Wayne took his phone and went out to make a call. He was afraid that Royce would leave. When he went out, he even turned back to look at him.

After he went out, someone asked, Mr. Royce, we dont think highly of this project, in the first place. Besides, look at this professor. Hes not competent either When you asked about the members of the laboratory, he said that there were only two of them Are we really going to invest in such an experiment?

Royce sighed gently too. He actually knew Wayne. It was very unusual for him to be famous as an American professor in a place like Staav. Therefore, when he saw his project, he thought that as long as it was even a little viable to invest, he would try.

Anyway, the boss had too much money to spend. He would treat it as patriotism and help his fellow countrymen.

However, he did not expect Wayne to be so unreliable.

From the looks of it, he had only recruited one student?

How was he going to do the project?!

Investing in him was no different than throwing away money, right?

Royce touched his forehead. Forget it.

He would not invest in this project.

Nora followed Royce over and wanted to see what he was here for.

As soon as she entered the building, before she could go upstairs and enter the elevator, she received a call from the counselor. Nora picked up the call and the counselor said, Lisa, I forgot to tell you when we met earlier Um, I got you a spot in my laboratory as an a.s.sistant. How about this? Your mentor needs you to come over right now. Hmm, can you come to Room 706 in the laboratory first?

Laboratory a.s.sistant?

This was really happening! She was just thinking about how to join a laboratory so that she could get access to the archive room!

She said, Okay, Ill come over now.

After Nora finished speaking, she looked up and realized that this was the laboratory building.

706 was the seventh floor. She pressed the elevator b.u.t.ton.

The elevator reached the first floor quickly. She went up and pressed the b.u.t.ton for the seventh floor.


The elevator arrived.

Nora had just walked out of the elevator when she heard two people talking in the corner.

Wayne was pulling Wilson back angrily. He was very anxious as he said, Old boy, you definitely have bad intentions for coming here. How can I believe you?! Let me tell you, dont think of entering my laboratory. Ill never let you in!

Wilson sneered. I dont understand what youre talking about. I can tell you that Ive been good friends with NTTs Mr. Royce for many years. I just dont want him to get cheated. You can cheat others but you cant cheat him.

Wayne was even more anxious now.

He had finally returned to continue his research. He could finally stop being a manager. However, because of the 20 years of absence, the school and the students no longer trusted him.

Social change was fast and the school had developed a lot. When Wayne was mentioned, the new generation of investors would ask in confusion, Who is this?

No one would remember that more than twenty years ago, he was influential and successful at Staav University. They would only remember that he was a business loser. He had gone out to start a business and failed.

Therefore, although Wayne had been back for a month, the situation here had not been resolved.

His old friend saw that he was pitiful and recommended him to NTT. He even especially emphasized that he was an American professor, which was why he had received this opportunity.

Wayne definitely could not give up.

If he had no money, then he would have no project. If he had no project, why did he come back?

He pulled Wilson back. Arent you just jealous that Im getting involved with Royce? Wilson, dont pretend to be so kind here. Let me tell you, its impossible for you to see Wilson speak ill of me! Even if I have to stay out here all day, would I let you in?! Get lost! Wilson felt that Wayne was simply unreasonable.

He was indeed here to convince Royce not to invest in Wayne. Firstly, he did not want Waynes project to be established. What if Wayne succeeded and suppressed him?

Secondly, he planned to tell Royce how unreliable this person was and owe NTT a favor.

He had a good relations.h.i.+p with NTT the past few years. They had invested in a lot of projects.

However, Wilson never expected Wayne to be so shameless. When he saw him coming over, he pulled him into the corridor!

Wilson was furious and said, Wayne, youre too much! You and Lisa are the only ones in your laboratory. What kind of project is this? Arent you scamming the investors?

Why do you care? Only with money will we have everything we need! Without anyone to invest in the project, how can we get good students? Wayne retorted.

For example, Wilson was a popular professor. Whenever a project was established, many graduate students would immediately register. With people, investors would also come.

However, Wayne was different.

Although everyone thought highly of his projects, no one invested in them. The students were not stupid. He had just arrived this year and did not even have a graduate student under him. How could anyone follow him?

Only when they saw the investment would their cla.s.smates choose to follow him.

But why would they invest in a project without enough members?

This was a vicious cycle.

Wilson laughed angrily. Its because the field you want to study is wrong. If it really has a future, why didnt anyone come? If they dont see any benefits in the short term, no one will follow you. Even if NTT invests in you, it will be a waste of money. I wont allow this to happen!

With that, he pushed Wayne away and walked out.

Wayne continued to hold him back. Dont even think about it!

Wilson was really speechless and anxious. He simply said, Its fine if I dont go but if you dont return to the room for a long time, Royce and the others will leave. Isnt it the same thing?

Wayne was anxious. He turned around and suddenly saw a student standing outside the staircase. As he was holding Wilson, he could not turn around and could only shout, Is that Lisa outside?

Nora: Yes.

Wayne immediately shouted, Go in first and stall for time!