She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 836 - There's still Lisa!

Chapter 836 - There's still Lisa!

Chapter 836 Theres still Lisa!

She frowned. Did you see something wrong?

The counselor sighed. No, Professor Wilson personally graded the papers. Oh, he even evaluated yours. Congratulations, youre an A too but its an A-.

Oscar: !

She knew that she could not get full marks this time because the questions were especially difficult.

She was very satisfied with this result.

But why did Lisa get full marks?

She was stunned.

The counselor patted her shoulder. I know you love to study and youre very hardworking but I keep feeling that youre the type to bury your head in books. When I heard that Lisa scored full marks, do you know what my first reaction was?

Oscar shook her head.

The counselor sighed. What you lack is a proper technique for studying. I originally thought that while showing Lisa around, you could start observing how she studies. A person like her is clearly talented. You two could complement each other. You said that you would have to lead her, but actually, I wanted her to lead you.

After all, Lisa was leaving after three months.

No matter how good her results were, she was not a student of their school.

The counselor was also selfis.h.!.+

But now

The counselor was momentarily at a loss for words.

Oscar was also stunned. She suddenly turned her head to look into the distance and saw that Nora had just turned a corner in front of her. She had disappeared.

At this moment, she suddenly realized what she had lost

Nora did not care too much about Oscar and the counselors thoughts. Oscar liked the hardworking type. Yes, Nora was born far from this type.

If she had the time to work hard, she might as well sleep more.

Therefore, since their personalities did not match, it was better for them to separate.

Moreover, she was not really there to learn. Her goal was the V16!

No matter what, she would never forget this!

Nora was about to walk forward when she suddenly saw a few familiar faces walking over.

She stopped in her tracks and suddenly turned around.

The few familiar faces were none other than the senior executives of NTT. The person in the lead was Royce, youngest aunts second-in-command. He was in charge of the companys investments.

Behind him were a few employees from the investment department in the NTT.

They did not notice Nora, but she was afraid that Royce would recognize her, so she hid her figure.

She could not let her aunt know that she was back. Otherwise going by her aunts exaggerated personality, everyone in Staav University would know about her.

She did not want to attract attention right now.

After all, there were five psychopaths like Trueman watching her look for the V16!

It was better to keep a low profile.

Nora avoided them but she did not notice that among the staff behind Royce, Liam was looking away in confusion.

Why did he seem to have seen that poor neighbor, the mother of three children, Lisa?

Liam was American and American faces were more recognizable to him.

Especially Noras bright and beautiful looks. She was stunning at a glance and was difficult to miss. Therefore, he felt that he could not have seen wrongly.

Furthermore, Rene had said that Lisa was studying at Staav University.

Although it was rare for college students to date, have children, and even get married, it was not unheard of. There were one or two such people every year.

Therefore, Liam did not think much of it.

However, why was Lisa avoiding him?

Liam shook his head and looked away in confusion. He entered the office ahead with Royce.

As he walked, the person beside him asked, This project is clearly not outstanding enough, why did you come here?

Royce said, Because I want to give him a chance.

Wayne was sitting there in the office. When he saw them, he immediately stood up eagerly. After shaking hands with Royce, they sat opposite each other.

Professor Myers, weve already studied the project book you gave us and are very interested in your experiment. Can you explain it to us in detail?

Royce asked.

Because the CEO was American, he had a particularly good att.i.tude toward this American professor working at Staav University. Although, his proposal was written in a mess that no one could understand.

Everyone said that if he couldnt even write a project book, there must be something wrong with this professor.

However, Royce felt that if he visited him in person, this professor might be able to explain it more clearly. He did not mind giving this professor a chance.

Wayne did not understand this.

He had always been a research-type player. He was not good at making proposals and he was not good at twisting and turning these things around. Otherwise, with his connections, he would not have kept the company Yvette stayed in so small

Wayne did not know that his performance was not up to standard. He was even worse at talking about the main points in front of these people. He displayed his long-winded nature. Mr. Royce, its really good that you came. I can tell you that my project is definitely the best. You would have no worries about investing at all


This professor was clearly not suitable for business.

The corners of his mouth twitched. He looked at the people behind and finally said, Professor Myers, may I ask where your a.s.sistants are?

He wanted to find a person who could speak concisely and get straight to the point.

However, when Wayne heard this, he choked.

His laboratory Was empty?!

He smiled awkwardly and explained, So far, Im the only one in the laboratory

At this point, he suddenly realized that there was another person.

He paused and thought about her name hard before saying, With Lisa. Yes, theres also Lisa. Um, wait a minute. Ill call her counselor and get her to come over immediately to meet you! Say, this Lisa is really How can she be late at such an important time?

As Wayne spoke, he took out his phone and called the counselor.