She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 835 - A+?!

Chapter 835 - A+?!

Chapter 835 A+?!

Oscar was a very conservative girl.

From what she knew, being able to enter Staav University to study was what many people dreamed of. She was not here to date but to learn.

She did not even have enough time to study usually, so how could she date?

Therefore, she despised university students dating.

Especially Lisa.

She was from New York and her results were bad, to begin with. As an exchange student, not only did she not have any self-awareness but she was even being pursued not long after she came?

She handed in the papers so early to go on a date with this person, right?

Oscars disdain for Nora reached the limit. She even reached the point of never talking to this person again. She was afraid that she would be affected by her laziness.

When the counselor heard Oscars words, she misunderstood. She smiled. Yes, I was about to tell you that I want you to continue helping her

No, I refuse, Oscar said bluntly. I cant help her with anything.

The counselor instantly misunderstood what she meant and said with a smile, Do you know her results? Although you cant teach her, you can still help her around the university!

Every time an exchange student came to the school, the counselor would get a student from the same dormitory to help guide the student.

After all, other than studying, there were many other matters to take care of. Exchange students were not too sure about such things. It was better to have someone guide them.

This was also why Oscar had said last time that if Noras results surpa.s.sed hers, she would help her again.

However, Oscar did not understand what the counselor meant. I dont need to see it to know her results. I came to this school to study, not to waste time, so I rejected her. I wont be with a person who isnt in the mood to study and thinks too much. She affects my life too much I only want to be with students who have good grades. You should have heard of the saying: One is marked by the company one keeps. I dont want my results to fall behind

She was always straightforward.

She was pretty good to Nora previously. Although her words were not very nice, she still took care of her.

She was not bad at heart but her mouth was unforgiving.

When the counselor heard this, she finally realized that Oscar was acting the same as her. They both had thought that Nora was a bad student. She hurriedly explained, But Lisa is

Before she could finish, Nora interrupted the counselor. Im sorry. Ive caused you trouble You dont have to do it anymore in the future.

With that, she looked at the counselor. Im already very familiar with the school. I dont need anyone to show me around. Thank you. Is there anything else?

The counselors eyes widened and she was stunned. She shook her head in a daze. No

Okay, Ill get going then. Nora left.

Looking at her calm back, the counselor could not help but think of the paper Professor Wilson had reviewed. It was clean, very clean, and there were no traces of calculation

What kind of person was this mysterious American girl?

For a moment, the counselor could not understand.

As she was thinking, Oscar pursed her lips and said, Counselor, I only want to partner with someone with good grades and one who loves to study. Please dont waste my time with such a person next time.

With that, she raised her chin proudly and prepared to leave.

The counselor looked at her and suddenly sighed. She asked, Do you know what Lisas grade was this time?

Im not interested in whether she gets a D or an E.

The counselor: No, she didnt

Oscar was stunned for a moment but she quickly came back to her senses. Is it C? Most of the exchange students from New York University School of Medicine in our school get Ds. Its no wonder shes so arrogant.

The counselor pursed his lips. She got an A+. She got the only perfect score in the cla.s.s.


Was she hallucinating?