She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 834 - There's Something Wrong With Him

Chapter 834 - There's Something Wrong With Him

Chapter 834 Theres Something Wrong With Him

In universities, students fell in love quickly and were also very straightforward about it.

Nora was surprisingly very calm about his confession. After all, over the years, she had received a lot of confessions. This was true due to her good-looking facial features even when she was fat.

Just as she was about to reject him, a mans voice came from behind her. She turned around to see that Kelvin, who was filming, had come behind her at some point. The man asked sarcastically, Are Cherry, Pete, and Xander doing well?

Nora: ?

Was the man especially keeping a watch on her? Didnt he have work to do?!

Was the crew this nonchalant that he could just stop filming whenever he wanted to?

The corners of Noras lips spasmed.

Jack was a little surprised. Who are Cherry, Pete, and Xander?

Kelvin raised his eyebrows, looked at Nora, and grinned. He was cold and standoffish to others, but when facing Nora, this younger cousin of Justins was just like a little devil.

There wasnt the familiar feeling she had felt when she talked to him the other time, though.

Nora was already planning to say that she had three lovely children, but Kelvin had interrupted her. Now that Jack was also asking, she replied, They are my adorable children.

Jack: ?

Stunned, Jack looked at Nora incredulously. Oh my G.o.d, you really have three children? Are you even legal yet? You look sixteen at best!

When Kelvin heard him, he snickered and muttered, Tsk, this man sure is smooth. Which part of you looks like youre sixteen when you are already so old?


A puzzled Jack asked, What did you say? I didnt catch that.

Nora replied, He said you say some really nice things.

Really? Jack was a little embarra.s.sed. Thats a compliment, right? Ive always been like this.



Nora kept quiet.

Jack looked at Nora again and said, Your children must be really cute. If theres time, I would like to meet them. So Can I pursue


Kelvin frowned.

She already had three children yet he still wanted to pursue her?

Nora also raised her eyebrows, though, she rejected him again, No, you dont have to. I have no plans to date anyone for the time being.

Upon hearing this, Kelvin breathed a sigh of relief. At least that woman knows whats good for her!

Aw, alright. Jack looked a little down, but he quickly looked at her again. Ive asked around. Youre an exchange student who just came to our school, right? How about I show you around the campus?

His suggestion piqued Noras interest.

Her eyes narrowed a little.

It was said that there were many mysterious corners in universities that only boys knew about. Perhaps there might be things that Jack found different or extraordinary about the school?

Thus, Nora nodded happily and said, Sure.

She followed behind Jack and was about to leave.

Kelvin was dumbfounded.

He grabbed Noras arm and said angrily, How can you go with him? He obviously has designs on you. In a situation like this, shouldnt you keep your distance from him for Justins sake?

Noras brows drew together. She didnt understand why Kelvin had suddenly become so impetuous.

However, Kelvin was now giving her the same feeling she had gotten from him the first time they had met. As expected, the bit of familiar feeling she had gotten from him, which had reminded her of Justin, was all just an illusion.

She grabbed Kelvins hand and made him release her with just a bit of force. Nora then said, Dont you get along poorly with Justin? Shouldnt you be very happy to see this?

Kelvin: !!

After saying that, Nora walked over to Jack. Lets go.

Kelvin practically flipped out after the two walked away. At the side, the director and his a.s.sistant came over and said, Hey Kelvin, its time to shoot!

Kelvin snapped, Shoot? Go away!

The a.s.sistant was distressed.

For some reason, it was as if Kelvin had become a completely different person the last two days. Although his acting skills were not bad, they didnt quite fit the role. After being off-form for two days, his condition had finally recovered today, so the director was planning to shoot a little more to make up for the poor performance the past two days. What was Kelvins problem this time?

His problem?

Kelvin was in a huge panic.

His sister-in-law was about to be stolen by someone else! How would he possibly be in the mood to shoot?!

Justin was the one here the last two days. By right, he was supposed to be making up for the scenes he shot today

He picked up his cell phone, walked to the side, and dialed a number. No name was displayed on the screen. As soon as the other side answered, he whispered, Justin, youve been cuckolded!

The deep male voice paused for a moment before he finally asked, Whats going on?

Kelvin repeated parts of the conversation between Nora and Jack. Then, he became indignant and said, She clearly knows that Jack has designs on her, yet she still went to tour the campus with him. That means shes neither rejecting nor accepting him, thats total sc.u.mbag behavior! Its fortunate that youve already separated from her, Justin. You should have a good look at her true colors while the two of you are not married yet!

The man opposite fell silent for a while before he finally asked, Did she really go off to tour the campus with Jack?


Kelvin was furious. He was about to rant a little more when the other man said, Something is wrong with Jack. Keep an eye on him.

Kelvin was taken aback for a moment. Then, he became dumbfounded. Of course theres something wrong with him, he has already started to pursue Nora No, wait, you mean

Justins low and deep voice slowly reached him. Nora must have discovered something. Thats why she left with him.


An indescribable expression came over Kelvins face. Why are you still finding excuses for her? Justin, how come I never realized that youre someone who cant think straight once you fall in love?

Get lost.

The other man paused for a while before he added, Dont get in her way.

Was he telling him not to get in the way of her dating other guys?

As expected, Justin was hopeless!

Kelvin took a deep breath and became even more displeased with Nora.

On the other side, Nora walked around the campus casually with Jack, who then asked for her contact information. After the two exchanged numbers, Jack left.

Nora narrowed her eyes as she stared at him from the back.

While she was musing, a voice reached her.


Nora turned and saw Oscar approaching. The woman, who was holding a book, followed her gaze and also looked at Jacks retreating back. She said with dissatisfaction, You are here to study, not to fall in love! How can you

Shed only just said that when the counselor spotted them and came over excitedly. Oscar, Lisa, you are both here! Nice timing, because I have news for you girls. Professor Wilson has already marked Lisas papers, her grades are out!

Oscar immediately said, Hurry up and tell us, so that knows where she stands!