She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 833 - Face-Slapped By The Grades!

Chapter 833 - Face-Slapped By The Grades!

Chapter 833 Face-Slapped By The Grades!

Waynes gaze fell on the test paper and he immediately said, I have something on, so Ill have to go now.

Then, he turned and started walking to the door.

Wilson called out to him and said with a smile, Hey Myers, whats the matter? Are you worried that your heart wont be able to handle her exam results? Dont worry, Im really good at CPR

Intense sarcasm oozed from the big and tall man.

Wayne stood at the door with his back to him. Suddenly, he turned his head to the back and said, Wilson, you are still as superficial as you were back then. A students quality should never be judged by their exam scores this is our schools motto, isnt it?

Wilsons expression changed at once but he nevertheless sneered and said, Then what are you afraid of? Wayne coughed and said, What am I afraid of? Ive never been afraid of anything, Im just really busy. I have an appointment with a potential investor. Thats the most important thing at the moment, isnt it?

After saying that, he ran away.

In some academic aspects, the New York University School of Medicine students were indeed rather weak. If Lisa were an exchange student from Stanford University or Harvard University, it might not have been this bad.

But since he already knew what the outcome would be like, why stay and be humiliated?

Wayne knew all this very clearly, that was why he had run away at once.


The counselor:

An infuriated Wilson broke into a huge rant. That guy is still as shameless as ever! He always says certain things in a highfalutin manner to highlight how n.o.ble he is, when in fact, he is a despicable and shameless villain! Ha, so hes refusing to look at the grades? Then all the more Im going to look at Lisas grades! After I mark her papers, please send them to Myers office! He should at least be aware of his students level of mastery in the basics, right?

After saying that, a vicious Wilson lowered his head and looked at the neat and clean test paper.

The answer to the first question was option C. On the paper, Lisa had picked option C. The answers were to be shaded on the answer sheet.

Wilson curled his lips disdainfully.

Well, the first question was really easy. It wasnt surprising that she would get it right.

If she got even the first question wrong, then she would have had no hope for the rest of the


He then looked at the second question, the answer was option B. She had gotten it right again.

Well, this was normal too.

Next came the third question the sixth and the twentieth question! She had gotten all the multiple-choice questions right!

Wilson involuntarily straightened his back.

He quickly looked at the fill-in-the-blank questions, which all turned out to be correct


He turned the page and looked at it

As this was the final exam for the semester, the questions were all very difficult. Wilson had been worried that even Oscar wouldnt be able to get them all correct, but from start to finish, Lisa had gotten all the questions right! In particular, the optional bonus question Its difficulty level was very high and was a topic that could only be studied at the postgraduate level.


She had gotten that right too!

As Wilson went through the paper, he swallowed and looked up at the counselor blankly.

When the counselor caught a glimpse of his expression, she immediately became nervous. Professor Wilson, is it very bad? Did she get


Wilson smiled wryly and replied, You really dont know your student at all.

The counselor misunderstood even further. She was so anxious that she was about to cry. Surely it cant be an E, right?

If someone got an E for the exam, she would also be held responsible for it.

The counselor wanted the whole cla.s.s to perform well. No one was to be left behind.

The counselor hurriedly said, Professor Wilson, this student only transferred in at the end of the semester, so it is normal for her to be unable to keep up. Can you not give her an E? Can we let her take a make-up exam after giving her some time to study?

No, she got an A! A+! The counselor: ?

She was stunned. What?

Wilson tossed her test paper aside. Wait a minute, maybe maybe theres something wrong with my test paper? Maybe its too easy?

He felt that he might have miscalculated the difficulty of the paper, so he took out Oscars test paper and started to evaluate it.

Oscar got a multiple-choice question and a fill-in-the-blank question wrong. In addition, she didnt correctly answer the bonus question


He went limp and leaned back on the chair.

He raised his head blankly and said, If I say that I want Lisa now, do you think Myers will give her to me?

Of course not.

Wayne was not to be trifled with.

The counselor and Wilson looked at each other.

Wilson sneered and said, Hmph, whats the use of doing well in one test? No matter how much of a star student she is, she is still just an undergraduate. Undergraduates can only be a.s.sistants in the lab. She wont be of any help to our core experiments at all.

Nora was completely unaware that something like that had taken place in the school, let alone the fact that she was about to into Wayne again after she came to Switzerland.

After she handed in her test paper, she wandered around the school trying to find a way to enter the archives.

But in the end, she accidentally spotted Kelvin and his crew filming in the distance again.

Nora: ..

Staav University covered an area of 5,000 hectares. It stood to reason that it wouldnt be easy for anyone to run into each other in such a large place. This sure was a small world.

The corners of Noras lips spasmed a little and she turned to leave. But the moment she turned, she accidentally b.u.mped into someone.


The tall man immediately said. Then, when he looked at her, he exclaimed, Hey, its you! What a coincidence, weve met again!

Nora looked at the man in front of her. He had a strong and muscular frame and well-defined facial features, he gave off a very bright and cheerful feeling.

Seeing the blank look on her face, the man laughed and said, Jack, Im Jack. I almost hit you when I was playing basketball the other day but you managed to block it

Nora, who finally recalled the incident, asked, Do you need something? Jack grinned and asked, Do you have a boyfriend?

Nora: ??!

In the distance, Kelvin, who was filming, had already spotted Nora at a glance when she was walking over. The man had to do a lot of work for his filming today-after all, Kelvin had been slacking off the last few days.

Therefore, he didnt have any plans to look for his sister-in-law at all. However, he didnt expect a boy to stop her and ask such a question.

Kelvin smirked.


Was he trying to court his sister-in-law? He sure thought really highly of himself.

Just as he was thinking about it, he heard Nora reply, I used to have one but not anymore.

Kelvin: ???

Jack was surprised. Did you guys break up?.

Nora shook his head. No, hes dead.

Kelvin: !!!!

Jack became even more astonished but he quickly recovered and said, Well, thats a shame. Can I pursue you?