She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 832 - How Did She Do In The Exam?

Chapter 832 - How Did She Do In The Exam?

Chapter 832 How Did She Do In The Exam?

When Professor Wilson heard the counselor, he couldnt help but shrug. The papers have only just been collected. They havent been given to me yet, so

He couldnt see Noras test paper, either.

The counselor sighed. Never mind then!

Professor Wilson asked curiously, Are her grades very good? I happen to need two undergraduates as a.s.sistants in my lab. If her grades are excellent, then I can consider her for the position

Oh, no. The counselor explained, Shes an exchange student from America. Oscar doesnt want to guide her anymore, so I was thinking that if she could at least score a C, then I can try talking to Oscar about it again.

Upon hearing this, Professor Wilson waved and said, Oh, an exchange student from America? The students from that school are terrible, so I doubt she can score a C. Even in her best condition, the highest she can score is probably just a D. Ill go a little easy on her!

The counselor nodded.

She thought for a while and suddenly said, Professor, you said just now that your lab needs a.s.sistants from the undergraduates, right? Youll definitely want Oscar, so why dont you take Lisa too? As an exchange student, everyone looks down on her. If you let her help out at the lab, maybe shell be motivated to do better!

Professor Wilson thought for a while and shook his head. I only want Oscar. My experiment requires the a.s.sistants to go to the archives to refer to the materials there, so I didnt even pick that many postgraduate students. It is impossible for me to accept someone who doesnt know anything into the team.

The counselor frowned and said, But our school treats the exchange students so coldly every year, which reflects really badly on us. This year, the school has ordered me to treat Lisa well. Besides, Lisa is so pretty, shes the prettiest among all the exchange students I have seen. She has an indescribable mysterious feeling about her

Before she could finish, Professor Wilson interrupted her. I see, you want me to accept her so that it looks like our course values the exchange students, right? But there are many professors conducting experiments, it doesnt necessarily have to be me. I can recommend someone.

The counselor blinked. You mean?

The universitys deserter, of course. Didnt that guy come back this year? The one who takes a salary from the school every month but doesnt do his job? I heard that he plans to set up an experiment lab! Cant you just shove Lisa into his lab?

The counselor understood at once. Youre referring to Professor Myers? But Professor Myers was the best professor of microbiology in the past. Will he accept an exchange student?

Wilson smiled. Wayne Myers is also from America, so who knows? You can try asking him. Besides, you said it yourselfthat was all in the past. Do you think he is still the best when more than twenty years have already pa.s.sed? I heard that his lab hasnt gotten any investors so far and neither have any students applied to be under him.

When Wayne disappeared more than twenty years ago, everyone had said that he left to go into business. This was because he had kept asking people from the universitys School of Economics and Business Management business-related questions.

It was said that his company didnt do very well, so he had returned to campus.

Many looked down on him upon his return. Everyone privately mocked him for living in the past and thinking that he was still the best microbiology professor, which had made him set extremely strict standards for students applying to join his projects.

As a result, he still hadnt established a team for his project. Additionally, no one was investing in his project.

The counselor found Wilsons suggestion perfunctory but when she thought about how Oscar had rejected Lisa, she was afraid that even Lisa would give up on herself if she didnt arrange for Lisa to be a.s.signed to a lab.

She could only say, Ill try talking to him!

For Lisa, she had to bite the bullet and give it a go.

After saying this, she turned and saw a cranky figure at the door.

Wayne stared at Wilson.

The two could be said to be old friends. Wilson had competed with him back then but he didnt expect him to have become so despicable.

Didnt he just take care of Idealian Pharmaceuticals for Ms. Yvette for a few years? Yet they were now taking him for a n.o.body?

ere no

They were too much!

Wayne was a chatterbox from the start and was incredibly naggy. He was so furious that he started ranting.

Wilson, you piece of garbage, how dare you look down on me like that? You couldnt catch up with me back then, no matter how hard you tried. I was in first place while you were the perennial second. Yet now youre shoving a student you dont want to me? Do you think I will take them? You #%@

Wayne ranted at him for a whole ten minutes without any pause in between, causing both Wilson and the counselor to be dumbfounded.

When Wayne finally stopped, the counselor hurriedly said, Professor Myers, thats not the case. Lisa is a good student

Before she could finish, Wayne retorted furiously, Do you think there is something wrong with my brain? Would I accept someone Wilson doesnt want? Im not stupid! I #@%

He scolded Wilson for ten minutes without any pause, again.

After he was done, he became thirsty, so he picked up a gla.s.s and poured himself a gla.s.s of water.

Wilson glanced at the counselor and suddenly said, Since Myers doesnt want her either, then lets just forget it. American students are poor in their studies anyway, so neither of us would want them in our labs, isnt that right, Myers?

His provocation angered Wayne instantly. F*ck you! Who are you looking down on? Im an American myself! American students are not poor in their studies at all!

Wilson waved and said, The facts are right in front of you. I dont want that American student and neither do you. If American students are really that excellent, then why wouldnt you want them?

Wayne, who had been checkmated, was a little at a loss for words. Just like the ones here, there are good and bad students in America. How can you lump them all together?

Wilson said, But Lisa is already the best student there, yet neither you nor I want her, SO I can only say that American students are simply too lousy in biomedical engineering.

When Wayne became the best microbiology professor back then, he had made his country proud.

There might not be any borders in science but there were among scientists!

Now that Wilson was driving him into a corner like this, would he be able to bear it?

He immediately said, Who says I dont want her? I want her! I just dont want your rejects, thats all. Ha, but if you let me pick from all the students in the cla.s.s, I would definitely pick her. Whats her name again

The counselor hurriedly replied, Lisa.

Wayne nodded. Yes, Lisa! She is the most pleasing to the eye among all the students in the cla.s.s. Ill take her! Students from America are not inferior in any way at all!

Wilson smiled. Myers, you have to think through this. That students grades are very poor, you know

Ha, just because she has poor grades doesnt mean that shes not talented! Maybe shes just not good at exams. Wilson, you are being biased by evaluating a student like that! Besides, theyve only just finished the exam, so their grades arent even out yet! How are you so sure that her grades are bad?

Wayne was puffing himself up at his own cost right now!

No matter what, he had to accept Lisa into his lab team today. He mustnt let anyone think that American students were totally unwanted here!

At the very worst, hed just let her mooch off the team.

While he was thinking about it, the test papers from the exam were delivered to the office.

Wilsons eyes lit up. The test papers are here. Lets find Lisas and take a look? Didnt you want to know whether Lisa would get a D or an E just now?

The counselor:

She didnt want to know anymore!

When the counselor proposed to let Lisa join a lab project, she had really only done it for the students interests and only wanted to boost her confidence. She didnt expect it to turn into an excuse for Wilson and Wayne to fight.

She was extremely grateful to Wayne for accepting the student, so she didnt want to embarra.s.s him.

But just as she was about to speak, Wilson had already found Lisas paper from among the stack of test papers. He smiled and said, Come on, lets see just how excellent this student from America is.

He sounded mocking when he said excellent.

After speaking, he even looked at Wayne and said, Come on, Myers, lets take a look together.