She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 831 - Exam!

Chapter 831 - Exam!

Chapter 831 Exam!

But when Oscar heard what Nora said, she thought she was just trying to push herself beyond her abilities.

Oscar hurriedly explained, Its not that we look down on the NYU School of Medicine, but for so many years, all the exchange students that come from your school really take last place all the time. They have never produced any respectable grades

This was also the reason why no one in the Department of Biomedicine wanted to be an exchange student.

The New York University School of Medicines Department of Biomedicine was not ranked in the country nor was the university the best specialist inst.i.tution in the country. Their best courses were in surgery, medicine, and other specializations to do with medical skills. They were relatively weak in pharmaceuticals.

On the other hand, Staav University was the best school in the world when it came to biomedical engineering. This was also the most difficult course to get into at Staav University every year.

There was undoubtedly a gap between the two.

Although no one knew why the two schools had an exchange program each year, it was indeed a form of torture to have the biomedicine majors study here.

Oscar thought that the students comments had hurt Noras self-esteem, so she comforted her and said, Your grade in the exam is what matters the most; nothing else matters. Lisa, you really disappoint me. Its not bad for one to be poor; whats worse is when one is poor and still tries to defend their hollow pride. If I were you, I would try my best to absorb knowledge and use my best grades to shut them up instead of giving up on myself like what youre doing!

After Oscar finished speaking, she took back her book. Lisa, do you know why the counselor asked me to guide you? Its not because my grades are the best; rather, its because Im the most hard-working. The counselor does treat you well. We are all her students, so she doesnt look down on you. On the contrary, youre trying to prove yourself everywhere and maintain your pitiful self-esteem. Youre a really sad person.

After saying that, Oscar didnt look at her anymore. She had her own form of arrogance too. Although she found Lisas standard in the specialized course poor, she was still willing to help her. Oscar never looked down on students who were poor in learning. She only looked down on students who were obviously poor in learning yet still refused to work hard.

Nora wanted to explain, but the lecturer had already entered.

Lets start the exam.

Nora could only shut up.

The exam commenced.

Oscar took her exams even more seriously than studying. Only through exams were her efforts reflected each time. She liked the feeling of taking first place.

The exam questions were not difficult for Oscar, so after she finished the multiple-choice questions at the front, she subconsciously glanced at Nora only to see that she had already turned a page.

Oscar frowned.

Did she not know how to do any of them? So she just randomly picked a few options?

Oscar shook her head.

Was she such a sensitive person?

She lowered her head and continued with the paper.

There was a question in the middle that stumped Oscar a little.

She frowned as she contemplated the question wanting to deduce what the answer was. She had two ideas in mind but she didnt know which one was correct. After thinking about it for a long time, she finally chose one and wrote it down.

Right after she wrote down the answer to the question, she heard footsteps.

Oscar raised her head abruptly to see Nora getting up and submitting her papers.

Oscar: ?

Her expression turned even more awful and

her contempt for Nora grew even stronger.

She liked people who worked hard and disliked people who gave up easily even more.

She still had two pages left to complete but that woman had already submitted her papers. She must have completely given up on the exam, right?!

Not only was she poor at her studies but she didnt even work hard and relied only on guesswork for her exams. On top of that, she even submitted her papers ahead of time. Even her att.i.tude towards her studies wasnt respectable anymore. She had completely given up on herself!

An expression as though she had expected better from Nora came over Oscars countenance.

She took a deep breath and continued with the exam.

After the exam, when she left the cla.s.sroom, she happened to see the counselor waiting for her outside. At the sight of her, the counselor asked, Oscar, wheres Lisa?

A displeased Oscar replied, She handed in her papers ahead of time, she already left!

The counselor looked at her. Did you guys look down on her? Oscar, This is an academic inst.i.tution. We mustnt look down on anyone here, okay?

Oscar said with dissatisfaction, I didnt look down on her. I just look down on people who are poor at their studies.

After speaking, she requested, Can I stop being her guide? We dont get along and well never be able to work together. The counselor frowned. Oh, have you given up on Lisa, dear? You are the best student in the cla.s.s. If even you give up on her, then what is she going to do?

Oscars heart softened but after thinking about it carefully, she nonetheless hardened her heart and said, Maam, I didnt give up on her, shes the one who gave up on herself. Im not going to study with such an unmotivated person.

The counselor immediately said, What must she do for you to help her? Oscar, I believe you can still give it a try.

Oscar shook her head. Thats impossible, Im not interested in her anymore. Besides, I want to take the postgraduate entrance exam. Maam, you know me. If you want me to guide her well, unless she does better than me in the exam.

The counselor immediately hung her head. You know thats impossible. You are the top student among the juniors and always score the best in exams.

Oscar shook her head and walked off with her school bag in her arms. So, theres no way Ill ever do that again. Im going to the library to read, please dont take up my time anymore.

Oscar left, leaving only the counselor standing there as she sighed.

What was Lisa supposed to do if Oscar refused to guide her anymore? What a headache.

After thinking about it, the counselor decided to go to the cellular and molecular bioscience professors office. She asked, Professor, how did Lisa do in the exam?

The professor waved dismissively and said, Theyve only just finished the exam, so I havent looked at the papers yet.

The counselor asked, Can you take out Lisas test paper and take a look first?

The counselor only hoped that Lisa wouldnt score too badly in the exam. If Nora could get a C, then she could try talking to Oscar again!