She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 830 - She Had Never Intended To Hide Her Strength

Chapter 830 - She Had Never Intended To Hide Her Strength

Chapter 830 She Had Never Intended To Hide Her Strength

The advanced archives had a fully metallic interior design.

Although they called it an archive room, it was actually more like a large safe. Nora looked at the room full of technology. The room was more than 5,000 square feet and there were many shelves on the walls. There were small boxes on all the shelves.

Each box was marked with a label.

Nora looked over. From the outside all the way to the inside, there were hundreds almost a thousand-of them.

In the middle was a long table with only paper and pens on it. It was very neat and clean.

The files in the advanced archives were all highly important confidential material that mustnt be leaked. For confidentialitys sake, they had never been digitized, so as to prevent hacking attempts from hackers like Q and Y.

The files here were never loaned out either. One had to read all the files they wanted to check out in the room itself.

Therefore, there were elites from various industries seated at the long table at the moment. Most of them were postgraduate students working on projects with their mentors.

Some lecturers also had to come over to refer to the materials.

Only one or two undergraduates were eligible to access the room.

Nora didnt make much noise when she entered but she was startled when she saw the room full of people.

She certainly hadnt expected it to be so lively in here.

After she entered, a student on duty asked, Who are you? How did you get in?

Nora pondered for a moment.

The student on duty seemed to have a very wary look in his eyes. There were only so many people who could come in here to study and refer to the materials, so he would definitely know who had access and who didnt.

Therefore, she probably wouldnt be able to pretend that she had come in to read the books here.

Thus, Nora simply replied, I came the wrong way.

After speaking, she wanted to leave.

However, she was stopped by the student. Miss, you cant go. You must explain clearly why youre here, otherwise, we have grounds to suspect that you are here to steal important data from the school.

The advanced archives were Staav Universitys crucial capital that had allowed it to establish its position and be ranked third among all the universities in the world. Thus, the security here would undoubtedly be very strict.

Nora looked down at the card in her hand.

She was about to explain that she had found a card and came in without knowing what this place was when a low and deep voice suddenly reached them.

How did you find this place?

When Nora turned, she immediately saw Kelvins heavily made-up face.

He had eyeshadow on and his eyeliner was drawn long, which made him look even more bewitching than usual. His complexion was very fair from all the makeup but the thick foundation was surprisingly not cakey.

After not seeing him for two days, the fellows skin condition seemed to have improved.

Nora didnt understand why a thought like that would pop up in her mind at a critical moment like this. The next moment, though, Kelvin looked at the student on duty and said with a sense of resignation, Shes my fan.

The student sighed at once. I knew it! Kelvin, we agreed to let you shoot here, but only for half an hour; and you are also not allowed to touch any of our stuff here. But your fans are even breaking in now

Kelvin was very tall. He leaned against the wall lazily and said, Sorry, since shes my fan, Ill deal with her myself.

After speaking, he walked straight toward the door. He grabbed her wrist as he pa.s.sed by Nora.

Nora was dumbfounded.

She stared blankly at the hand holding her wrist.

His hand The warmth of his palm was very similar to Justins yet at the same time, it was also differentbecause there was a burn scar on the back of his hand.

Kelvin had indeed scalded himself. The incident took place just a week before Justin had faked his death. Therefore, he was not Justin

After leaving the archives, Nora came back to her senses and shook off Kelvins hand. She asked, Why did you help me?

When Kelvin heard this, the look in his eyes turned a little deeper.

d.a.m.n it, those eyes were looking a little like Justins again! Nora frowned. The next moment, she heard him chuckle and say, Didnt I already tell you? Some men like playing with their sister-in-law

When the man spoke, he bent over slightly and leaned close to her ear.

His breath when he spoke tickled her neck. What do you think, Nora? Wont you consider me?

Nora took a step back and avoided his seduction. Then, she immediately bent her knee to hit him in the crotch. Shocked, Kelvin quickly jumped back a step. Only then did he manage to avoid the womans attack.

With a sharp look in her eyes, Nora said sloppily but murderously, Keep a distance of three feet from me from now on. Otherwise, dont hold it against me if my arms or legs itch for some action!

After saying that, she turned and left.

After the woman disappeared into the distance, Kelvin touched his head.

His Nora was still as straightforward and explosive as always! Wasnt she a little too harsh? He had almost been kneed

Nora went home. Nothing special happened that night except Liam coming over to give them a cake in the evening.

Rene made it, I hope you guys like it. By the way, I managed to keep my job. Mrs. Longs son has been fired. The landlord also approached Mrs. Long today and informed her that she was going to evict them. Mrs. Long has been ranting and swearing all afternoon but the landlord is very powerful and isnt someone she can afford to offend, so she has agreed to move out in three days.

Liam looked at Nora tentatively as he spoke.

He wanted to know if she was the person whom Fred had offended but shouldnt have.

But the womans expression was so calm and peaceful that he couldnt tell anything from it

Liam could only return disappointed.

Nora didnt care about such things, though. All she wanted at the moment was a good nights sleep.

The next day was the cellular and molecular biology examination.

As soon as Nora entered, Oscar frowned and looked at her, her expression as though she had expected better from Nora. She handed her book to Nora and said, The exam is starting soon, youd better take a quick look! Otherwise, you wont pa.s.s!


Before she could even decline, the person next to her said, Its useless even if she looks at it


Yeah, theres no way shell do well in the exam. All the exchange students that come here every year from the NYU School of Medicines Department of Biology are really lousy.

The NYU School of Medicine is too lousy. Even though they are a top medical university in the US, they are still far behind in biomedical engineering.

Yeah, I think so too.

The group of people expressed their concern for her.

Oscar was also anxious. The girl sat next to Nora and said, Can you please take a look? If you get an E, itll embarra.s.s us too!

Unlike most universities, the grading system here ranged from A to E where:

A represented Excellent.

B represented Good.

C represented a pa.s.s.

D represented a fail.

And E represented extremely unsatisfactory performance. When Nora heard this, she raised her eyebrows and pushed the book back to Oscar. Right after, she curled her lips into a smile and said, Nah, thats not gonna happen.

Oscar was stunned. What? Are you saying you wont read it or

Before she could finish, Nora said, What I mean is, the NYU School of Medicine wont score badly.

After all, she had never intended to hide her strength!

Since only Excellent people could openly go to the archives to read the material there, she would become an Excellent person!!