She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 829 - Advanced Archives

Chapter 829 - Advanced Archives

Chapter 829 Advanced Archives

Epson was a big and tall white man. He was 30 years old and a little fat. There was a trace of hostility in his eyes.

Nora narrowed her eyes.

Did Epson recognize her?

But they had never met before!

While she was wondering, Epson said, That girl Ive never seen before, the one in the last row. Yes, you. Tell me your name.

As Epsons voice rang out, all the students in the cla.s.sroom looked at Nora.

Although Nora was weirded out, she answered calmly, Lisa. Lisa? Epson smiled. You must be the exchange student from the New York University School of Medicine, right?

Nora nodded. Yeah.

Epson lowered his gaze. Oh, I heard that the courses there are quite simple. By the way, you are from the Department of Biology, right? The professor that your school externally hired No, shes not an external hire anymore but an internal one. Have you attended Professor Antis before?

Nora: ??

She raised her eyebrows, puzzled. Anti is the director of the Department of Surgery, shes not from the Department of Biomedicine, so she has never taught there.

Is that so?

Epsons voice was full of displeasure when he talked about Anti. She sure is as arrogant as ever!

Nora understood now.

Epson had once sent her an email every day for more than 300 days, but she had never replied to him. To Epson, she must be overly arrogant.

Epson must have something against Anti!

Nora did not speak.

Epson continued. I have to say that it is really regretful that she has never taught you.

Nora: ?!

The next moment, he went on. Therefore, you have no way of evaluating our, let alone realize that I am actually much better than her.

The corners of Noras lips spasmed a little. Her eyes narrowed and she couldnt be bothered to pay attention to him anymore.

She simply lowered her head and opened the textbook.

She had already thoroughly studied and researched biomedicine a long time ago. In order to become Silvesters student, not only did she have to be skilled in alternative medicine but she also had to have pharmaceutical knowledge. Biomedicine was an important tool in pharmaceuticals.

When a bored Nora flipped the book from beginning to end, she found that she already knew everything in it, so she simply put the book aside and put her head down on the table.

The hardest part of becoming a student was that, because she had to go to cla.s.s at eight oclock, she had to get up at seven in the morning every day, wash up, and then drive over

She was simply too sleepy!

Oscar, who was sitting next to her, stared at Epson nervously, wis.h.i.+ng she could record everything he said so that she could go back and study it carefully.

The girl, who was listening to the cla.s.s earnestly, turned her head abruptly. When she saw Nora sleeping on the table, she frowned a little and then sighed.

The two periods were over very soon. In the blink of an eye, it was ten oclock.

As they were juniors, they didnt have that many, so there were no more for the rest of the day.

The laughter of her cla.s.smates around her made Nora slowly wake up. She raised her head with a groggy look in her eyes. Because she had been sleeping on the table, there was a mark on her cheek.

Hahaha! This girl is so cute!

But she actually had the guts to sleep in Professor Epsons cla.s.s. What a pity, what Professor Epson talked about in this cla.s.s was simply amazing!

Actually, you cant really blame her for that. Without a foundation, she wont be able to understand anything

Nora didnt care about what they said at all. She merely stretched and looked at Oscar. There arent any more today, so see you tomorrow?

After speaking, she picked up her bag to leave.

Oscar was stunned. Where are you going?

Nora replied hesitantly, Home, of course!

Oscar held her forehead. How can you go home? Theres a cellular and molecular biology exam tomorrow! Oh my G.o.d, I forgot that you probably dont have a timetable yet.

Oscar then said, We are already at the end of the term, so exams are just around the corner. Although you are an exchange student, you happened to be in time for it. I really dont know what your school is thinking, sending an exchange student here at this time. Why didnt they send you here at the start of the new semester instead?

It was because she couldnt afford to wait for the new semester, of course.

But Nora wasnt going to explain that to Oscar, so she just nodded and said, Okay, I


Only then did Oscar speak. Then lets go to the library to study together! I can teach you some basics. Although last-minute cramming may be useless, we should still try, right?

No, its fine. I have something on, so Ill leave first.

Without giving Oscar another chance to speak, she walked out with her backpack.

File No. 004 wasnt even in the library, so why would she still waste time going there?

The place she wanted to go to now was Staav Universitys Advanced Archives.

Nora strolled around the school. After asking around, she came to the building where the archives were located.

She looked left and right. When she saw that no one was paying attention to her, she went straight upstairs.

The Advanced Archives was Staav Universitys secret base. All the archives in the room were cla.s.sified SSS-level and held top priority in the school.

A special ID card was required to enter no matter who it was.


Nora accidentally b.u.mped into someone coming out of the room.

The man immediately looked at her with a frown and said, Sorry.

Then, seemingly in a hurry, he ran away in a panic.

After he had gone far away, Nora looked at the ground.

In the end, what she wanted had come to her so effortlessly.

Just like that, an access card for the advanced archives lay quietly on the ground-it had slipped out of the pocket of the man just now.

With the opportunity right in front of her, needless to say, Nora wasnt going to let it slip by.

She bent over and picked up the card. When she looked around and saw that no one was around, she swiped it on the lock at the door right away.


The metal door opened. Nora narrowed her eyes and entered right away!