She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 828 - I Can Understand

Chapter 828 - I Can Understand

Chapter 828 I Can Understand

Could it be his neighbor, Ms. Smith?

S-surely not, right?

Liam shook his head and dismissed the idea. It was impossible.

The previous evening, Ms. Smith had said with certainty that he would be fine

But if Ms. Smith was that capable, how could she live in an ordinary neighborhood like theirs?

Therefore, it couldnt be her.

But Ms. Smiths confident gaze and tone made him uncertain again

Who is it? Who did I offend? Jesse, you have to let me know why this is happening to me! Fred shouted.

On the other end, Jesse fell silent for a moment before he finally said, I told you, you offended someone you shouldnt have. Thats all I can tell you. Fred, leave. Dont make any trouble, otherwise, things will become even worse for you.

With that, Jesse hung up.

Fred wanted to call him again, but security officers came in at this point.

Fred, please leave the company

Nora reported at Staav University again.

She had come pretending to be an undergraduate exchange student, so she was a.s.signed a solo dormitory room. Of course, Nora had already submitted an application for living outside of the school premises. It had also been approved.

At Staav University, exchange students must have a cla.s.smate partner to guide them in their studies. The counselor had a.s.signed her the best student of their major to guide her.

She was a very tall girl and was a little chubby. Blond and blue-eyed, she wore and looked like a pedant very particular about things.

The counselor said, Oscar, please take care of Lisa for the next three months, okay?

Oscar nodded. Yeah, I will take good care of her. I mean, Ill try my best, but if she cant keep up with my pace, I wont slow down my work just for her because I find that a burden. Thats okay, right?

The counselor nodded. Of course. Lisa is the best student in the Department of Biology at the New York University School of Medicine. Well, you should be able to show her the difference between Staav University and the NYU School of Medicine, right?

The New York University School of Medicines Department of Biology was not even ranked in the country. They were only able to have an exchange program with an international university like Staav because the New York University School of Medicines president had struck a deal with Staav Universitys president.

In truth though, all the students in the department looked down on the New York University School of Medicine.

Only upon the counselors request did Oscar reluctantly agree to the request. She looked at Nora unwillingly and sized her up. She asked, No offense, but does your school choose exchange students based on how they look?

After she said that, afraid that Nora might misunderstand, she shrugged and added, What I mean is, youre really pretty.

This girl looked down on the New York University School of Medicine, so she naturally had a sense of superiority.

Nora could understand, though. The universities were ranked in America too. Would MIT, Stanford, or Harvard students think highly of bottom-feeders?

No matter how great the bottom-feeders achievements were, star students would always subconsciously have a kind of pride in them.

Oscar didnt deliberately suppress it; instead, she displayed it straightforwardly and openly. Nora didnt dislike her.

She smiled and said, You are also very pretty.

Oscar shook her head. But beauty cant replace knowledge. You should know that the courses in our university are relatively extreme and the lecturers here are all impressive people. The lecturer for our cla.s.s is a famous figure in the field of biology. His name is Epson, you definitely wouldve heard of him! He is already a top-cla.s.s figure in the pharmaceutical profession and the drugs he developed have all become the ceiling of the pharmaceutical industry.


Her acquaintances were simply everywhere.

How could she possibly not know Epson?

That guy used to send her e-mails frequently because he wanted to research a clinical drug with her. Because of the difficulty and precision of the study, Epson had sent her e-mails for a whole year!

Of course, she hadnt agreed even now.

Yet she was going to go for his now?

How interesting.

Nora lowered her head and entered the cla.s.sroom with Oscar. Oscar had always been a model student, so she wanted to rush straight to the front the moment she entered.

Unfortunately, because the counselor had summoned her over to meet Nora, they came a little late, so the front row was full.

Staav University students really loved studying.

Oscar looked at Nora resentfully. It seems that we will have to come earlier next time.

Nora nodded.

She and Oscar could only sit in the corner of the last row.

Even so, many people continued to stream into the cla.s.sroom after that, some even stood at the back to listen.

Nora was puzzled. Were there not enough seats in a university as big as Staav?

Just as she was wondering about this, Oscar relieved her doubts. Everyone loves Professor Epsons, so people from other majors always come to listen every time he teaches. Sigh! But they are very self-aware, so they will let us have the seats first.


The academic atmosphere here sure was intense!

Even a lazy person like her found it a bit touching

Yeah, it seemed that she had really been too lazy before and had wasted all her time sleeping. In the future, she must tell the three children never to learn from her!

The moment she thought of this, Nora yawned.

She had become sleepy again.

Oscar looked at her. You must be serious in cla.s.s. If you s.p.a.ce out for even a moment, you wont be able to keep up with Professor Epsons train of thought. During his previous lecture, my stomach simply hurt too much, so I went out for five minutes. When I came back, I felt like he was speaking Greek.

Arent you just exaggerating?

No, Im not. Oscar continued. The theoretical knowledge of students from the New York University School of Medicine is very weak, so its okay even if you dont understand the lecture. I can lend you my notes after the cla.s.s.

Nora paused for a while. She suddenly asked, I have a question-how can I obtain the qualifications to access a file from the Department of Biology?

Are you talking about File No. 004?

Oscar glanced at her again. You dont have any chance of that. That file is very precious, only a few in the biology department have ever seen it. There are a few requirements you need to fulfill if you want that access. The first requirement is that you must understand Epsons lessons.

She then said, One must be grounded in their learning. Take it slowly, step by step. Dont be greedy.

Seeing this, Nora frowned. What if I can understand Professor Epsons cla.s.s?

How can that be? Oscar obviously found what she said a joke. Even I cant fully understand it, so how would you possibly understand?

As Oscar spoke, Professor Epson came in. As soon as he entered, his eyes swept across the whole cla.s.s and suddenly fell on Nora.