She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 827 - You Offended Someone You Shouldn't Have! Fred: “?”

Chapter 827 - You Offended Someone You Shouldn't Have! Fred: “?”

Chapter 827 You Offended Someone You Shouldnt Have!

Fred: ?

Fred frowned, but then immediately smiled. Lucy, what kind of joke is this?

After speaking, he lowered his head and looked at the dismissal letter in his hand. Its not funny at all.

But as soon as he spoke, he saw that the name on the letter was indeed Fred Long.

Fred was dumbfounded.

He felt that he must have read it wrong. He rubbed his eyes and looked at it again.

For the first time, Fred felt like he couldnt quite recognize his name anymore.

How did this How could this happen?!

Fred raised his head sharply and looked at Lucy. Did you make a mistake? Why would I be fired? Who gave you the guts to fire me?

Lucy replied, Its Jesse.

Jesse happened to be Freds direct superior. Fred usually shared a good relations.h.i.+p with him. One could say that it was precisely because of Jesse that Fred could do whatever he wanted in the company. Therefore, he didnt believe it at all. Thats impossible! Whats the reason? Why would Jesse fire me?!

Lucy sighed. The reason for dismissal is written in the letter.

Fred hurriedly opened the dismissal letter, upon which he saw things he had done recently that violated the companys principles listed one after another. Everything was clearly listed.

Fred swallowed. He suddenly looked at Lucy. Wheres Jesse? I want to see him!

However, Lucy took a step back. Jesse doesnt want to see you, so please leave.

After saying that, she paused and went on. You said it yourself just nowthe company must have their reasons for dismissing an employee! And no matter who is dismissed, would they dare to sue NTT? NTT has the best team of lawyers in the world!

So, I should think that no one would dare to make any trouble in NTT, right?

Im already showing you a lot of courtesy by personally handing over the dismissal letter. Dont embarra.s.s yourself anymore.


If you dont leave, Ill have to call the security. I think you wouldnt want the security officers to drag you out, right? That would be really unbecoming.

Oh, by the way, because you were fired for such major mistakes, we will be declaring all of this on your employment record. This may have a certain impact on your job search in the future, but my dear friend, I believe you can overcome this, right?

Every sentence she spoke was the same as what Fred had said to Liam just now, which made Fred feel as if someone had just slapped him across the cheek. He couldnt say anything at all.

He looked at Lucy in shock.

Lucy tilted her head and gestured to the outside. This way, please.

As they say, everyone kicked the man when he was down. Everyone had long been dissatisfied with Freds behavior, so the moment she said those things, someone said, By the way, when Liam was being fired just now, he was asked not to take anything from the company. Then what about Mr. Long?

Of course, hes not allowed to, either, Lucy replied with a straight face. She then looked at Liam. Liam, since youre still working with us, why dont you be responsible for monitoring Fred? Dont let him take anything related to the company with him when he leaves.

Liam, who was still dazed and shocked, only recovered after he was spoken to. He hurriedly replied, Okay!

After speaking, he looked at Lucy again in shock. D-does this mean I wont be fired anymore?

Lucy nodded. Yes, the notice to dismiss Fred was issued last night, so strictly speaking, he had already been dismissed by the company this morning. Therefore, the orders he issued are invalid.

Liams eyes lit up and he suddenly became excited. Okay!

He looked straight at Fred. Mr. Long Oh, no, wait, I mean Fred, can you please leave the company at once?

Their roles had been instantly reversed. From someone being suppressed, Liam had become the one suppressing others now.

In this instant, Liam felt indescribably fantastic!

He was simply too lucky!

Who would have thought that Fred would make a mistake at this juncture?! Jesse was practically his lifesaver!

Liam, youre so lucky!

Yeah! You escaped!

Liam chatted and laughed with the others, totally relieved. He didnt have to leave NTT anymore! He was so happy!

Ill treat you guys to dinner later. Now, I have something important to do.

After saying that, Liam took Fred to the latters office.

Freds office was separated from the rest. When he entered the office, he was already starting to break down. His eyes were red and swollen.

After entering, he went straight to the phone without hesitation.

Liam hurriedly stepped forward to stop him. What are you doing?

Go away! Im going to ask Jesse what the h.e.l.l is going on?

Fred pushed Liam away. Liam frowned. He wanted to act resolutely and call for the security officers, but the phone call suddenly went through.

Fred shouted, Jesse, you betrayed me! Why? I just want to know why!

Liam, who wanted to stop him, paused slightly-he also wanted to know why.

Just as he thought of this, he heard Jesse reply, Because youve offended someone you shouldnt have!

He had offended someone he shouldnt have?

Who was it?

While Fred was thinking about it, next to him, Liam stopped abruptly. Could it be that