She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 826 - Slap In The Face! You Are Fired!

Chapter 826 - Slap In The Face! You Are Fired!

Chapter 826 Slap In The Face! You Are Fired!

Liam stared blankly at the HR manager walking in, utterly stunned.

He didnt expect it to come so quickly.

He said in a daze, How can this be?

Fred smirked smugly. I told you, in NTT, a word from me is enough to decide your life and death! Liam, you are simply too insensible. Youve really disappointed me!

Liam: !

Fred then lowered his head and suddenly said, By the way, did you send your resume to other companies? If so, then Ill tell you this

-in the name of NTT senior management, I will be punis.h.i.+ng you for dereliction of duty. With this, lets see which company would dare to hire you!

If he were to shoulder such a penalty, Liams career would be ruined.

It was useless even if he was a Staav University graduate!

Liams eyes widened and he clenched his fists tightly.

Seeing how he was obviously livid yet he still had to bear with it, Fred raised his eyebrows, feeling as pleased as punch. He simply loved how fantastic it felt seeing someone dislike him yet unable to do anything to him.

Pack up your things Oh, you dont have much to pack anyway. You guys, watch him, dont let him take away anything confidential from the company! Youd best leave obediently, otherwise, Ill call the security!

Liam, whose fists were balled up, was shaking all over.

The colleagues around him also found Liam very pitiful.

At this moment, the companys HR manager walked up to Fred.

When Fred saw her, he smiled and said, Lucy, its just a small employee being fired, why have you come in person? You couldve just let your subordinates run the errand and bring the letter of dismissal instead.

In NTT, ordinary HR personnel was enough for the dismissal of low-ranking employees. Only when someone from the senior management was being dismissed would the HR manager be personally involved.

Thus, Fred felt that Lucy was kinda making a mountain out of a molehill today.

Lucy looked at him and opened her mouth. But before she could speak, Fred looked at Liam. Lucy, a general manager, has personally come to deliver the letter of dismissal! Youd better just leave obediently! Its best that you dont make any trouble or embarra.s.s yourself!

After saying this, Fred looked at Lucy triumphantly. Lucy, come on, take out the letter of dismissal! Dont waste everyones time.

Lucy slowly looked at the dismissal letter in her hand, seemingly thinking about what to say. How should I say this

The way she looked as though she was in a dilemma pleased Fred, who said, Isnt it just a letter of dismissal? Dont worry, Lucy, the company would definitely have their reasons for dismissing an employee! Besides, no matter who it is, would they dare to sue NTT? After all, NTT has the most powerful team of lawyers in the world!

After he spoke, he looked at Liam. I should think that no one would dare to make any trouble in NTT, right?.

Every word of his was warning Liam against making a scene!

It was useless even if he did make a scene, NTT would definitely have a legitimate reason for dismissing him. Even if he took them to court, there was no way he would win. This was the darkness of society!

Fred, who was terribly excited, stared at Liam.

Liam took a deep breath. He didnt want to make a scene, either. He had feelings for NTT. He didnt want to give himself a bad impression of NTT just because of Fred.

He picked up his bag without taking anything else, stood up, and grabbed the letter of dismissal from the HR manager. He looked down at it The next moment, when he saw the name on the letter of dismissal, his eyes suddenly widened.

There was even a moment when he felt that he must be seeing things.

He rubbed his eyes.

Fred was still saying, Liam, although you havent been in NTT long, you should still work hard after you go to other companies. Dont make the same mistakes you made in NTT again

Liam turned his head in disbelief and looked at Fred.

Fred was still smiling. What now? You dont want to leave anymore? Its no use begging me now Once the dismissal letter is out, its impossible to keep you in the company anymore

The HR manager finally couldnt bear to watch anymore. She sighed heavily and said, Sorry, Fred, Im going to announce the companys decision now.

Everyone around them was looking at them, so Fred said, Oh, yes, of course. This is the companys decision, so of course, it has to be announced. Lucy, you can say it! No matter what, I will always support the companys decision.

Lucy sighed again and glanced at him.

Then, she took the dismissal letter from Liam and stuffed it into Freds hand.

Fred said, Are you telling me to hand the dismissal letter to Liam myself? So that it will look more formal?

But as soon as the question came out, Lucy said, Fred, youre fired.