She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 825 - Who Is The Letter of Dismissal For?

Chapter 825 - Who Is The Letter of Dismissal For?

Chapter 825 Who Is The Letter of Dismissal For?

Nora heard what Mrs. Long said the moment she stepped out of her house in the morning.

She frowned, wanting to say something. But when she looked over, she saw Rene hiding at the window of her house. She was staring nervously at Liam, her eyes fixed on him as if she was afraid that he would not want her anymore.

She was so nervous that her hands were tightly wrung, but she didnt have the courage to call out to him, interrupt Mrs. Long, or argue with her.

Her hair was still dirty and greasy because she was unwilling to wash it and the clothes she wore were old and worn out. Her head was constantly down and she looked like she didnt have any confidence at all.

It wouldnt even be surprising if she was mistaken as a beggar when she walked down the streets.

Someone like her certainly seemed out of place next to Liam.

On the other side, Mrs. Long was still talking. Rene is a piece of trash. Besides, she has been abused by her adoptive parents since she was a child!. Liam, you shouldnt throw away your future because of someone like her!

Liam sighed. The cheerful man said, Im not going to leave Rene.

His firm voice made Renes eyes overflow with happiness.

Mrs. Long wasnt pleased, though. How come you cant even distinguish between something good and bad? Your family will never accept a wife like her! Did your parents raise you just to let you marry a good-for-nothing like her?

Liam sighed. Shes not a good-for-nothing!

Liam walked towards the gates. Im going to work. Ill be late if I stay any longer.

However, Mrs. Long grabbed his sleeve. Liam, listen to me, my niece

Is your niece so ugly she cant even find a man by herself?

Noras light words interrupted Mrs. Longs boasting of her niece. She was stunned for a moment, and then she abruptly turned to look at Nora. What a busybody! Mind your own business!

Nora smiled sarcastically.

Mrs. Long retracted her outstretched arm. Having failed to achieve her goal, Mrs. Long was very indignant. She snorted coldly. Liam, I will give you your options here and now. The first: Stay with that beggar and get fired today!

Second, break up with that pushover and I will let bygones be bygones. My son will take care of you in NTT, so you will definitely rise through the ranks!

Nora also looked at Liam.

Liam sighed helplessly and shook his head. I told you, I will never abandon Rene.

After saying that, Liam went straight out the door.

Mrs. Long yelled angrily, Fine, you refuse to choose, right? What an ingrate, you can just wait for my son to fire you!

Liam ignored her completely and walked away.

Mrs. Long stomped her foot angrily. When she turned and saw the smile on Noras lips, she suddenly became annoyed. What are you laughing at? Hes going to be fired all because of you! He is being chauvinistic now, so he wont blame you for it yet, but what about in the future? When he thinks of how he once had a great future waiting for him yet it was shattered because of you, do you think he wont blame you for it in the future?

Nora ignored the lunatic.

She had already notified Cindy to evict Mrs. Long and drive them away.

Nora, who couldnt be bothered to talk to her, simply walked out the door without even a side-glance.

Liam walked down the road, his head down.

Although he had comforted Rene and said that he might not lose his job, he knew very well that Fred had always been very domineering and had been suppressing newcomers like him in the company. Since Mrs. Long had complained the day before, Fred definitely wouldnt let him off.

There was a 90% probability that he would be fired when he went to work today.

He sighed.

He took out his cell phone and sent his resume to other companies, hoping that a company would immediately hire him after he was fired.

Otherwise, Rene would really feel guilty.

He called many of his ex-cla.s.smates, hoping that they could get him a job through referrals. Unfortunately, all his ex-cla.s.smates had only just entered the working society, so none of them were qualified to give referrals.

An ex-cla.s.smate even sent him a message: Liam, you went to the best company. Why are you changing jobs?

Liam didnt know how to answer.

He sighed, put down his phone, and got on the bus.

Even though he had gone from being a rich boy to a life where he had to take a bus whenever he was out, Liam did not feel uncomfortable at all.

Before he knew it, the bus had arrived.

Liam alighted from the bus and subconsciously glanced at his watch 8:55.

it was

Oh no, he was going to be late.

Liam hurriedly ran to the company, but as he ran, he suddenly realized that he was going there to be fired. Even if he was late, it didnt really matter, right?

Liam slowed down.

He became downcast and dejected again.

After he reached the company at the last moment, he sat in his seat. The person next to him suddenly leaned over and whispered, Hey Liam, did you offend Fred or what? Why did he ask for you with a long face the moment he arrived at work today? Also, I saw him calling HR just now and saying that he wants to fire you!

The last ray of hope in Liams heart was gone.

Hed originally hoped that Fred wouldnt act based on his emotions but only now did he realize that he was exactly someone like that.

Liam clenched his fists.

Although he had just graduated, his salary here was very high, enough to support him and Rene. He was also used to being a big spender and everything he ate and drank was the best of the lot.

Thus, he didnt have much savings. What was he going to do during his job-hunting period after he gets fired?

While he was thinking about this, Liams arm was suddenly b.u.mped. He looked up to see Fred standing in front of him.

Liam hurriedly stood up and said, Mr. Long, about what happened last night, I

Theres nothing much to say about it. With a big belly, Fred said, You will receive your letter of dismissal in a while

As he said that, an HR staff member walked in with a letter of dismissal.