She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 824 - Fire Someone for me

Chapter 824 - Fire Someone for me

Chapter 824 Fire Someone for me

Nora spoke very lightly, but her words chilled Mrs. Long

She frowned, but she still felt that the woman in front of her was just talking big, so she said, Okay, then lets wait and see!

After she spoke, she even looked at Liam viciously and said, What are you acting like a knight in s.h.i.+ning armor here for? Ill wait for you to come crying to beg me tomorrow!

She snorted loudly and entered her house.

After Mrs. Long went in, Liam finally looked at Nora.

Nora immediately said, You wont be fired, dont worry.

This was a statement.

However, Liam obviously didnt believe her. He smiled wryly and said, You dont have to blame yourself. Dont worry, I got into NTT with my own capabilities, so even if Im fired, I can still support Rene and myself. Were neighbors and even fellow Americans, so lets watch out for each other in the future.

He entered the house with an anxious look all over his face. Then, the sound of Liam softly coaxing Rene came from the house.

Nora did not enter her house.

Instead, she stood outside and listened for a while.

Something was very wrong with the state Rene was in. Not only did she wear shabby clothes, but her hair was also dirty and greasy, making her look just like a homeless person on the streets.

Moreover, when she heard Mrs. Long say that her boyfriend would be fired, her reaction had also been highly abnormal, so much so that it even made Nora dubious as to whether Liam was a good boyfriend or not.

After all, Liam was leading a glamorous life outside, so why would Rene look like this at home?

She was worried that Liam was not what he seemed like, so shed deliberately stayed behind to eavesdrop on them.

When she was surfing the Internet recently, she had learned that a lot of men emotionally manipulate their girlfriends. They would say things like Its a blessing that an excellent man like me is interested in you and No one will want you except me, and use notions like these to completely control a womans thoughts and make them feel that they couldnt live without them.

The fact that Rene was unemployed and the way shed looked so scared and horrified at the thought of Liam being fired was very similar to how women under their boyfriends control would behave.

However, despite her eavesdropping on them outside for a long while, all Nora heard was Liam coaxing Rene in an extremely patient manner. Renes condition also gradually improved.

Although she kept apologizing, in the end, the two still went off sweetly to prepare dinner.

Liam sincerely treated Rene well.

Nora turned and returned to her villa.

Cindy was preparing dinner for her and the children. When she saw her, she said, I didnt go out when Mrs. Long came over

She was afraid that Mrs. Long would become suspicious of Noras ident.i.ty if she saw her.

Nora nodded, indicating that shed done well. She then asked, Whats up with Rene and Liam from next door?

Cindy replied, Liam is really a very good man and he also really loves Rene. Liam graduated from a famous university and he also comes from a very good family. But out of everyone, he simply fell in love with Rene, who has been a victim of domestic violence since she was a child. Doesnt Rene look just like a beggar in front of him? When Liam brought her home, his family disapproved of their relations.h.i.+p, so he decided to simply move out and live by himself with Rene! Sigh! For Rene, Liam is her redemption.


Her brows knitted together a little. Whats wrong? Cindy asked. Nora smiled. Its nothing.

Then, she added, I was just thinking that Ive never seen love like that between the two of them before.

A handsome and cheerful boy who was high up in the air and had grown up in a well-to-do family, and a filthy girl who was timid, overcautious, and jumpy No matter how one looked at it, they simply looked like a strange combination.

Nevertheless, in order to give the pair of lovers a happy ending, Nora still picked up her cell phone and made a phone call.

Yeah, its me. Make some arrangements for meI want to fire someone and retain someone else in the company.

Early the next morning.

When Liam woke up, he saw that Rene was already up and was preparing breakfast for him.

Renes fingernails were a little long and the undersides were also a little grimy. She looked slovenly but Liam knew that it was because she didnt dare to cut her nails.

Since she was a child, cutting her nails had always been a form of torture for her.

Her adoptive parents abused her and had even gone so far as to pluck out her nails before. The pain made her never want to cut her nails for the rest of her life.

Therefore, she never cut her nails unless she absolutely had to. Usually, when they got too long, she would just bite them off.

She put a slice of b.u.t.ter in between bread slices and handed it to Liam.

Without finding it dirty, Liam took the bread from her and took a bite.

After he finished breakfast, he gave Rene a kiss on her forehead. The look in Renes eyes turned gentle and blissful at once, the way she looked at him was as though he was the only light in her life.

Liam smiled and pinched her cheek. Why are you so cute, Rene? Dont worry, even if Im fired, I will still find a way to feed us, so dont be scared.

Rene nodded happily. Then, she said, Well, y-you may not necessarily be dismissed from the company. Besides Besides, I-I can also go and find a job. I-I can also contribute a little to this family.

Liam touched her head. Yeah, my little Rene has grown up.

After saying that, he picked up a folder, put on a suit, and left the house.

But after he stepped out, his expression sank.

He expelled a heavy breath of air.

Fred happened to be his superior. According to NTTs regulations, Fred could decide whether Liam stayed or left all by himself.

Therefore, Liam knew that there was no chance of him lucking out today.

When he was walking out with his head down, he happened to see Mrs. Long standing at the door and looking at him with a big smile like a victor.

Liam, I will show you today just how wicked and sinister this society is! So what even if youre a Staav University graduate? If you must blame someone, then you can just blame yourself for having bad taste and falling in love with such a slovenly woman. However, I can still give you a way out-how about you break up with that woman? My niece is an excellent girl, I can introduce you to each other. If the two of you are in a relations.h.i.+p, my son will take care of you