She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 821 - Slander?

Chapter 821 - Slander?

Chapter 821 Slander?

A lot of people had already surrounded the villa where Nora lived.

Everyone stood outside and pointed at them.

Mrs. Long had her hands on her hips as she cursed, Like I said, these people havent even been here a day and theyve already started stealing! Shes definitely not a good person. We shouldnt let such a person stay in a district like ours!

Someone beside her advised, Mrs. Long, youve been scolding her for so long. The young lady is so cute, she doesnt look like a thief. Tell me, what did she steal?

Mrs. Long immediately said, She stole my scallion pancake!

As soon as she said this, everyone looked at the scallion pancake in Cherrys hand. She had already eaten half of the pancake and now she was holding the pancake and looking at Mrs. Long with black grape-like eyes.

Hearing this, Cherry took another bite of scallion pancake. Her mouth was stuffed full, making her look especially cute.

Someone beside her said, Mrs. Long, isnt it just a cake? Can you just let it go? Were all neighbors, and the child is very young. She might just be hungry if she ate your cake!

Mrs. Long sneered, What do you know? Shes already so bad at a young age. Shes a crooked stick! Do you know what her father does? Hes a worker! Do you know what her mother does? Shes so young and doesnt look like a proper mother at all! I think she didnt even go to school and just fooled around with a man. She gave birth to these three little b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! She gave birth early but didnt raise them well. If we let them stay here, theyll become the stinky bugs in our district sooner or later!

With that, everyone looked at Cherry in confusion.

However, Cherry took another bite of the pancake. Her clear eyes were staring at Mrs. Long as she stood there and asked, Grandma, who is a stinky bug?

Mrs. Long immediately pointed at her. You are, of course!

Oh. Cherry smiled and began eating again.

The scallion pancake was really delicious!

She took two mouthfuls and the crowd burst into laughter. Before Mrs. Long could understand what was going on, someone beside her laughed. The little girl is teasing


Mrs. Long: !

From where do children nowadays learn to tease like that?

She did not react for a moment.

Cherry shrugged. She had learned this from her mother last time! Although it was an old trick, it was very effective in angering others!

The vicious old woman was so angry that her chest was heaving. Cherry grinned and continued to eat her scallion pancake.

Mrs. Long took a few deep breaths. Her fingers were trembling. You little girl, you have a sharp tongue. I can tell at a glance that you wont be a good person when you grow up. I think youre going to be like your mother. Youre so young, you didnt learn to be good. Youll live well with bad men!

Cherry did not understand her words but her eyes lit up. Do you think Ill be like my mommy?

Mommy was so strong. How good would it be if she was like her?!

Therefore, she grinned. Thank you!

Mrs. Long was really furious. Look, look. Her skin is so thick. I scolded her and she thanked me! What right does a person like her have to stay with us?

Alright, alright. Some people could not stand it anymore and stepped forward. The little girl looks fine. She doesnt look like she comes from a bad family at all. Mrs. Long, you must have some misunderstanding. Besides, if she came from a bad family, could she afford to rent a house here?

Although the houses here were cheap, not everyone could rent them.

Mrs. Long immediately said, Heh, thats not right. Today, she stole my familys scallion pancake. She might steal your watch tomorrow! Do we have to guard against thieves every day if we stay here? Are you willing to do that?

These words made everyone around shut their mouths.

No matter who it was, they did not want to be neighbors with a thief.

Therefore, everyone looked at Cherry and said, Young lady, I think you should apologize to Mrs. Long! Isnt it just a scallion pancake? Your parents will definitely be able to afford it. Apologize well and repent. We wont pursue the matter with you!

Mrs. Long sneered as well. Heh, apologize? You cant apologize about this. Why dont we call the police? We have to get the police to teach this little brat a lesson!

Dont call the police!

Thats right. Its just a small matter. Were all neighbors. Why must you do this?

The child is only five years old. What does she know? Mrs. Long, dont fuss too much

When the others heard this, they began trying to persuade her.

Only then did Mrs. Long look at Cherry. Alright, then let her kneel and apologize to me! Kneel to me as an apology!

Kneel and apologize

This was too humiliating.

Although everyone felt that Mrs. Long was being a little too much, they still looked at Cherry. Someone advised, Young lady, just kneel! Get down on your knees!

Cherry pursed her lips. Im not doing that!

She had never knelt for anyone before!

Her grandparents could not bear to make her kneel and her mother protected her as well. As for the grandfather and great-grandmother she met when she returned to New York, they all wished they could treat her well. How could they make her kneel?

Cherry said, I didnt do anything wrong. I didnt steal her pancake!

You didnt steal it? Mrs. Long sneered. Youre still lying even now? If you didnt steal my pancake then why is my pancake in your hand?

Cherry took another bite of scallion pancake. You gave this to me!

Everyone was shocked and looked at Mrs. Long

However, Mrs. Long straightened her back and sneered. I gave it to you? Then I accused you of stealing my familys pancakes? Youre really funny. Do I have nothing better to do than bullying a child like you? I didnt plan on fussing about you stealing one of my pancakes, but youre even lying now. Youre hopeless!