She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 820 - 004!

Chapter 820 - 004!

Chapter 820 004!

Nora took down the file beside 005. At the same time, she felt a little nervous.

V16 concerned Xanders life and Justin had faked his death for this. Furthermore, the bosses of a certain industry were all eyeing this medicine covetously.

Now, this drug was in her hands?

As she was thinking, she looked down and saw that the t.i.tle of the file in her hand was Archive 003?

Noras eyes were slightly stunned.

She took a closer look and saw that it was indeed 003. When she opened it, she realized that it was about the data of a mouse experiment that was once done by the school 50 years ago.

The data was critical, it was indicated that it was because of this set of experimental data that a vaccine was successfully created.

However, it had nothing to do with the gene serum.

Nora put down 003 and flipped forward unwillingly. She found 002 and 001. She continued to flip back. It was 005. This row continued until 035, but there was no 004!

Nora frowned and turned around, wanting to continue looking at the shelf beside her.

Just as she was about to walk over, a loud clap suddenly came from behind.

Nora: ?

She looked up in a daze and saw the director and the others looking at her. The director praised, This lady, youre really too talented in acting! You vividly portrayed the appearance of a genius looking for a certain piece of information! You were so engrossed. It was as if you had completely forgotten the existence of the camera. Youre simply a born actor!

Nora: ?

She had indeed forgotten about the camera because she was about to find 004.

The corners of her mouth twitched. The director stepped forward and handed her a card. If youre interested in acting, you can contact me!


Nora glanced at the name card silently.

Kelvin beside him also walked over slowly. His tall figure stood beside Nora. The two of them looked very pleasing to the eye. The director looked at them and sighed. Kelvin, your partner has already been confirmed but how good would it have been to let this lady play your girlfriend? The feeling when you two stand together is too strong! The two of you look like real lovers!

Nora: !

She took a wary step back and leaned to the side.

However, she heard a low laugh. She turned her head and saw Kelvin smiling maliciously. He lowered his head and smiled. Nora, why? Do you really want to act as a couple with me?


Nora rolled her eyes and took two steps to the side to maintain a distance from Kelvin.

The director seemed to want to say something else. Nora interrupted them. Are you done filming?

Im done filming.

The director then realized something and looked at Kelvin. Lets go film the next scene! Kelvin, were going to film the scene where you meet your girlfriend. This part needs to be more romantic.

Nora ignored them and continued to flip through the files.

She did not see Kelvin glance at her and immediately laugh softly. Director, Im not in a good condition today. Ill only film the action scenes! As for the romantic scenes, Ill film them another time!

The director: Okay, Kelvin. Youre too professional! However, when you were filming earlier, your mood was indeed not right. You did not show the urgency and fear of being chased by bad people

Kelvin continued to smile. Yes, tomorrow. Ill do a re-take.

But why tomorrow? Cant we do it now?

Ill be better tomorrow. Besides, we rented the library for two hours. Dont stop others from reading.

Alright, then.

The crew packed their equipment and prepared to leave.

Before leaving, Kelvin turned back and looked at Nora, who was searching through the files seriously. His eyes were filled with deep longing and a smile.

Nora was really cute sometimes!

The production team left and the library became quiet.

Nora searched through the archives once again. In the end, she felt helpless and went to the librarian. She asked, h.e.l.lo. May I ask why some serial numbers are missing in the archive room? Are they lost?

The librarian immediately said, Oh, no. Some of the files contents are too important. Theyre protected by us. Only tutors and students who have reached a certain level can apply to check them. Why dont you tell me which file you want to see? Ill help you.

Nora narrowed her eyes. No, theres no need. Im just curious.

With that, she smiled and glanced at the administrators screen before turning to leave the library.

Outside, she found a random chair and sat down. Then, she picked up her phone and hacked into the library system. She searched the files and entered File 004.

50 years ago, computers were not widely used. However, later on, many files were entered into an electronic system.

However, 004 was not recorded.

The system only showed that 004 was an S-rank file. There was only a physical file.


She then checked file 048 because she realized that 004 was not the only one missing there. After counting, many serial numbers were not there.

As it turned out, file 048 also only had a physical file.

This meant that if she wanted to see Archive 004, she had to become a professor at Staav University or a student of related research projects!

How troublesome!

Nora could not wait to break into the archive room at night and steal it.

However, this would not do. It would attract the attention of those looking for the gene serum.

Justin had faked his death to make those people turn their eyes away. If she caused too much of a ruckus, the secret might get out any moment.

When she thought of this, Nora suppressed the urge in her heart and finally decided to think about it carefully!

Nora did not gain anything from the library. She left the library and returned home.

The car had just stopped when he saw the old lady from the neighborhood scolding Cherry. Thief, youre a thief! Youre so young and yet you dont learn well. You actually steal!