She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 822 - I Have Evidence!

Chapter 822 - I Have Evidence!

Chapter 822 I Have Evidence!

Nora stood in the crowd and looked at Cherry silently.

She was not anxious because Cherry was so calm. She must have a plan.

Otherwise, Pete and Xander would have rushed out of the house a long time ago. The two had a sister complex. Why would they keep watching as if it was some show?

She looked inside coldly.

Mrs. Longs words were clearly more believable. After all, there was no need for an old lady to target a child. Furthermore, they had just moved in, so there was no dispute.

Therefore, everyone looked at Cherry and advised, Little kid, you should apologize! Stop being stubborn!

Of course, there were also people who trusted Cherry, but Mrs. Long was very domineering. Especially because her son worked in NTT, she became even more domineering. They could not offend her, so they advised, Little kid, stop being stubborn. Apologize!

Cherry pursed her lips. Youre the one who gave it to me!

She took another bite of the scallion pancake and chewed.

Mrs. Long looked at the others and sighed heavily. See? Shes so young but she still doesnt admit to her mistakes! Can you tolerate a child like this living here? I wont call the police but I suggest we make them leave! I dont want to be neighbors with such people!

Cherry blinked. Bad Grandma, call the police. Youre the one who gave me this pancake! I didnt steal it!

When the person beside her saw that she was still saying that, he immediately said, Child, stop talking. Wheres your mom? Call her out quickly! You said that Mrs. Long gave it to you. Do you have evidence? If you dont, Mrs. Long will definitely not let you off. You

As the kind person was persuading her, Cherry said, Who said I dont have evidence?

She blinked and took another bite of the scallion pancake. Her other hand reached into her pocket, it looked like she was going to take out her phone.

Noras eyes curved slightly.

Little Smarty.

She knew that Cherry would definitely not lose. Mrs. Long had scolded them yesterday and she definitely had ill intentions for coming to give them scallion pancakes today. Although Cherry was more straightforward and not as perceptive as Pete and Xander, she was not so stupid as to fall for the bad guys trap.

She definitely had evidence!

As Nora thought about this, she saw Cherry take out her phone and say, I have

Cherry was about to say that she had evidence when a weak voice suddenly sounded.

I I-I can prove it

Everyone turned around and saw a thin girl in her twenties slowly raising her hand.

Nora, who was about to walk forward, stopped in her tracks.

The girl was very thin and short. She looked very weak and had a timid expression.

Although she looked a little like Mia, Mia was the pampered daughter of the Smiths. She looked small and weak, her figure was so slender that others couldnt help but protect her.

However, this girl seemed like the kind of person who came out to work because of bad family conditions

This was the first impression she gave to Nora.

Of course, Nora knew who this girl was. Cindy had already given her information on everyone who lived here. She had made sure that there was no danger before daring to let the three children stay there.

The girls name was Rene. She was an orphan and had been adopted by a couple in Switzerland. However, her adoptive parents did not treat her well. They had beaten and scolded her since she was young. She had only escaped from that house when she was older and was currently living here with her boyfriend.

They were poor, but they were stubborn and had been working hard. Cindy pitied their plight and had reduced their rent. The house they rented was the smallest and in the worst condition.

Rene spoke softly as well. It conveyed the trauma of enduring domestic violence. When she spoke, she did not dare to look at anyone. Her long hair covered one-third of her face. I can prove that just now, when Mrs. Long She-she gave the child a scallion pancake. I I was there I saw it Rene had a pitiful background that everyone knew about. Everyone believed her words.

Therefore, they immediately turned to look at Mrs. Long

Mrs. Long, whats going on?

Yes! How can you bully a child?

Youre too evil! Were all Americans. Were from the same country. How can you bully one of our own?



At this moment, Mrs. Long knew she had been exposed. She immediately said unhappily, Alright, alright. I was just teasing her. Whats wrong? I was just joking! Alright, disperse! What are you looking at?

Mrs. Long placed her hands on her hips. My son works in NTT. Do you think I wont ask him to stand up for me?

With that, half the people around instantly dispersed.

NTT was now so popular in Switzerland that everyone had bits and pieces of it in their lives. No one wanted to offend NTT executives.

When most of the people had left, Mrs. Long looked at Rene and said fiercely, Rene, youre really a busybody! Why? Are you here to prove that youre impressive? Do you think youre a messenger of justice? I think you should worry about yourself before you try to mess with others!

With that, she sneered. Your boyfriend seems to be working in NTT too!

She immediately panicked. Mrs. Long, w-what do you mean?

What do I mean? Heh, your boyfriend is just a worker in NTT but my son is a senior executive. You dared to mess with me over a little girl. Fine, Ill see if your boyfriend can still stay in NTT! Lets see!

After saying this, Mrs. Long glared fiercely at Rene and turned to enter her house. However, she suddenly saw Nora standing behind her and was shocked.

However, Mrs. Long quickly recovered and smiled sarcastically. Say, Miss Smith, I think you should still move away with your three children! Otherwise, if my son finds out that I was bullied today, I really cant say what hell do! Also, if Renes boyfriend loses his job, theyll become homeless. Then, Itll all be because of you!

With that, she raised her head arrogantly and entered her house ruthlessly.

She slammed the door shut.

Renes body trembled in fear when the door was closed. Then, her eyes turned red as her entire body trembled. She must have been frightened.

Would her boyfriend really lose his job?