She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 819 - This Familiar Narcissism

Chapter 819 - This Familiar Narcissism

Chapter 819 This Familiar Narcissism

If Kelvin spoke, the director would definitely agree.

He got someone to let Nora in. Jack instantly raised his hand and shouted, Hey, director, look here. I want to be an extra too. Its free! Can I? I can pretend to be a couple with this

girl. I


Before the director could speak, Kelvin rejected him, stunning Jack. He scratched his head in confusion. Why?

Nora was also confused.

Jack was already frowning.

Kelvin ignored him and looked at the director. The scene were filming focuses on how hard the students work. Acting romantic in the library is bad for the schools image.

Jack instantly understood. Then I will do something else. Can I read? I can read with this person. Can I?

Kelvin laughed softly. No. There are already too many extras.

In the end, it just couldnt be done.

Jack was furious, but he could only watch as the bodyguards and the security personnel on the scene made way for Nora to enter the



The scene they were filming was a cla.s.sic Hollywood fight scene. It was about the male lead played by Kelvin who had discovered the secret of genes in university.

As a weak little boy, he was bullied until one day he decided to become stronger.

He and his professor developed the spider gene. The professor used him as an experiment and injected him with the spider gene. He wanted to become Spiderman. He succeeded and his physical abilities really improved, but in the end, he was swallowed by the gene and he became a real spider. His humanity was gradually swallowed up as he became stronger and stronger.

He lost his mind and became a killing machine.

The National Security Bureau sent agents to kill him, but he was too strong. He defeated all the agents alone.

While being chased, he was saved by the female protagonist. During the time they spent together, he went from being ignorant to one with his feelings.

The professor had seen him become stronger, so he injected himself with the genes to become a true Spiderman. He wanted the male protagonist to rule the world with him.

The professor used the video of the male protagonist being bullied to anger him and restrain his gradually awakening consciousness again. The male protagonist accompanied the professor to destroy the city.

In the end, his girlfriend appeared and pulled back the male protagonist with love. She made him suppress his genes and he finally was finally able to control his abilities. He then defeated the professor and saved the city.

At the end of the story, he successfully joined the National Security Bureau and began to protect the world.

In short, it was a story of a person who gradually recovered his humanity with the help of love.

Western blockbusters were all about sci-fi.

Now, they were in the early stages of the filming.

The scene Kelvin was filming today was of the male protagonist being bullied again. He hid in the library while the strong students outside whistled and waited for him to come out so that they could beat him up.

The male protagonist was very fl.u.s.tered and stayed in the library until nightfall.

In the end, he discovered the secret of genes in the library. His high intelligence was recognized by the professor. The two of them hit it off and began the development of the spider gene.

Nora did not know the storyline. She just found it fun to watch Kelvin film.

However, she was not here to watch a show.

She had more important things to do.

She pretended to be a pa.s.serby and walked around inside, wanting to look for file 004.

There was a corner in the library where files were placed. In order to make it look real, the male protagonist played by Kelvin was in this corner. An abandoned gene file was needed.

Nora searched in the library. After learning that the files were all in the corner where Kelvin was, she slowly moved over.

This continued until


The director suddenly shouted and immediately said to Nora, Student, may I ask whats wrong with you? Why do you keep walking in front of the camera? Do you want to get my attention? Or do you want to act too?

After the director finished speaking, he looked Nora up and down. Then, his eyes lit up. Hey, there are not many girls as beautiful as you. If you want, I can add a role for you!

Nora: Theres no need.

The director pestered her. You may be used to rejecting others but you really dont have to talk to me like that. If you want to act, I can be your guide to enter the entertainment industry. Nora: Theres really no need.

She was not interested in acting at all. She only wanted to complete her mission and go back to sleep!

The director did not believe her. How could you not want it? If not, then why did you scuttle in front of the camera? I noticed you the moment you entered. Youve been trying to approach the camera for a while. Although youre very careful, its obvious that youre doing this for the camera!

Nora: ?

She explained calmly, Im not doing this for the camera.

Then why?

The director questioned.


Of course, it was for file 004!

But could she say that?

No, she couldnt!

She was a new student, so it was very odd for her to need a file from here!

Nora thought about this and was about to reply to the director when Kelvins deep voice interrupted. What else could it be for? Its for me!

Nora: ??

The director: ?

Kelvin walked over and looked at Nora. I know. Youre my fan. Youre crazy about me, but this is the production team. Please dont interrupt our shoot.

With that, Kelvin touched his nose and looked at the director. Director, since she likes me so much, why dont we let her stay beside me? Someone has to come to the archives to make it seem more real.

The director: Okay, lets do that!


She looked at Kelvin and was about to speak when Kelvin said, When the filming starts, dont look at me like that. You have to pretend not to know me, okay? Although its difficult for you to not like me, bear with it for the shoot.

Nora: !!

Bear with it?!

Moreover, why was this confident and narcissistic look so familiar?!

Nora was about to speak when the director shouted and the filming began.

She immediately retracted her thoughts and turned to take out a file on the bookshelf.

The file was labeled 009.


Noras eyes suddenly lit up! The librarys files were regularly needed.

They were all placed in order.

If 009 was here, then 004 must be in this row!

As she thought about this, Nora quickly turned around. She retracted all her thoughts, including how Kelvin had taken advantage of her earlier. She began to look for her file in the row seriously

004 was the V16 her mother had left behind!!

She had to find it!

Sure enough, beside 009 was 008, followed by 007, 006, and 005. Then, beside 005 was 004!!