She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 818 - Mr. Hunt Can't Take It

Chapter 818 - Mr. Hunt Can't Take It

Chapter 818 Mr. Hunt Cant Take It

There were many international students at Staav University. The Europeans, Asians, and African-Americans were all harmonious and without discourse.

This was the center of academic discussions worldwide. There was no hatred between countries and there was no disdain between skin colors. Everyone who entered this place was a student who worked hard for scientific research.

This was the feeling given off at Staav University.

The approaching aura was filled with youth.

Of course, in such a friendly atmosphere, there were also young people who chased after idols. Therefore, when they heard the cry, many people turned their heads in unison to look at the door.


He was an international superstar!

Be it his singing, dancing, or actingthey were all remarkable in the industry. Furthermore, he had received the t.i.tle of Best Actor in Hollywood. This man had conquered all the men, women, old, and young in Switzerland.

Therefore, everyone stopped in their tracks.

However, university students were also well-known figures in their respective fields. They had their own pride, so they were not like the usual fans who swarmed around their idols.

After exclaiming in surprise, they stood politely at the side and watched silently as Kelvin and his a.s.sistants walked over.

Nora originally did not want to care about Kelvin.

However, the person walking in front of her stopped and blocked her way. She did not want to stand out, so she simply stopped in her tracks and looked over.

Kelvin was still wearing heavy makeup today. His dark circles seemed like he had not slept for the entire night. The smokey makeup was so thick that Nora could not bear to look at him.

She really did not know how this man was so confident that he was more handsome than Justin.

Nora thought about this and pursed her lips.

However, the next moment, Kelvin suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked in Noras direction. Their eyes met in the air.

Noras eyes narrowed and a smile appeared on her lips.

This Kelvin was teasing her yesterday, but he still dared to look at her today?

Nora was just thinking about this when she saw that the disgusting eyes of Kelvin in front of her were very deep at this moment. There was an unfathomable light in his dark eyes.

This familiar gaze made her freeze on the spot as if she had been struck by lightning.

However, when she looked closer, she saw that Kelvins eyes had returned to their usual warm smile. He smiled and greeted the surrounding fans. This made Nora shake her head.

What was wrong with her?

For a moment, she felt that Kelvin and Justin were very similar.

If she had not personally investigated Kelvins true ident.i.ty yesterday, she might have followed him again today to get to the bottom of it.

But now, she did not want to waste time.

Kelvin and Justin were not on good terms. If she went over, she would only be inviting humiliation.

When she thought of this, Nora simply took a few steps forward and walked straight to the Department of Biomedicine.

This time, when she came to be an exchange student, the medical academys staff was already full. It was not appropriate for her to take someone elses seat. On the other hand, the Department of Biomedicine just happened to have a vacant seat. Therefore, Nora came here as a student of the Department of Biomedicine.

It did not matter which school it was, as long as she could get in touch with the archive room!

She came here this time to get a student card and then go to the file room to look for clues about V16!

The few lines her mother had left in the metal box had directed her to the private room 004 in the Staav University archives.

Nora thought about this and went to report to the Department of Biomedicine. She also prepared a student card.

After all the procedures were completed, she asked the counselor who had handled these procedures, Excuse me, may I ask how to get to the archive room?

The counselor was stunned for a moment before saying, The archive room in our school is the library. Do you want to borrow a few books?


No wonder she could not find the file room on the map.

It made sense. It had been more than twenty years since her mother had left the note. The archive room must have ceased to exist long ago. It had probably been merged into a library.

Nora smiled. Yes, I want to borrow a few books related to the curriculum.

The counselor instantly smiled. Oh, then you can go to the library. By the way, Lisa, remember to come to cla.s.s tomorrow. Dont be late.

Lisa was a fake name Nora had given herself.

Nora nodded.

After separating from the counselor, Nora simply walked straight to the library.

Although Nora was already 25 years old and would be 26 years old after the new year, because she looked young and had a slender figure, her fake ident.i.ty was that of a 22-year-old university student.

As she walked to the library, she b.u.mped into a few boys who came to chat with her.

The atmosphere overseas was more open. After rejecting them, Nora simply went around the field and straight to the library.

However, just as she reached the entrance of the library, a basketball suddenly hit her!

The university students on the field instantly shouted, Move aside, beautiful girl! Move aside!

At the same time, everyones hearts rose. If such a beautiful girl was. .h.i.t by a basketball, they would feel terrible.

Just as they thought about this, they saw that Nora seemed to have heard the wind. She turned around beautifully and caught the ball. Almost instinctively, she turned the basketball on her wrist and aimed it at the basket, throwing it over gently.


The ball entered the hoop.

Everyone was silent. Then, someone suddenly asked in surprise, Are you from New York?

Nora nodded.

The person immediately said, Impressive!

Impressive, impressive!

The others immediately applauded. Nora instantly became the focus of the crowd.


She grimaced and continued walking but the boy playing basketball chased after her. Hi, Im Jack. May I ask where youre going?

Nora: Library.

Jack instantly spoke, his teeth white and bright. Oh, then Im sorry to tell you that Kelvins crew is filming there now. You might not be able to enter They booked it for two hours.

Jack looked down at his wrist.w.a.tch. You have to wait another hour and a half.

Nora: ?

Seeing that the clue to V16 was inside, how could she wait?

She frowned and was in thought. Suddenly, a low male voice came from ahead. Director, let that girl in. Itll be too strange if theres no one in the library. I think she can be an extra with her looks!

Nora turned around and saw Kelvin staring at Jack unhappily.