She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 817 - Approaching the Library

Chapter 817 - Approaching the Library

Chapter 817 Approaching the Library

Although she could not expose her grandaunts ident.i.ty to avoid being noticed, Cherry was not one to be bullied. She retorted, Grandma, I thought your son was NTTS boss. So hes also working for someone else!

Theyre all working for others, so why is she looking down on them?

The old lady was instantly furious. What do you know? Theres a difference between working for someone else and working part-time! NTT is the hottest company in Switzerland in recent years. Everyone working at high positions there can get a million-dollar annual salary! Your father worked hard every month, but does he have ten thousand dollars? The rent here isnt cheap. In my opinion, you should live on the streets! How many months can you bear the rent here? Youre preventing others from renting a house here. Youre a dog in the manger!

Cherry was about to say something when a plump middle-aged woman jogged over. When she heard the old ladys voice, she immediately placed her hands on her hips and scolded, Hey, whats wrong with you? You promised to live together peacefully in my house. How can you bully the new tenant?

When Mrs. Long saw the fat woman, she pursed her lips. Landlady, you have to understand. Who bullied them? Dont make irresponsible remarks. Im just telling them the rules of living here. Besides, who knows where this woman came from? Everyone who lives here has a clean background!

The plump landlady retorted angrily, Shes renting my house. What rules are you talking about? If you dont want to stay, then fine. Cant you just leave? Many people are queuing up to rent my house! Besides, this isnt some random person. Shes a foreign student from Staav University!!

Okay, okay, Ill stop talking about it, okay?! After Mrs. Long said this, she looked at Nora again before turning around. Even though she was far away, she was still nagging softly. Doesnt she just have a few stinky houses? Whats she showing off for? My son works in NTT! Hell be able to afford such a house sooner or later!

After Mrs. Long walked away cursing, the landlady finally looked at Nora. Miss Smith, right? Come, there are a few things to take note of in the house. Ill show you.

With that, she opened the door but did not enter first. Instead, she waited respectfully at the door.

After Nora brought the three children in, the landlady closed the door and walked in. The next moment, the arrogance on her face disappeared and was replaced with kindness. Miss Smith, youre back! Oh, let me see Cherry. Has she gained weight?

Cherry also smiled and said, Cindy!

Cindy was the friend Nora had made when she was overseas. Back then, she was homeless with her husband. It was Nora who took her in and asked her to stay here to collect the rent.

Thats right. This row of houses belonged to her. When she had bought and rented them out back then, the price was not high. It was just to give those Americans who came to Switzerland a resting place.

It was just that Cherry said, Cindy, why did such a bad old madam rent Mommys house?

Cindy smiled bitterly and said, That old lady sounded too pitiful back then, so I let her rent the house. Her son is earning money now and she wants to bring her sister over to live with her, so she asked me to rent her this house youre staying in. However, Miss Nora asked me to keep it for her, so I didnt rent it. I said that someone has already booked the house. She didnt dare to offend me, so she took her anger out on you. Cherry was stunned. Why does she have to rent this house?

Cindy said, Who doesnt want to rent our place? Its cheap and the house is good. Miss Nora has no intention of earning money from this rent, so many people want to stay here now! Besides, she got her sister to rent a house nearby. Dont worry, their contract will expire next month. When the time comes, I wont rent it to them again no matter what. A person with such a character doesnt have the right to receive Miss Noras care! Besides, isnt her son rich? Go out and rent an expensive house! She only knows how to take advantage of others!

With that, she put down Cherry and looked at Pete. This is Pete, right? I heard from Miss Nora that she finally found you. I havent seen you before! Your small body is stronger than Cherrys!

Cindy patted Pete heavily before turning to Xander with a grin. This little kid must be Xander. Am I right?


He was now as smart as a 14-year-old. He felt so childish when she spoke to him in such a coaxing tone.

The corners of his mouth twitched. He grabbed Cherry and Pete. Lets go upstairs and take a look!


Cherry and Pete did not plan to go to school. These three months would be considered a vacation!

The three children went upstairs inseparable. Only Nora and Cindy were left downstairs.

Cindy said, Miss Nora, go to Staav University tomorrow without any worry. Ill help take care of the three children!

Nora nodded.

She then gave Cindy some instructions regarding Cherry, Pete, and Xanders hobbies as well as their favorite foods.

The next day, at the entrance of Staav University.

Nora took out her student ID. After handing them to the guard, she entered the school.

She came here as an exchange student from the New York University School of Medicine. Every December, there would be exchange students coming to study.

As a professor at New York University School of Medicine, creating a fake ident.i.ty and getting a place was a piece of cake.

She needed to report first and then take the opportunity to go to the library to look for files.

After entering the university, Nora was attracted by everything in front of her.

Staav University was indeed one of the top international universities. The environment inside was especially beautiful. As she was admiring it, a voice suddenly came from behind. Oh my G.o.d! Kelvin really came to our university for a shoot!