She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 816 - Grandaunt's Company!!

Chapter 816 - Grandaunt's Company!!

Chapter 816 Grandaunts Company!!

His tone was ambiguous. When he spoke, his breath almost stuck to Noras neck.

The hand pressing on Noras shoulder was not obedient either. It pressed gently and was filled with ambiguity.

Noras back froze. Just as Calvins words fell, she suddenly turned back. Immediately, she waved her arm and slapped away his hand on her shoulder!

Tsk, why? Nora, do you think I dont earn as much money as Justin?

Calvin leaned closer to her. But doesnt all the money in the Hunts belong to you now? With the money in your hands and my appearance similar to him In fact, I dont look any different from him. Everyone says that Im the most handsome man in the US. Nora, are you not interested in me?

Nora narrowed her eyes and swept her gaze across his face. She suddenly said, Youre indeed a little handsome.

Calvin narrowed his eyes and looked pleased.

However, the next moment, Nora said, After all, you look a little like him. Unfortunately, when I see things about you that dont look like him, Id feel disgusted.

Nora pushed open the car door and got out neatly.

She strode into the villa, leaving Calvin staring angrily at her back in the car!

Calvin was so angry that he gritted his teeth in the car.

What did she say just now? She would feel disgusted by him?

How could this be?!

He was the most handsome man in the Hunts! His facial features were even more iconic than Justins!

His looks, which were enough to make fans go crazy, were worthless in her eyes?

She was too much!

Too much!!

Calvin was so angry his chest heaved up and down. He glared ruthlessly in the direction Nora had left in and then closed the car door. After the car door was closed, he picked up his phone aggrievedly and made a call. h.e.l.lo, Brother. Am I not handsome? Nora is really, really too much!!!

On the other end of the line was a deep voice. The man paused for a moment and suddenly asked in a low and hoa.r.s.e voice, You saw her?

Calvin said, Yes, I saw her! Shes already in Switzerland. Shes quite smart. She knows that staying here wont attract much attention. I even saw Pete. He grew up in the blink of an eye. The last time I saw him, he was still drinking milk

After Calvin rambled on, he finally said aggrievedly, Brother, I dont care. Nora said Im disgusting. You have to take revenge for


The man opposite him chuckled and said, Yes, you can come back.

Calvin was stunned. What for? I still have a shoot tomorrow! One of my scenes is in a university

The person on the other end of the line suddenly said, You dont have to go

Calvin: ???

After Nora returned to the villa, she greeted the neighbor with the three children.

The neighbor was very enthusiastic. Oh, were all Americans. We should help each other. By the way, guess where I come from?

Nora: Florida?

The neighbor was shocked. How did you know?

Nora returned a polite and awkward smile before taking the children to visit another house.

The people living here were all Americans. The people on both sides of her were also very kind and safe. Of course, Nora had already arranged a few secret guards around to prevent anyone from hurting the three children when she was not at home.

After visiting the neighbors, Nora walked the three children around the area.

After all, if nothing went wrong, they would be staying here for the next three months.

After walking around for a while, they b.u.mped into an old lady when they returned. She was standing in front of their house. When she saw the four of them, the old lady instantly revealed a look of disdain. After sizing them up, she pursed her lips. What do you do for work? The people living in our villas are all high-cla.s.s people. We dont want any shady neighbors

Nora: ?

She raised her eyebrows and asked, What do you mean?

You have three children at such a young age. Dont tell me you got pregnant at 17 or 18? Are these three children illegitimate too?

Cherry immediately placed her hands on her hips and replied, My daddy and mommy are husband and wife! Were not illegitimate children!

Being engaged also meant they were husband and wife!

Hearing that, the old lady pursed her lips. What about your father?

Cherry: ?

Nora lowered her eyes and slowly said, Im working outside. I dont usually go home.

Tsk, are you working part-time? How much money can you earn? If you dont have money, why do you have to go overseas? You just want to stay here when you dont even have the money to match our standard of living Let me tell you, my son has a decent job! Hes a director at NTT!

The old lady raised her chin proudly as she talked.

Nora: ?

Cherry was stunned. NTT?

Yes, NTT. Have you heard of the company? Let me tell you, my son works there. Hes a really respectable person, understand? Hes not like you guys. Youre working part-time! Can you afford to rent this place? Why do you have to stay here? I advise you to go to the slums!

Cherry: !!

How could she not have heard of it? She had grown up in the NTT headquarters!

NTT was her grandaunts company!