She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 813 - Daddy??

Chapter 813 - Daddy??

Chapter 813 Daddy??

Nora was also a little dumbfounded.

The side profile of the man in front was exactly the same as Justins, especially the height of his nose bridge. Even the firm curvature of his jawline was the same as Justins.

She was aware that Justin was in Switzerland, that was why she had come to look for him. However, the four of them had stayed very low-key when they came. In fact, when they were buying plane tickets, they had even gotten help from Morris to hide their ident.i.ties.

Therefore, no one would know that she had come to Switzerland. So, how come Justin was here?

Moreover, if Justin showed up here, then wouldnt he have died for nothing? Er, she meant faked his death for nothing?

While Nora was thinking about this, Cherry had already rushed over. Just as she was about to touch Justins arm, a few black-clad bodyguards suddenly rushed over and stopped Cherry. Little girl, no going near, okay-? Cherry: ? She blinked and pointed at Justin. Im here for Daddy!

But no matter what she said, the bodyguards simply wouldnt let her pa.s.s.

Cherry had no choice but to shout at the man standing beyond the bodyguards. Daddy! Daddy! Im Cherry! Dont you know who I am anymore?

A puzzled Nora also quickly walked over.

Perhaps because he heard the commotion, Justin finally turned his head and looked over.

The moment he did, Nora and Cherry were stunned.

The man in front of them had a profile almost identical to Justins, but when seen from the front, there was only a 30% resemblance. Also, the man was pale and a little sickly, and there was a sense of frailty in his eyes, which looked just like Justins. His lips were slightly thicker than Justins and he was wearing makeup. He wore heavy foundation which made him seem a little effeminate. The feeling he gave off was completely different from the cold, inadvertently n.o.ble, and sensual one that Justin had.

When he saw Cherry, he was taken aback for a moment. Then, he let out a low scoff. Are you my fan? Fans these days are really just So Do they bring their children with them when they go star-chasing now?

Fans? Star-chasing?

Nora was dumbfounded.

Ahhh! Kelvin! Look over here!

While Nora was still in a daze, several female fans around her rushed forward and shouted, We have been following you since we got to know that youre coming to Switzerland for filming! Kelvin, can you give us an autograph?

When Kelvin Hart heard this, a touch of a smile flashed across his eyes. He covered his mouth and coughed. Then, he walked over, took the book from the fan, and signed it with a flourish.

Nora especially took a look at his signature his handwriting when he signed his name Kelvin Hart was also different from Justins usual handwriting. She looked at Kelvin at close range again.

The man did indeed resemble Justin very much. However, his makeup was too heavy, so she couldnt tell what he really looked like

She wanted to observe him some more, but a bodyguard had already walked over and blocked her prying eyes.

After Kelvin gave the fan an autograph, the fan said, Kelvin, I will always cheer you on! I know you have been overseas for shoots all this time, but wherever you may be, our hearts will always be with you!

Kelvins lips curled into a smile. His voice was calm and emotionless as he said, Thank you.

Those two words, however, took Nora and Cherry aback once more.

Cherry couldnt help but ask, Are you really not Daddy? But why do you not only look a bit like Daddy but also sound like him?

Yes, that was right.

Kelvins voice was also very similar to Justins.

It was just that Justins was lower and deeper.

Noras gaze at Kelvin became even more scorching

She really wanted to remove his makeup and see what he really looked like!

Her gaze was too intense, causing Kelvin to look over. He ruffled Cherrys hair, and then said with a chuckle, Did your mom play videos of me at home every day and tell you that Im your father? Thereby giving you the wrong impression? Miss Please be rational as a fan!

After saying this, Kelvin gave them another amicable smile and then turned to leave.

Nora wanted to chase after him but was stopped by the bodyguards. Mr. Hart is very tired. Please go back!

When the fans heard this, they could only leave.

Nora, however, stared at Kelvin from the back as he departed, somewhat contemplative.

Behind her, Pete and Xander also stepped forward. The two little boys also stared in Kelvins direction.

He walked out of the airport under the protection of the bodyguards. However, at the exit, he suddenly turned his head and looked at the four of them. The corners of his lips hooked upwards into a sneer, and then he got into the car.

Nora was a little taken aback by that smile of his.

Her sixth sense told her that the man knew who she was!

Yet, he really was rather different from Justin

When she broke into a frown, Pete said, Thats not the tyrant! Daddy has never smiled like that before!

In her young and cute voice, Cherry asked, Then is he Daddys twin brother?

But Xander curled his lips disdainfully and said, He doesnt look like the tyrant, though!

After the little fellows finished their evaluation, they looked at Nora again.

Nora had already taken out her cell phone. We can just ask Google.

She didnt pay attention to the entertainment industry, so she didnt know of Kelvin or whatever his name was.

But if Kelvin really was famous, then there would definitely be information about him on the Internet.

With that in mind, she typed in the search term Kelvin Hart. The next moment, information about Kelvin popped up on her phone