She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 812 - Daddy!!

Chapter 812 - Daddy!!

Chapter 812 Daddy!!

Nora narrowed her eyes and looked straight ahead of her with a sharp look in them.

The kids were missing?

Philip likely hadnt left the country yet. Did he change his mind and decide to come back?

The thought had only just formed when something suddenly occurred to her, stunning her for a moment. She slowly turned her head and looked at the trunk of the car.

She was silent for a while. Suddenly, she walked over and opened the trunk, upon which she immediately saw the three little fellows hiding inside all curled up.

Cherry, who was at the innermost position, was trying to stretch her legs. Pete, youre in my s.p.a.ce!

Pete s.h.i.+fted a little. What about now?

Xander complained, Youre kicking my b.u.t.t!


She let out a cough. Only then did the three little fellows raise their heads abruptly and look at Nora. Cherry didnt show any signs of sheepishness from being caught at all. On the contrary, she blinked and said, Mommy, have we already reached the airport? That was quick-

Her drawn-out last syllable when she spoke amused Nora.

These three little fellows were too daring!

To think they actually hid in the trunk! It was very dangerous for them to come all the way here like that!

This was especially true when she drove at high speeds. Fortunately, she was on the highway the whole way to the airport, so the roads had been very good. Also, because it was still early and she still had time until boarding, she hadnt been in a hurry and had driven leisurely.

With a displeased look on her face, Nora said, Who said you guys can do something like this?

Cherry immediately hugged her arm. But Mommy, I cant bear to part with you-

Nora lowered her eyes and took a deep breath. I know, I cant bear to leave you, either. But theres something very important I need to do in Switzerland, so I cant take you guys with


Cherry hurriedly said, I know, you are looking for medicine to treat Xanders illness, right? If so, then all the more we are going. I can even help Mommy.

Nora spoke very firmly. No.

Pete said, But Mommy, we really dont want to be separated from you. Weve only just been reunited. Besides, the tyrant is not here anymore. If you leave too, then we

He did not finish his sentence.

But there was no doubt that the sensitive Pete must be feeling insecure.

Noras heart softened a little. But after looking at the children, she nevertheless hardened her heart and said, You dont have to say any more. Im getting Uncle Richard to take the three of you home. You three absolutely cannot come with me this time!

Given how dangerous the situation was, how could she possibly bring them along?

With that in mind, Nora turned to speak to the chauffeur, who had come with her. However, a small hand suddenly grabbed her wrist again.

She lowered her head to see Xander looking up at her. The little fellow was grinning. Whenever he spoke, there was always a somewhat unorthodox temperament around him, his canine teeth were so white that they were gleaming

He slowly said, Mom, you said today that youll be in Switzerland for a month at the shortest and three at the longest, but you will definitely be back after that. But what if you cant find the V16, have you thought about that? When you return three months later Would it be to bury me? Just like how I buried b.u.t.terscotch in the soil, are you also going to bury me in there?

His words completely breached Noras defenses.

She bent down, lowered her head, and put her arms around Xander. She said, No, that wont happen, Xander. Dont worry, I will find the antidote for sure!

Xander continued grinning as he said, But its also possible that you wont find it. If so, then I only have three months left to live.

In a low whisper, he slowly said, For these three months, I just want to be with you and the tyrant.

The stunned Nora was frozen in place.


Her mindset all this time was that Xander had only less than three months left to live, so she had to try her best to find a way out for him. However, shed neglected something-what if she couldnt find one?

Then, in the last three months of Xanders life, was she going to be away from the boys side?

She finally gave in. Okay, Ill take the three of you with me!

Yay! Cherry stretched out her arms and jumped right into Noras arms excitedly. She circled her arms around Noras neck and said, Mommy is the best! At last, we dont have to be separated anymore!

Pete was also relieved.

Xander beamed, his smile somewhat relieved and courageous.

Every time the topic of death came up, to be honest, he was terrified.

Come to think of it, though, if he could die in Mommys arms, then it wouldnt seem that scary anymore.

There were still two hours till boarding time. Nora contacted Lily urgently and bought three first-cla.s.s tickets for the children. Only then did she get out of the car with them.

The group didnt have much luggage. When they were walking to the airport, a troubled Pete even said, Is it okay that we didnt bring any luggage? We dont even have a change of clothes

Dont worry, Pete! Grandaunt will definitely get everything ready! Ill tell her right away that were coming to see her soon! I guarantee that Grandaunt will definitely be there to pick us up when we get off the


As soon as she said that, Nora stopped her. Dont tell your Grandaunt.

Cherry was surprised. Why? Nora explained, We are going there secretly this time, its not good for us to attract attention from too many people. So, we wont be going to your Grandaunts for the time being.

Nora planned to infiltrate the university and search for the V16 straightaway.

Trueman and the other few experimental subjects must all be watching her, especially the expert fighter She must keep as low a profile as possible!

Cherry was a little disappointed to hear this. Oh, I see

She missed her grandaunt so much!

Nevertheless, she nodded sensibly. Okie-Dokie!

Fifteen hours later, the plane landed in Bern, the de facto capital of Switzerland.

Nora had lived there for five years, so she was very familiar with everything about Switzerland.

She dragged the suitcase with Cherry sitting on top. Xander and Pete followed beside the suitcase. The group of four got off the plane.

There were foreigners all around, but since both Cherry and Xander had grown up abroad, they didnt find it unusual.

Although Pete had never been to Switzerland, he had been exposed to many things, so he was also very calm.

When the four of them were about to head to the exit, Nora suddenly stopped-because she saw a familiar figure in front!

Before she could react, Cherry had already slid off the suitcase. She ran over and shouted, Daddy!