She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 814 - His True Identity!!

Chapter 814 - His True Identity!!

Chapter 814 His True Ident.i.ty!!

There was a lot of information about Kelvin on the Internet. After all, he was a famous Hollywood star with an impressive track record.

Even though he had been filming overseas a lot due to frequent involvement with foreign productions, his status in the American entertainment scene was not low.

The Internet also listed a lot of movies hed starred in. All of them were big productions, with some even being box office hits. He could be found in all those movies.

Nora usually didnt watch such movies.

The photos on Kelvins social media accounts were also similar to his appearance from just now. He indeed bore a 30% to 40% resemblance to Justin from the front while in some occasional photos his profile was almost identical to Justins.

Nora frowned.

One could always hide similarities in appearances from the front with makeup but they wouldnt be able to hide anything with their profile-because a persons skeletal structure was unchangeable!

Therefore, she still wanted to know what Kelvin really looked like under his thick makeup and didnt rule out the possibility that he was Justin.

Nevertheless, Nora still opened up Kelvins personal schedule.

Famous actors like Kelvin naturally had fans and stans. In fact, some overzealous fans from overseas even immigrated to America just so it would be more convenient for them to follow him everywhere.

Therefore, Kelvins schedule was publicly listed very clearly. There were even videos as proof.

During the time Justin was with her in America, Kelvin had been filming with a crew There were pictures to prove it!

At the sight, Nora could only frown.

From the looks of it, Kelvin really was not Justin.

The two men looked so much alike, though. Were they really unrelated to each other?

Nora put down the phone.

Never mind.

It didnt matter what Kelvins relations.h.i.+p with Justin was. She was here in Switzerland to look for the V16 for Xander, not for a holiday!

Nora put down her cell phone, looked at the children, and said, Lets find a place to stay first.

Cherry pouted. But Mommy, if were not going to Grandaunts, then where are we staying?

Nora smiled. Ive already made all the arrangements.

Her grandaunt had a special status in Switzerland, so there would surely be a lot of people paying attention to her. If the four of them went to her, it would be very easy for them to accidentally expose their ident.i.ties.

Before she found a suitable excuse for them to be in Switzerland, Nora must keep a low profile.

She went straight to the parking lot with the children. Soon, she spotted an old and rundown car parked below. The car wasnt locked, but there was no one inside.

Nora walked over naturally and opened the door. Get in.

Obviously, this was part of Noras arrangements. The three children sat in the back. Nora started the car and drove out of the airport.

On the way, Cherry watched as the familiar environment around her slowly went past her. She suddenly remarked, Its been so long!

Pete was observing the surroundings.

Xander pouted and asked, Mommy, where are we staying? Surely not the bas.e.m.e.nt,


Nora smiled. Of course not. Well reach in a


As she spoke, the car suddenly turned the corner into a residential area.

A bright-eyed Cherry asked, Mommy, are we staying here?


Nora turned a few more corners in the car. Soon, she stopped in front of a villa with a characteristic design. This is where well be staying.

The four got out of the car and entered the three-story villa.

The villa was very neat and clean-obviously, someone had cleaned it up.

Nora had lived in Switzerland for five years, so she would certainly have her own connections here.

She took the three children to look at the rooms and allowed them to choose which rooms they wanted. When she was about to take the children out for a bite, someone knocked on the door.

Nora walked over and opened the door to see a man in a black suit outside.

h.e.l.lo, Ms. Smith, right? My boss would like to invite you to dinner.

Nora: ?

She frowned. Your boss?

The man in black nodded. Yes.

He s.h.i.+fted to the side and nodded in a certain direction, where Nora saw parked a huge black car. The windows were tinted, so people on the outside would not be able to look inside.

Just as Nora was about to refuse, the vans window suddenly rolled down a little and the man inside appeared in front of Nora.

His profile was strong and his silhouette well-defined.

He looked so familiar that Nora instantly became a little excited. The next moment, however, the man turned and looked over.

It was not Justin but Kelvin. His lips curled into a smile.

Wanna know who I am?