She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 811 - Admiring The Scenery In Justin's Stead

Chapter 811 - Admiring The Scenery In Justin's Stead

Chapter 811 Admiring The Scenery In Justins Stead

Nora hurriedly said, Iris Theres something I have to tell you. Justin is

Lets not talk about him anymore, okay? If youre going to look for him, then Id rather you forget him. Nora, ones life is what matters the most, remember this.

Iris looked at her, her eyes were full of heartache. Id always thought that youre a calm and rational person but it turns out that you are just like everyone else when you encounter something like this. Nora, I didnt expect you to love Justin so much. You really shouldnt do anything silly


The corners of her lips spasmed. At last, Nora found a break in Iris speech and interrupted her.

Justin is not dead.

I know, I know.

Iris nodded.

Nora was stunned. You do?

Iriss eyes became even redder. Yes, he is not dead. He will always live on in your heart.

Nora: ?

Iris sighed and held her hand. You should live on properly with him. Justin was only twenty-six years old when he said goodbye to this world. Take him with you as you look at every place in this world. Nora:

Hed want you to become his eyes and admire the Northern Lights and the frozen Antarctic that stretches on for miles. Hed also want to watch the three children grow up and have their own families Nora, can you promise me that youll look at all this for him??

The corners of Noras lips spasmed again. At last, she said, Hes not dead yet. He has eyes too, he can see all that himself.

Iris: ?

She was stunned. Nora, when you say hes not dead, you mean?

Nora nodded. Its exactly what youre thinking. Hes still alive, so he can look at this world! Hes not dead!

Iris: !!

The room fell silent for a moment.

After a while, Iris finally understood. Nevertheless, she still asked, Then where did he go? And why did he fake his death?

Nora recounted what had happened. In the end, she shook her head and said, Im not sure about the specifics, either. Hes in Switzerland now. Now that youre back, Im going to Switzerland to look for him.

Iris asked, He hasnt contacted you yet?

Nora nodded, vaguely feeling a little uneasy. Iris frowned. Surely he didnt hit his head in the explosion and lose his memory, right?

Nora: ?

Iris sighed. Thats why he hasnt contacted you all this timebecause he has forgotten you. Nora, you should go to him now, but maybe he has already been rescued and is mistaking his rescuer for his lover in his daze. If thats the case, then Nora, hurry and bring him home!

Nora: ???

Did she think this was a TV drama? Or a novel?

How could something that corny possibly happen?!

The corners of Noras lips spasmed. Well, I have to go to Switzerland now, so I will leave the domestic affairs to you. As for the children I will have to trouble you to take care of them!

The journey to Switzerland was fraught with unknown dangers and the V16s whereabouts were still a mystery. Moreover, once she left the States, her days would no longer be this peaceful and crises might happen at any time. Therefore, Nora would never take the children abroad with her.

Iris understood what she meant. Although I dont know what you guys are planning, since Justin had to fake his death, it must be very important. This is what the two of you have decided. As for me, I shall be your firm and solid support.

So, Nora, go ahead. Leave the children to me! There wont be any problems!

Nora nodded.

After handing over the company to Iris, Nora went out. By then, it was already noon. She didnt want to waste even a day, so she got Lily to buy her a plane ticket to Switzerland for the same night.

It was just that How was she going to tell the three children-especially Cherrythat Mommy would be away for a while?

Cherry was very clingy to Nora. In the past, even when Nora was sleeping, the little girl would stay in the same room as her. Later, after she and Justin acknowledged each other as father and daughter, she was occasionally separated from her, but even so, she would still want to meet her every two or three days.

It could be said that Cherry had never been away from Nora since she was born.

This time, though, Nora would probably be away for a month at the shortest, or three months at the longest before she would be back

She didnt know how to explain it to Cherry.

While she was troubled over this, Pete and Xander came out of their rooms. The two little boys looked at Nora. Mommy, are you going to Switzerland?

Nora nodded.

She looked at Cherry, who was behind the two of them, and coughed. She slowly said, I cant take the three of you with me this time. Stay at home and take good care of one another, okay?

Pete and Xander looked at each other. No problem!

Sure enough, Cherry pouted. Mommy, cant you take Cherry with you? I miss Grandaunt! Nora shook her head. I have something to do over there this time. I will be back as soon as possible.

Cherry hung her head.

The way she looked was as though she had been abandoned made Noras heart soften.

Just as she was about to speak, Cherry raised her head. Then say hi to Grandaunt for me.


Nora answered.

Cherry turned around sulkily and said, I wont see you off then, Mommy. Im afraid it will make me sad.

Nora rubbed her head. Okay.

The little fellow really was very clingy, so she must really be very sad today.

Her sons were the boys they were, though. Pete and Xander didnt react as pretentiously as Cherry did.

Nora then said, Okay, Ill go and pack for the trip. You guys can go play!


The three children ran off after replying.

After Nora packed her luggage, she went out to say goodbye to them. But when she thought of how Cherry had said that she would be sad, Nora simply got in the car and went straight to the airport instead.

However, as soon as she arrived at the airport, she received a call from Iris. Nora, the children are missing!!

Upon hearing this, Noras heart tightened.