She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 810 - I'm Going To Look For Justin

Chapter 810 - I'm Going To Look For Justin

Chapter 810 Im Going To Look For Justin

Philip didnt look at Iris but stepped aside instead.

When Iris walked out from behind Philip, she was still a little in disbelief. After being trapped by him for half a month, she had become used to it. She didnt expect that she would really be freed.

She took two quick steps forward and came right up to Noras side.

Nora looked at her.

Iris knew what she meant. She shook her head.

Only then did Nora give a casual wave. With that, the people from the Quinn School of Martial Arts and Jordans men moved out of the way and allowed Philip to leave.

Philip, however, looked at Iris. Iris, you cant bear to let us fight, right? I know you are afraid that I would get hurt, so that means I have a place in your heart, right? So why cant we be together?

Iris lowered her eyes and sighed silently. Philip, do you know what the biggest regret in my life is?

Philip immediately answered, That you didnt leave with me back then!

However, Iris merely smiled wryly. She really didnt know where the man was getting all that confidence from. Word by word, she said, My biggest regret is meeting you back then.

Philip stumbled and he stood still. What?

Iris slowly said, I said, my biggest regret is getting to know you. If I didnt know you, maybe I would have been able to live in peace my whole life, right? I could happily get a divorce if I wanted to, and go wherever I wanted to, instead of being trapped by you in the suburbs of New York City for twenty years!

Philip couldnt believe it. Iris, I dont believe you. You must be trying to provoke me. Otherwise, why would you make Nora let me go so easily?

Iris lowered her head. I just dont want to have anything to do with you anymore. I hope you can respect yourself and never approach me or disturb my life ever again!

After saying that, Iris turned and left with Nora while Philip stood where he was.

Iris! Youre lying! Everything you said is a lie!

Philip shouted and rushed over to chase after her. However, he was stopped by Lucas and the others.

Mr. Coleman, dont force us to take action against you. After Nora and Iris left, Lucas and the others also left one after another.

Only Philip and his men were left.

A shocked Philip stared in the direction that Iris had left. After standing there for some time, he finally looked at Jason and asked, Tell me, Jason, have I really made a mistake?

Jason sighed. Boss, lets go home.

Philip shook his head. Without her, where would my home be?

Jason fell silent.

His boss love was simply too extreme. Probably no woman, no matter how strong or powerful she was, would be able to stand his love, let alone Iris.

Jason was about to say something when Philip suddenly turned around with a cold look on his face. He looked at the man who had tried to grab Cherry just now and suddenly demanded, Who asked you to attack the child?

Philip was not a good man.

But for Iris, hed wanted to keep the last bit of his moral boundaries in front of her.

Upon being questioned by Philip, the man got a huge shock and he got down on his knees right away. Boss, I was just trying to save you!

Philip, however, lowered his eyes, turned, and strode away.

Jason, who was following him, heard him say, There is no need for a man who cant follow orders to return with us.

Jason understood at once.

Yes, sir.

This meant that he was going to get rid of the man!

Jason followed closely behind Philip. Boss, you can explain to Ms. Iris that you didnt order the man to do that. This way, maybe she wont blame you anymore.

Philip chuckled. Would she believe anything I say?

Jason was taken aback.

Philip said, She didnt start getting angry at me because of this incident.

Iris, who had returned home with Nora, was currently looking at the three precious children. With a sorrowful face, she looked at Nora and suddenly said, Nora, if you have anything you want to do, then just go ahead and do it. I can look after the children.

Now that Justin was gone, she didnt want to trap Nora with the Hunts.

If Justin was still alive, he probably wouldnt want Nora to be alone for the rest of her life, either.

For her sons sake, Iris had already been miserable all her life. She didnt want Nora to be like her.

Upon hearing this, Nora immediately said, Yeah, well, it just so happens that Im about to go and look for Justin too. Ill leave the Hunt Corporation to you for now!

Iris was stunned by her words. She grabbed Noras shoulders and said, Dont be sad. It has already happened, you have to face reality.

Nora: ?

She was taken aback for a while. Then, she said, Im not sad!

Iris, however, became nervous. I understand, you may not be able to accept right away the fact that Justin is gone, but Nora, if you want to cry, then just cry. You dont have to put up pretenses in front of me.

She hugged Nora and continued comforting her. Justin wouldnt want you to be like this. He loves you so much, he would definitely want you to be happy. Dont waste your own life, life is not just about romance. Besides, you can still find another man if you meet a suitable one in the future I know its not appropriate of me to say such things now, but Im really afraid that you would do something silly No matter what, you have to stay strong. You still have your father and your children, okay?

Nora: ??!

Only then did she realize that she hadnt yet told Iris that Justin wasnt dead!