She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 809 - Release Her!!

Chapter 809 - Release Her!!

Chapter 809 Release Her!!

Nora was simply too sleepy and she kept yawning again and again.

She looked up at Philip and slowly asked, What do you want to talk about?

Her voice was a little hoa.r.s.e and carried a bit of impatience from having just woken up.

Philip: ?

His brows drew together tightly.

Jason said, The one we want to talk to is Big Sister. Ms. Smith, you

But before he could finish, something suddenly dawned on him and he looked at Nora in disbelief. Then, he turned to Philip. Boss

Philip lowered his gaze, his lips suddenly curling into a smile.

I see, Ms. Smith is none other than the Big Sister of the Quinn School of Martial Arts! No offense, but do you really want to interfere in the affairs between me and Iris?

His voice was clear and he spoke in an exceptionally relaxed manner. There are some misunderstandings between Iris and me, so we are in the midst of a petty lovers argument right now. Considering how deeply in love Ms. Smith and Justin are, you should understand, right? You wont want to split up a pair of lovers, right?

Nora looked at Philip and said, Women have become independent these days. Whether she wants to continue her relations.h.i.+p with you or not, and whether she wants to leave with you or not, is entirely up to my G.o.d-S Aunt Iris to decide.

Philip: ?

Nora raised her eyebrows again. Release her and Ill let all of you leave safely. Otherwise, Mr. Coleman, you might as well stay here for the countdown on New Years eve.

Philip broke into a huge frown.

Next to him, Jason said, Boss, we can let her go right now. Well just find a way to take her away again in the future.

Philip took a deep breath and looked at Iris.

Hed thought that with the Smiths and the Hunts capabilities, they would not be able to keep him here in America.

Never had he ever imagined that the Quinn School of Martial Arts and New Yorks underworld forces would also get involved. If he met them head-on, his hundred or so men would surely be goners.

Philip was a man who knew how to retreat when he should.

Yet if he were to let Iris go just like that He didnt want to!

At the side, the three children stood on their tippy-toes as they watched the show. Xander asked, Will he let Grandma go?

Cherry replied, That fierce grandpa definitely will!

Pete nodded. Yeah, he wont hurt Grandma.

However, Cherry said, Thats not necessarily true. But since Mommy is here, there definitely wont be any problem!

Pete and Xander:

The three chatted happily. At this moment, a foreign mercenary not far from them suddenly rushed towards them! He stood right in front of the three children, looked at Nora, and threatened, Let us go! Or else I will kill your children!

Nora: ?

Everyone raised their eyebrows and looked at Philip reproachfully.

Iris shouted, No!

She looked at Philip and said angrily, Philip, is this the moral boundary that you claimed to have? Didnt you say that you wouldnt do anything to the children?!

Philip didnt expect this turn of events, either. He clenched his fists and sneered, You think I ordered him to do that?

Iris let out a cold laugh. She wanted to say something but the mercenary at the side had already spoken again.

Mr. Coleman, this is the only way we can leave safely. Even if you let that lady go, this group of people is still free to do whatever they want to us!

Even if they handed Iris over, it was still entirely up to Nora whether she wanted to let them go or not.

Philip hated things going out of his control the most. To be honest, the best solution at the moment was to threaten them into letting them go with Iris safety, but Philip couldnt bring himself to do that.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at the three children blocked by the man. Hed thought that the children would be very panicked and fl.u.s.tered, but unexpectedly, all three of them were very calm.

In particular, Cherry even gestured to themselves and then turned to Pete and Xander and said, I think he may kidnap me! Im a girl, so Im the weakest among us!

Philip lowered his gaze. For some reason, even though Cherry looked somewhat like Nora, he instead saw a semblance of Iris on Cherrys face.

Even the look in his eyes had softened a little.

The tense atmosphere had calmed down significantly.

Philip expelled a breath of air and slowly said, Let the

But before he could say the words three of them go, the mercenary reached out to grab Cherry.

Philips brows drew together.

Iris also took a step forward and shouted, Let go of Cherry!

Everyone wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the child. Nora was the only one who remained where she was, calm and motionless. The next moment, the man who was about to grab Cherry suddenly screamed. He suddenly retracted the arm hed stretched towards Cherry and took two steps back.

His arm was outstretched straight and there were a few needles stuck into it!

Additionally, a dagger had also been stabbed into it. His arm dripped with blood, forming an unbearable sight!

Pete had stabbed him with the dagger.

After practicing martial arts with Quinn for some time, hed already picked up some skills.

Justin had custom-made the dagger for him after he and Xander were kidnapped, and it was exceptionally durable.

Xander was the one who had jabbed the man with needles.

Recently, he had been learning from Nora which parts of the body would hurt more when attacked and he remembered the two particular locations on the arm.

Additionally, hed also specially asked Nora to custom-make a few needles for him. He carried them with him everywhere, euphemistically calling it his form of self-defense.

Cherry looked at Pete, and then at Xander. At last, she pouted and said, Mommy, you and Daddy are too biased! Why dont I have any self-defense skills?!


Pete immediately explained, When Daddy gave me the dagger, he told me that it was for me to protect you.

Xander also pursed his lips and said, When Mommy gave me the needles, I also said that I would protect you.

With straight faces, the two of them said, So, you dont need any self-defense skills. The two of us are your self-defense skills.


Those two boys with a sister complex!

After the man was repelled, Lucas, who was the nearest to him, rushed over to subdue him. The three children were also successfully protected.

Nora didnt look at the three children. Instead, she looked at Philip and said domineeringly, Let her go.