She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 808 - The Big Sister of The Quinn School of Martial Arts?

Chapter 808 - The Big Sister of The Quinn School of Martial Arts?

Chapter 808 The Big Sister of The Quinn School of Martial Arts?

When the voice rang out, Philip frowned and turned to look outside.

Hed initially thought that it must be a large group who had come, but in the end, he only saw Nora walk in leisurely with her three children.

Philip breathed a sigh of relief.

Instead, it was Iris who panicked when she saw them. She shouted, Nora, why did you bring the children here? This has nothing to do with you guys, hurry and leave this place! I dont want you to accidentally hurt yourselves!

Noras gait was slow and lazy as if she had to use a lot of strength even just to walk. As she shuffled, she yawned.

It couldnt be helped.

Philip and Iris had come to the cemetery early in the morning. She was usually still asleep at this hour. Although shed received news that they would be coming over the day before, she couldnt just go to bed at noon, right?

In the end, she waited until 8 PM before she went to sleep. After that, shed woken up at 6 AM, resulting in a lack of sleep.

She was terribly sleepy. Pete handed her a piece of tissue and said, Mommy, wipe your tears.

Nora took the tissue and casually wiped her eyes. Then, another small hand reached towards her. When she looked down, she found that it was Xanders. Seeing her lower her head, he looked at the tissue in her hand and said, Ill hold it for you.

Only after Nora handed Xander the tissue that shed wiped her tears with did she look ahead of her.

Just as she was about to say something, she couldnt help but yawn again.

Pete and Xander:

Cherry, who had long been accustomed to her behavior, decided to just speak in her stead.

Grandma, dont worry! Pete, Xander, and I wont get hurt! If that fierce grandpa dares to hit us, then I will get Mommy to smash his b.u.t.t into pieces!



The corners of Philips lips spasmed a little and he glanced at Iris. When he saw her staring at him, he said, You guys can go. I wont do anything to children.

Just like back then, even though Iris had rejected him and chosen to stay in the suburbs of New York because of Justin, he hadnt taken any action against Justin.

Iris breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this. She looked at Nora and said, Nora, stop this and take the children away. Although Philip has said he wont do anything to the children, it would be terrible if they got hurt.

Nora nodded. She looked down at the three children and said, You three, stand aside.




After the three children respectively answered in their own ways, they looked at one another. In the end, they ran to a corner at the side where even if a fight broke out, it probably wouldnt reach them.

After they took their positions there, Cherry shouted again, Grandma, dont be afraid! Were here to take you home!



The corners of Philips lips spasmed again. He looked at Nora and said, Dont waste your breath. Do you know how many of my men are waiting outside?

As they were coming to America this time, in order to prevent Iris from playing tricks, as well as to prevent Justins men from saving Iris, Philip had brought almost a hundred mercenaries with him.

Upon hearing what he said, Nora rubbed her wrists and picked up her cell phone impatiently to check the time.

Then, she said, Relax, its almost time.

Philip: ?

Nora was about to explain when Jason suddenly rushed in and shouted, Boss, I dont know why, but New Yorks underworld forces are here! We have been surrounded!

The underworld forces of New York?

By right, mercenary and the underworld were two different worlds, they shouldnt have anything to do with each other. What were New Yorks underworld forces doing here?

Even Philip was a little dumbfounded. He looked at Nora in astonishment and asked, For you to be able to get the underworld forces to do your bidding, how much did you spend?

At this moment, people from the Quinn School of Martial Arts also walked in. Behind them was a group of thugs, each with a baseball bat in their hands. They looked just like ruffians and they were led by a thick and muscular Jordan.

As it was still early, there wasnt anyone around the area. Coupled with the fact that this was a cemetery, the surroundings were even quieter than usual.

Jason said, They are all people from the underworld. Although they didnt bring firearms with them-probably to avoid accidentally hurting the children-because Ms. Iris had said that cemeteries are sacred ground and we shouldnt bring firearms here, we didnt bring any with us this time, either Also, for some reason, theyre all skilled martial artists. That man named Jordan Hoffman offed Paul Quinlan, a boss from New Yorks dark forces, some time ago and is now the new leader of the citys dark forces. It is said that he owns a car racing club, so by right, he shouldnt be short of money

Philip took a step forward and asked, Mr. Hoffman, I also have some dealings with New Yorks underworld forces. Is there some kind of misunderstanding between us?

Jordan didnt want to offend Philip, either, of course.

Although Philip was not from America, he nevertheless had a lot of influence globally.

He coughed and replied, Sorry, Mr. Coleman, but I have no other choice. I owe the Quinn School of Martial Arts Big Sister a favor. Now that she has given the word, I cant disobey her.

Philip had no choice but to look at the people from the Quinn School of Martial Arts. He said, I have no grievances or feuds with the Quinn School of Martial Arts. Why is Big Sister hostile toward me? Is it because the Hunts offered you money? How much did they offer you? I can give you double the amount!

His gaze landed on Lucas.

Lucas was known to outsiders as the Quinn School of Martial Arts manager. Philip didnt want to become enemies with the Quinn School of Martial Arts, so he said, Mr. Lucas, I wonder if thats okay with you?

Philip said, We have also worked with each other before. Every time Im in America, I pay the Quinn School of Martial Arts a visit. We can be said to have some ties with each other, so why become enemies?

Upon hearing this, Lucas glanced at Nora, coughed, and said, Um, Big Sister personally gave the order today, so I cant call the shots here. Mr. Coleman, we dont wish to become enemies with you, either. As long as you let Madam Iris go, we can still be friends.

Big Sister again?

The Big Sister of the Quinn School of Martial Arts was well-known everywhere, but she was too mysterious and was nowhere to be seen. No one knew who she was.

A curious Philip stepped in front of Iris and asked, Has Big Sister personally come today? May I know who it is? Can we talk this out properly? Upon hearing this, Nora yawned again and stepped forward. What do you want to talk about?