She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 807 - I'm Here To Pick You Up!

Chapter 807 - I'm Here To Pick You Up!

Chapter 807 Im Here To Pick You Up!

New York City, USA.

Iris stood in front of Justins grave and stared at the tombstone in shock.

The Hunts were actually supposed to be buried in the family cemetery in California after their deaths. By right, his body should have been returned there, after which all of his a.s.sets would be split among the inheritors.

However, Nora had refused to send the body there.

Instead, she wanted him to stay in New York with her until she died, whereupon the family could then move her and Justins graves to California together.

With those words of hers, Mrs. Hunt had immediately made up her mind to have Justin buried in the cemetery in the outskirts of New York.

After all, people would be lonely without company after death.

Justin and Nora werent legally married yet, so she was not considered his wife at all. Should Nora meet another man suitable for marriage in the future and remarry, she would not be able to be buried in their family cemetery anymore.

Now that Nora had said that, how could Mrs. Hunt possibly still make life difficult for her?

If she could keep Nora in the family and have her protect Petes inheritance for him-such that the Smiths and the Hunts would still have a connection to each other-even if she wanted Mrs. Hunt to wait upon her every day, Mrs. Hunt would be willing to do so.

Therefore, it was a very easy decision for her to have Justin buried in New York.

It was just that when Iris looked at the tombstone in front of her and at Justins photo on it It was an ID photo of him. In the photo, his expression was stern and serious and he didnt smile. His eyes were cold and there was a beauty mark at the corner of his eye.

Iris still felt that all of this wasnt real.

She shook slightly as she stood there

After standing there for some time until Iriss legs had turned weak, Philip took a step forward and held her hand. You have already seen him. Now, lets go!

However, Iris remained where she was and said, I want to go home! Nora and the others need me!

Philips expression darkened at once. Iris, you should already count your blessings that I allowed you to come back! Dont push your luck!

But Iris shook her head and said, Justin is gone but he left behind three children and Nora. I have to go see them and help them get through this difficult time! I need to be with my family!

Philip frowned. I only agreed to let you come back and have a look. I didnt agree to let you stay. Iris, Justin is already gone. Do you think you can still escape?

After he spoke, he grabbed Iriss wrist!

Iris lowered her eyes and sneered, Here in New York, do you think that no one will come and save me just because Justin is gone?

She balled up her fists tightly and suddenly looked around her. At once, seven to eight black-clad bodyguards swarmed out and walked towards them.

Philip lowered his gaze when he saw them. He let out a low laugh and said, Ive always known that you are no bimbo and that you would definitely build your own forces. You said things like you didnt want so many people to disturb your sons peace, so you only allowed me to come here with you But do you think these few guys can stop me?

He clapped.

The bodyguards who were waiting outside rushed in.

Fifteen to sixteen men immediately surrounded the seven to eight bodyguards.

Iris paled.

Shed originally thought that Philip would not go too overboard. Also, shed only made use of her son just so she could stay and a.s.sist Pete, so even if Justin were to know what she had done, he wouldnt blame her for disturbing his peace.

Unexpectedly, Philip had made a backup plan.

In this regard, she ultimately still couldnt compare with Philip.

Iris bit her lip and clenched her fists.

After the dozen or so men restrained the seven to eight bodyguards, Philip clasped Iriss shoulders tightly again and said, Lets go. Dont bother seeking death anymore. If youre dead, all the more you wont be able to see your grandchildren anymore.

Iris wouldnt seek death in vain, of course!

She was so mad that she couldnt say anything

At this moment, a young and tender voice reached her.

Grandma! Little Cherry is here to pick you