She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 804 - I Want to Go Back!

Chapter 804 - I Want to Go Back!

Chapter 804 I Want to Go Back!

Mrs. Hunt was stunned. Then, she heard Lily continue, With her physical condition, its very bad not to sleep 14 hours a day! I really dont know which idiot keeps disturbing her every day and doesnt let her sleep. Ive already checked, the Hunt Corporation doesnt have that much work for her, and there are very few things that I arrange for her. Tell me, why is she doing this when shes free to sleep?

Mrs. Hunt: ??

She was stunned. She said, I think eight hours of sleep a day is enough. 14 hours? Isnt that too much?

Lily sighed. Old Madam, an ordinary person would definitely have enough sleep in eight hours, but is Boss a normal person?

Mrs. Hunt fell silent. Wasnt she normal?

Then, she heard Lily say, Her body has been weak ever since she was young. Her IQ is ridiculous. She knows learns at once, so its very draining. Think about it. Shes the last disciple of Dr. Zabe and is the top surgeon, Anti. She knows almost everything about alternative and western medicine. Furthermore, shes also a hacker. Most people wont be able to reach her level of hacking in their entire lives but she is already so capable.

How many brain cells have to die every day for these things? Ive studied it before. Her brain cell reproduction speed is double that of a normal person. Therefore, if she cant get sufficient sleep, her energy will not be able to keep up and she will become stupid in the future. I really dont know who has such a grudge against her and wants to harm her?

Mrs. Hunt: !!

She swallowed and said again, Did you just say that she has extraordinary intelligence?

Thats right, Lily said. Boss is very smart and has incredible IQ, almost the highest among humans. Otherwise, why do you think Pete is so smart?

At this point, she thought that Mrs. Hunt might not understand, so she said, You dont understand, right? Let me explain to you. Men have XY chromosomes and women have XX. The IQ gene is on the X chromosome. A boys Y chromosome is inherited from the father while the X comes entirely from the mother. So Petes IQ is inherited from Boss.

Mrs. Hunt: !!

She felt like her worldview had been refreshed again.

In the past, she always felt that Pete was indeed Justins son because he was so smart at a young age, but as it turned out, it was because of Nora!

After Lily explained, she said, Sigh, lets not talk about this anymore. Ill go check on Boss first and see if shes asleep. She hasnt slept well for a few days. I told her to rest early today.

With that, Lily left.

After she left, Mrs. Hunt swallowed.

She looked at f.a.n.n.y in a daze and said, Did you hear what she just said?

f.a.n.n.y: I heard her.

Mrs. Hunt said, So Im harming her by not letting her sleep? Is it normal for her to sleep so abnormally? Did I do something bad out of kindness?

f.a.n.n.y smiled bitterly. Seems like it.

Mrs. Hunt:

On a cruise s.h.i.+p.

When Iris and Mrs. Landis were shopping in the luxury store, they saw the waiters in the distance pointing at her. However, when she walked over, those people immediately stopped talking

Iris frowned, not knowing what was going on.

There was no cell phone signal on the cruise. The only thing she could contact the outside world with was the satellite phone. However, Philip was afraid that she would contact Justin, so he had not given her a chance to use the satellite phone.

Recently, Iriss eyebrows had been twitching.

She glanced at Mrs. Landis. Mrs. Landis understood what was going on. She took a few steps back and Iris entered the luxurious shop beside her. She began to buy things carefully.

She did not have to pay for her purchases, of course. In the end, she would settle the bill with Philip.

Furthermore, this cruise s.h.i.+p belonged to his company. Wrap this up for me.

Iris pointed at the luxurious items and said to the staff.

The staff was overjoyed.

They earned commission on how much they could sell. However, the cruise was booked by a single person. They might not make much money from this trip.

Iris was not a person who liked to shop. She only went shopping every day to take a look. It was rare for her to buy so many things today. After Iris finished shopping, Mrs. Landis walked over with a pale face. Her legs were a little weak. It could be seen that something had happened.

Iris held her and asked, Whats wrong?

Mrs. Landis stammered. She swallowed and held Iriss wrist. Miss, you, you have to hold on. Just now, they said said that Mr. Hunt is dead.

Iris was a little confused. Dead? What do you mean? Also, whos dead? Herman?

Mrs. Landiss eyes turned red as she suddenly cried. No, its Justin. Justin has pa.s.sed away!

Iriss vision turned dark as if she was struck by lightning. For a moment, she felt that the s.p.a.ce around her had twisted. She looked at Mrs. Landis in confusion. Jus- Justin pa.s.sed away?

Mrs. Landis cried.

Iris did not cry. Instead, she turned around and walked to the guest room. I dont believe you. I want to go back