She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 805 - I Want to Go Home!

Chapter 805 - I Want to Go Home!

Chapter 805 I Want to Go Home!

Iris looked very calm.

She walked steadily toward the control room.

Philip was handling some work matters there. There were many places the consortium needed him to sign.

At that moment, Jason was standing in front of Philip and saying respectfully, We have received news from a reliable source. Our people have also gone to New York to take a look. We have confirmed that Justin has indeed pa.s.sed away.

Philip pursed his lips. King hasnt contacted us lately, has he?

Thats right.

Jason said, Ever since Justin pa.s.sed away, King hasnt asked for our men anymore. Im guessing that Kings sudden appearance might have been because of Justin. Now that hes gone, King doesnt care anymore. Boss, you dont have anything to be afraid of. Can we go home now?

Because King had contacted them, the group of people were hiding on the cruise s.h.i.+p and could not go back.

Philip was wary of King!

Now that Justin was gone, there was indeed nothing to worry about.

Philips expression was tense. He suddenly said, Tell me, how should I tell her about this? How would she accept it?

In order to save her son, she, who had always been proud, had lowered her head in front of him.

Because of her son, she willingly trapped herself in a suburban villa for 20 years. Now that her son was dead, what would happen to her?

At the thought of this, Philip said, Dont dock yet.

Yes, sir.

Jason vaguely understood something. Boss did this because Iris would hear the news when they reached the sh.o.r.e. At that time, she might not be able to take it.

Moreover, there are too many uncertainties on the sh.o.r.e.

Kings att.i.tude was ambiguous. What if King immediately came looking for her after reaching the sh.o.r.e and took her away?

Philip wanted to observe her for a while longer!

The two of them had just finished talking when Iris suddenly pushed open the door. She looked straight at Philip. I want to dock. I want to go home.

d open the door. She

Philip and Jason exchanged looks. Jason lowered his head respectfully and went out.

Only Philip and Iris were left in the room.

Philip took two steps toward Iris. Iris, you know about Justin But its useless for you to go home now. The people I sent have already confirmed that his corpse has been burned and buried. Theres no point in you going back now.

Iris closed her eyes in despair.

She clenched her fists tightly, her voice trembling slightly. Let me go back and take a look. Ill go see him and Cherry, Pete, Xander. Oh, Nora too. They must be so sad. I want to go back

Philip continued to smile. Iris, dont worry. Theyre living well. Nora took control of the company and will hand it to his son in the future. Youve already sacrificed more than twenty years for your son. How many decades can a person have in their life? You abandoned me for 20 years. Now that hes gone, Ill accompany you for the next 20 years

I dont need you to accompany me!

Iris looked at him sadly. Philip, let me go! They need me now!

Philip lowered his eyes. I told you, hes already in the coffin. Its useless even if you go back! Iris, for you, Ive never done anything to your son. Its fate that he died in an accident! The universe has handed your future to me. I wont let go!

Iris gritted her teeth and glared at him. Philip, you pervert! If you dont let go, Ill only hate you!

It doesnt matter if you hate me.

Philip looked at her greedily. Iris, I understand now. Even if youre not willing, as long as youre by my side, its fine. For the past 20 years, Ive been considering your feelings. Thats why you and I missed each other for so long. Now, I want to be selfish for once. I want to be selfish for us!

Iris was furious and sad. Her words were very hurtful. Us? Youre selfish for yourself, arent you? Philip, youre crazy!

Philip nodded with a smile. Yes. Even if Im crazy, youre the one who drove me crazy. Therefore, Iris, you have to be responsible!



Iris pointed at him, speechless.

Philips expression turned a little cold. He suddenly threw a dagger on the table. The metal clashed loudly.

Philip said, Unless you can kill me, dont even think about leaving.

Iris stared at the dagger and suddenly picked it up. She aimed it at Philips heart. Ill kill


Kill me then! Philip laughed. The originally gloomy man had an exotic handsomeness. At that moment, he was even more sinister. There was madness in his eyes. Leaving you hurts more than death. If you kill me and leave, I wont feel pain anymore. Come on!

He held Iriss hand and used a little strength. The tip of the knife pierced through his skin. He stared at her. Can you bear to?

Could she bear to?

At such a close distance, Iris could see that the corners of the mans eyes had already grown wrinkles.

They were both old.

As she was thinking, Philip exerted strength in his hand. The knife stabbed deeper into his chest, and blood gushed out.

The warm blood jolted Iris back to reality. She subconsciously took a step back and let go. The dagger fell to the ground.

Philip looked at her and laughed out loud. You cant do it. You love me deep down! Iris, dont lie to yourself!

Iris looked at the person in front of him. She did not know why he was so stubborn.

But he was after all someone she had loved sincerely

She smiled bitterly and suddenly turned to leave the room.

After she left, Jason entered and heard Philip instruct, Dont dock for the next two months. Use a helicopter for supplies. Also, find the person who leaked the news and throw him off the boat!

His eyes were vicious and filled with bloodthirsty killing intent.

Jason was shocked.

Wasnt he killing someone by throwing them off the boat?

However, he did not dare to resist. He lowered his head and said yes before leaving.

Philip smiled slightly and narrowed his eyes.

This was the happiest time of his life. No matter what happened, even if the sky collapsed and the earth exploded, it could not stop him from being with Iris!

Just as he thought of this, Jason ran in. Boss, something happened!

On the deck.

Philip had just rushed over when he saw Iris standing at the edge. The wind blew her white dress and she looked like she was about to fall into the sea.

She looked at Philip and said word by word, I said, I want to go home.