She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 803 - Too Few Naps!

Chapter 803 - Too Few Naps!

Chapter 803 Too Few Naps!

Cherry blinked. Okay!

When Mrs. Hunt heard this, she was stunned. Wait, what did you say?

Could it be that

Sponsor Grandpa is Grandpa!

Cherrys words stunned Mrs. Hunt even more. Huh?

Cherry explained word by word, Grandpa is Sponsor Grandpa, thats why he gave me so many gifts! Great-grandma, cant I take anything Grandpa gives me in the future?

The little girl looked up with a very serious expression. Her face was identical to Petes, but it was filled with cunning and intelligence. She tilted her head. Is that so?

Mrs. Hunts heart skipped a beat.

She was not belittling Ian on purpose. It was just that Cherry was never as close to her as she was to Ian. Even when she called people on the Internet, she called them so affectionately. The way she called him Grandpa was really sweet.

She was her biological great-grandma. How could she not compare to a fake grandfather?

In her panic, she had said those things on purpose to say that Ian did not support her because she wanted Cherry to like her more. However, she did not expect to be slapped in the face!

She immediately said awkwardly, Of course not. Ian is your grandfather and your surname is Smith. You can take whatever he gives you.


Cherry looked at her happily. Great-grandma, Grandpa is No. 1 on my rankings. I think youre right. Although my surname is Smith, Im also a member of the Hunts. Therefore, can you reach No. 1 on my rankings too? It doesnt matter if you cant reach it, No. 2 is fine too!

Mrs. Hunt: !!

She immediately said, Of course! Ill rush to the first rank when I get back!

With that, Mrs. Hunt stood up and left in a sorry state.

After leaving the villa, f.a.n.n.y could not help but smile. Look at you. You always say that you want to hand over the company to Miss Smith, but you just cant stay idle every time and worry. Actually, Cherry and Nora are much better than we imagined.

Mrs. Hunt sighed. The main thing is that Nora was raised in that sorry state of a family. I heard that she never even went to school. When I think of this, I cant stop worrying. Especially with Cherry. Look, compared to Pete, Cherry is so much worse. She doesnt even learn well and plays games every day. Shes the same as that brat Chesty. When she grows up, shell be useless too. Pete grew up beside Justin, thats why hes different.

At the mention of Justin, Mrs. Hunt became a little melancholic. If Justin was here, he could still correct Cherry and Xanders habits. But now that hes gone, what can Nora do for the children? Can she put the children to sleep every day?

f.a.n.n.y sighed silently.

No matter how unwilling Mrs. Hunt was, she still said, Actually, Nora is very smart. Although she seems lazy, she still became a genius in medicine. If she was more diligent, she might not be that much worse than Justin.

f.a.n.n.y nodded. Miss Smith is indeed smart. Look at how she handled the companys matters this time. Shes very beautiful. Furthermore, after Miss Smith took over the company, everything in the company remained normal. No accidents happened.

Mrs. Hunt nodded again.

Then, she said, Alright, Im the one whos overthinking. I keep feeling that she cant do it but shes actually very capable. With the Smiths backing her, she wont need any advice from an old woman in the future! The only thing I can do is get her to wake up every day to exercise and sleep less. Look at her. She sleeps so much, her body will collapse! When a person lies in bed for a long time, their bones turn soft. Tomorrow, well call her for physical training!

f.a.n.n.y nodded. Okay. Mrs. Hunt, youre stubborn but soft-hearted. Youre clearly worried about Miss Smiths health but you find so many reasons to hide behind.

Mrs. Hunt did not speak and followed f.a.n.n.y forward. I cant interfere in her business matters. The only thing I can do is correct her daily life, sigh!

f.a.n.n.y echoed, You did the right thing. Miss Smith is really pitiful. She didnt have a mother since a young age and grew up in that kind of family. I heard that she was often locked at home when she was young. I guess she only slept because she had nothing to do. After all, sleeping is the best way to kill time. Ian is a father after all. He definitely cant say that his daughter is lazy, so no one criticized her after her return. Perhaps she doesnt know that this state is really too decadent.

Mrs. Hunt nodded again.

f.a.n.n.y continued, Fortunately, she met you. You now treat her like your biological granddaughter. I dont think you care as much about Miss Brenda as you do about Miss Smith!

The old lady was even more satisfied. She doesnt have a mother and the elders in the family cant interfere. Therefore, there are some things that only I can say

As the two of them chatted, they suddenly b.u.mped into a tall woman in a white coat walking over. She was clearly going to Justins villa.

Mrs. Hunt stopped in her tracks. Isnt this Lily? The one who works with Nora?

Lily stood still and nodded with a smile. h.e.l.lo, Mrs. Hunt!

Mrs. Hunt frowned. Why are you here?

Lily explained, Im here to check on Boss.

Mrs. Hunt instantly felt like she had found a bosom friend. Yes, go take a look quickly. She looks like she doesnt have enough energy. Let me tell you, its definitely because she sleeps for ten hours a day! This is really

She had slept too much, which caused her health to deteriorate. Before she could finish, Lily nodded. Yes, youre right! I dont know whats wrong with Boss lately. She sleeps for ten hours a day! This is really bad for her health!

Mrs. Hunt said, So she should train more. She sleeps too

Before she could say the word too much, Lily interrupted her indignantly. Yes, youre right. She sleeps too little!

Mrs. Hunt: ??