She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 802 - Grandpa's Identity

Chapter 802 - Grandpa's Identity

Chapter 802 Grandpas Ident.i.ty

Calling an outsider Grandpa?

Nora knew that Cherry had a loyal fan on her live-streams. He was her Sponsor Grandpa. However, she knew that Cherry had never been a child who did not know her limits.

She could not possibly ask for things from a fan unless it was someone she was familiar with.

Familiar person After some thought, Nora had a guess. She said, Lets go and take a look.

With that, she turned and went to Cherrys room.

Cherrys live-stream was a little noisy, so she rarely stayed by her side during the live-stream.

On the way to Cherrys room, Mrs. Hunt glanced at Nora, who was expressionless. She thought about it and explained, I dont mind that Cherry is embarra.s.sing us. I just feel that your father will be unhappy if he hears her calling an outsider Grandpa like this.

She was making up for her harsh words just now.

Someone like Mrs. Hunt cared a lot about the Hunts image in the outside world. How could she not care that Cherry wanted something from others?

However, when she thought about how this old madam had always been arrogant to her in the past, and now, she actually explained it to her, Nora decided to tolerate her.

There was always progress.

With this in mind, the two of them arrived at Cherrys room.

Nora knocked on the door. After opening the door, she looked at Cherry and pointed at her phone. Cherry understood and said, Mommy, wait for me just a minute. Its the last team battle! I can push the crystal if I win the team battle! Nora nodded and walked to the sofa beside her.

Mrs. Hunt:

She looked at Nora and felt that as a mother, she was really spoiling her child too much. She was here to chat with her but she had to wait for her to finish this round?

Although Mrs. Hunt was dissatisfied, when she thought of how Justin pampered Cherry even more, she could not say anything to criticize her. She could only sit on the sofa with Nora unhappily.

Cherry said that one could push the crystal if they won the team battle. However, in this group battle, the two sides were in a draw and there was only one person left. Therefore, they were still a little late, causing the game to be extended for a full 15 minutes.

Mrs. Hunt was gradually getting impatient from waiting. She turned around and glanced at Nora, but she saw that she was already leaning against the sofa again. Had she fallen asleep?

Mrs. Hunt: !!

However, Cherry was still talking. Grandpa, do you think I have to fight for another 15 minutes? Hmph, thats impossible! Ill definitely end the battle in five minutes!

What if it doesnt end? Play with you for three hours? Theres nothing wrong with that! But what if I win? What are you going to give me?

A sports car? No, I already have a sports car! Dad bought it for me! What do I want? I dont really need anything. Youre buying me a million-dollar gift? Its a little small. I want two million dollars!

Mrs. Hunt: !!

Her expression changed.

Play for three hours? Is this what a serious girl should be saying? Cherry was only so old but she was already being led astray.

She coughed and woke Nora up beside her.

Nora rubbed her eyes and looked at Cherry. She asked, What time is it?

Cherry was anxious. She had fun with the team battle and pushed the other partys crystal. I want it to end quickly. Mommy is getting anxious. Also, Grandpa, I won! Dont shower me with gifts yet, wait until next time! Bye-

After saying that, she ended her live-stream. Then, she looked at Nora and Mrs. Hunt and asked, Mommy, whats wrong?

Nora yawned. Your Sponsor Grandpa

Before she could finish, Mrs. Hunt interrupted her. Cherry, you have to stay away from that Sponsor Grandpa in the future!

Cherry was puzzled. She tilted her head and asked, Why?

Mrs. Hunt immediately said, Because hes not a good person, of course!

Cherry: ?

Mrs. Hunt said, Everyone you know on the Internet is bad. Look, he keeps sending you gifts. He must have ulterior motives!

Cherry shook her head. No, my Sponsor Grandpa is not. He

What? Mrs. Hunts face turned cold. Look at the request he made to you. What do you mean by accompanying him for three hours if you cant win? Youre the daughter of the Hunts, how can you play with him? Who does he think he is?

With that, she could not help but say, You havent even played with me for three hours!

She sounded a little jealous.

Cherry: ?

She blinked. But Grandpa, he

Grandpa? What Grandpa? I think hes a cheat! Cherry, I dont object to you live-streaming, but you have to be careful about your words and actions, okay? Besides, hes not your mothers father. Why are you calling him Grandpa so affectionately?

Cherry: Hes

In short, you have to cut ties with this Sponsor Grandpa. The children of Hunts cant ask for a gift from others! Im telling you, other than your own elders, you cant accept money from anyone else! Okay?


She blinked her big black grape-like eyes and looked at Nora pleadingly. Mommy

Her great-grandmother would not give her a chance to speak!

However, when she shouted this, Mrs. Hunt scolded her even more fiercely. Its useless even if you call your Mommy. Your Mommy cant just listen to you! Let me tell you this, its impossible! Delete all the contact details of your Sponsor Grandpa immediately! Return the money for the tips. You cant ask for anything from him anymore! Cherry:

However, Nora laughed out loud. That smile was very faint, but it made Mrs. Hunt angry immediately. Nora, what are you laughing at? Am I wrong?

The old lady was a little angry and began to speak without restraint. Grandpa Grandpa Grandpa! You called him so affectionately but your real Grandpa never gave you any tips! Im your great-grandmother. Even I tipped you!

Cherry was stunned. Huh?

What? Mrs. Hunt said. Look at your daily rankings. Im fourth on it! I gave you tens of thousands of dollars for fun but your biological grandfather didnt come to support you! Hmph. Cherry, havent you seen clearly? Even if your surname is Smith, youre still a child of our family. So be good. Lets change your surname, okay?


Mrs. Hunt had always had a grudge against Cherry for having the surname Smith. She finally had a chance to tempt Cherry.

Nora chuckled and looked at Cherry. Listen to your great-grandmother. Return all the money to Grandpa. Yes, and tell him not to give you anything in the future.