She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 801 - Biological Grandpa!

Chapter 801 - Biological Grandpa!

Chapter 801 Biological Grandpa!

Ian: ?

Cherry was already standing in front of him and took out her phone. Grandpa, Im livestreaming. You have to download the app first Eh? You already have this app. Dont tell me you watch other peoples livestream too?

Cherry immediately felt aggrieved. Then why dont you look at mine?!

Ian: !

Cherry was furious. You must have gone to watch someone elses livestream. You actually dont like me. Im angry!


Cherry sounded angry as she opened his app with a stern expression. I want to see who Grandpa looks at every day. Is she cuter than me?

Ian: As cute as you.

Cherrys fingers froze as she pursed her lips. Grandpa, youre really biased. You think those wild flowers outside are cuter than me! Boohoo, you must have been seduced by some little vixen!

Ian touched his forehead. Who did you learn to speak like this from?.

Cherry: Xander! He said that all the boys find the wild flowers outside more alluring! Thats why Pete keeps mentioning Mia. However, Ive already corrected Xander. Mia isnt a wild flower, shes a family flower. Shes our family!

Cherry was very loyal.

Mia had long been included in the family.


Cherry opened the live-stream app. When she logged in, she was still asking, Grandpa, then whos cuter, Mommy or the streamer you like?


How could he compare his niece and daughter?

He was stumped by Cherrys question. He was about to say something when he heard Cherry say angrily, Dont say theyre equally cute!


He touched his forehead. Look at the streamer Im following first.

No, no, no! Cherry whined deliberately. Answer my question first. Ill look at it later!

Ian secretly looked outside for Nora and then whispered, I think this girl is cuter than your Mommy!

Cherry: !!

Her eyes were wide open like dark grapes as she shouted, Grandpa, youre so bad! How can there be anyone more adorable than Mommy?

She shouted angrily, I want to see who it is!

With that, she logged in to the app. She glanced at the ID and saw the words Sponsor Grandpa.

Cherry: ?

Her first reaction was: Grandpa, your name is the same as my number one supporter!

Then, she saw that Ian had hundreds of thousands of fans too. They were all famous for tipping Cherry. After all, people who could tip millions at once were very famous on the live-stream app.

However, Ian only followed one person.

Cherry opened it and was stunned when she saw her photo.

She suddenly looked up. Sponsor Grandpa?

Ian nodded helplessly.

Cherry: !!

She blinked and suddenly understood. Her face immediately blossomed with joy. So youre my Sponsor Grandpa! Grandpa, youre too good to me!

Ian was about to be smug when he heard her say with a stern face, But! How can you say that Im cuter than Mommy? Of course Mommy is the cutest and most beautiful! No one can compare to Mommy, not even me!

Ian: ??!

The childs praise for her mother had really reached the peak!

Ever since she learned that Ian was her Sponsor Grandpa, Cherry called him even more affectionately in the live-stream.

Grandpa, another plane! I want to see a plane!

A plane floated past the live-stream.

Cherry continued to play her game. Grandpa, if I kill all four of them, spam a row of 666s for me!

After the fourth kill, hundreds of comments with 666 rewards flew past Cherrys game screen.

Everyone in the live-stream realized.

In the past, sweetcherry did not really want gifts. Even when her Sponsor Grandpa gave her too many gifts, she would stop him. But now, sweetcherry had changed!

Someone below said:

For some reason, I dont like this att.i.tude of wanting gifts. I can give it to you, but if you ask me for it, Id like you less and less. I wonder if Sponsor Grandpa feels the same?

Same here. I keep feeling that sweetcherry doesnt treat us as outsiders today. Besides, isnt that Sponsor Grandpas temper too


Is sweetcherry short of money? She actually took the initiative to ask for tips today?

What a wonder! Isnt asking for a gift too straightforward? Other streamers are very vague. Sweetcherry is too blatant!

There was a flurry of discussions below. Cherry occasionally saw it and pursed her lips. She replied, Hes my grandfather. Whats wrong with me wanting gifts from him?

Everyone began to mock her.

Is he your biological grandfather? Hes only called a grandfather if its biological. Do you really think that calling him Grandpa a few times will make you the granddaughter of a wealthy family? Will he acknowledge you? Thats right. The child is so young. She probably cant tell the difference! Her parents dont care either.

Of course, not everyone spoke against sweetcherry. Among the many comments, there were not many discordant ones, so Cherry did not notice.

However, this matter reached the old madams ears.

After Mrs. Hunt learned that Cherry was live-streaming and that Justin did not mind, she did not care either. It was fine as long as her child was pampered. At this moment, no one knew that Mrs. Hunt was also in Cherrys live-stream.

Cherry had seen too many of those bad comments and did not care about them. However, Mrs. Hunt did not understand them. Especially when Cherry called him Grandpa so affectionately, it made Mrs. Hunt angry. She simply walked over to the villa.

At this moment, Nora was considering what kind of excuse to make to go to Switzerland and look for the V16. She planned to set off within two days. She had taken care of the mess Justin had left in the country. Even without her, the company could still operate fine.

She could not delay finding the gene serum for Xander.

At this moment, Mrs. Hunt entered. When she saw that Nora was lying on the bed, she immediately felt angry and said, Nora! Why are you lying on the bed again?

Nora: ?

She raised her eyebrows and got up. Whats wrong?

Seeing that she still had not stopped being lazy, Mrs. Hunt was so angry that she did not know what to say. However, she still said, Hurry up and control Cherry! Its bad enough that she keeps calling an outsider Grandpa in the live-stream, but she also keeps asking for gifts! Our family doesnt lack money! Why is she making a fool of herself in front of outsiders? Ill give her whatever she needs!

Nora: ??