She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 800 - I Have An Account Too

Chapter 800 - I Have An Account Too

Chapter 800 I Have An Account Too

She didnt need it?

Joel sighed. I know that your focus is all on medical research and that you have never thought about doing business, so this account may just be something thats nice to have but not a necessity for you, but in the future

Nora pressed her lips together.

To be honest, they were not allowed to reveal anything about the account to outsiders.

It was an Imperial League rule that no one, except for the successor, was allowed to be privy to its existence.

Therefore, those few subordinates of Joels were only aware that an incredible commercial account existed, but they didnt know what kind of account it really was, or what organization it was part of.

Additionally, their familys situation was also a special one-Joel and Nora were both Ians successors. That was why they were laying out everything and talking about it.

Even Tanya was not qualified to be a part of this meeting

Thus, Nora hadnt immediately explained everything clearly in the beginning.

But judging from what Joel and Ian were saying, if she didnt make things clear, then she would have to accept the account?

Nora held her forehead.

She didnt want it.

By then, she had also figured out why Mindy wanted to take action against her. As it turned out, it was precisely for the account!

She interrupted Joel and said, I also have an account there.


The room suddenly fell silent.

Ian and Joel looked at her, both stunned and puzzled.

A brief moment later, Joel finally coughed and said, Nora, you dont have to make things up and say that you have an account just to reject


Ian was also taken aback, but he seemed to understand something and asked, Is Justin also in the group? Did he leave his account to you? That shouldnt be, though. If he was in there, why didnt he say anything when King was selling his shares the other time??

Seeing that the two of them were so flabbergasted, Nora had no choice but to tell the truth. Cough, what I mean is I have one of my own.

This time, the two men became even quieter.

A short while later, Ian took out his cell phone, opened up the group chat, and asked, Who are you?




The two men were stunned.

They looked at Nora in unison. After a while, Ian asked, How did you join the group?

King added me.

Nora didnt understand either. So I became part of the group just like that.

Ian couldnt believe it at all. Thats it? So simple?



He felt like his worldview had been severely impacted!

Back then, in order to join the group, he had fought and struggled abroad for so many years. On top of that, it was only after he developed the Smith Corporation so well in the country that he finally qualified for an evaluation.

Additionally, one needed at least two referrals to join the group One shouldnt be fooled by the seemingly small number. There werent even that many people in the world who knew of the Imperial Leagues existence, let alone know who was in


It was only by a stroke of serendipity, as well as his own capabilities, that Ian managed to get two people to recognize his worth. After the referrals, he had gone through another three years of probation before he finally joined the group!

Yet Nora had been directly invited into the group by King?

The corners of his lips spasmed and he could only sigh silently. You outdo even me, Nora.

Joel also nodded. Thats amazing, Nora.

Nora smiled and said, Therefore, I dont need the account. Lets just return it to Joel!

Ian had actually given Joel the account long ago. It was just that when Ian regained motivation to live on for Noras sake after her return to the family, Joel had returned the account to him.

Ian handed over the account to him once more. Since your sister already has one, then I will give this back to you! The pa.s.sword is still the same.

The pa.s.sword was still the same.

Whenever Joel needed to, he could log in to check the news in the group at any time.

When Joel heard this, a touch of tenderness flashed across his bottomless eyes again.

Ian genuinely loved his adopted son.

He didnt stand on ceremony anymore, he nodded and said, Got it.

After the matter about the account was settled, Ian looked at Nora. After thinking for a while, he finally asked, Nora, what are your plans for the future?

Nora raised her eyebrows. What?

Ian hesitated for a moment before he finally said, The Hunts were in a stormy situation some time ago, so I didnt bring it up then. But you and Justin are only engaged, not married. To put it bluntly, he is just your lover

Hes my fianc. For some reason, Nora didnt want Ian to call him her lover, so she corrected him.

Ian paused for a moment and then spoke again. Hes ultimately just your fianc. You have to look forward in life If you want to find another

No, its fine. Nora interrupted him and said, I dont have time for that.

She then said, If theres nothing else, then Ill get going.

Okay, you can go first if you have something up.

By the time Ian finished, Nora had already left.

After she left, Joel mused for a moment before he finally said, Dad, I think Nora really has feelings for Justin.

Ian sighed. Yeah.

After a short silence, he said, Everyone in our family is very devoted when it comes to love. You and Tanya have reunited as lovers, so I wont say anything about that, but Nora I wish she would be more fickle and avoid going down the same path I did.

Yvette was the only one in Ians eyes all his life, but he had only really spent two short years with her.

For the twenty-six years, eight months, and three days that came after, he had been all alone.

Hed also thought about looking for another woman, but none of them could compare to her. Even if they were better than her in a certain aspect, in his eyes and in his heart, they still werent as good as her.

Hed also thought about making concessions, but in the end, he simply couldnt.

He had already tasted the pain, loneliness, and reclusiveness of being devoted to love. Thus, when he initially found out that Nora might have another lover, despite his surprise, Ian had been relieved.

Hed rather his daughter be a little more fickle in love than have her be like him and suffer the pain of love because of someone.

At first, he had been disapproving of Noras relations.h.i.+p with Justin because the elderly Mrs. Hunt didnt like his daughter, so he didnt want her to suffer any grievances. Later, it was because he was afraid that his daughter would sink too deeply into the relations.h.i.+p.

The deeper one loved, the more painful it would be when they got hurt.

However, Justin was simply too outstanding. He visited the Smiths, again and again, proving to Ian his love for Nora. Toward the end-in fact, when they got engagedIan had already accepted him deep down.

Who knew that he would suddenly die at such a young age, though?

Hed deliberately used the word lover to mislead himself and Nora so that the latter wouldnt be overly concerned. So what even if the children were also part of the Hunts?

Nora and Justin were not married!

She still had the freedom to look for another


But judging from Noras stance, it looked like she didnt plan on looking anymore

While Ian was feeling troubled over his daughters future, the door suddenly opened and Cherry came in. She said, Grandpa, Ive started my live-stream! Come on in!