She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 799 - I Don't Need The Account

Chapter 799 - I Don't Need The Account

Chapter 799 I Dont Need The Account

Cherrys mouth was stuffed, so her cheeks were bulging. Her big eyes were full of antic.i.p.ation as she said, My live-streams are really fun!


Cherry went on. Plus, I have a Sponsor Grandpa in my live-stream whos my number one fan. Will you come and tip me?

Ian swallowed a piece of meat and coughed. As Nora and Joel looked over with knowing looks, he coughed again and said, Sure, Ill come to cheer you on tonight!

Yay! I knew Grandpa loves me the most! Its just a pity that Daddy is not at home, otherwise, he would also have come. Sigh!

Speaking of Justin, Cherry couldnt help but look at Nora. When is Daddy coming back?

The table instantly fell silent.

None of the Smiths dared to say anything, seemingly afraid that they would make Nora sad.

On the contrary, it was Nora who suddenly raised her head and looked at everyone in confusion, not quite sure what was wrong. Then, she lowered her head again and resumed eating

Everyone was speechless.

After everyone finished eating, Tanya looked at Nora hesitantly and said, Nora, um My condolences.

Nora: ?

She was a little confused. Huh?

Tanya spoke again. Um, about Justin

Only then did Nora suddenly realize something. Oh, I forgot that Justin is dead.

No wonder they had all looked at her when Cherry mentioned her father just now. She forgot that Justin had faked his death.

A slightly chagrined Nora smacked her forehead.

In novels, they never let the heroine know about fake death plots. Why was Justin so unreliable even for something as simple as this? She had to constantly keep in mind that he was dead.

Nora sighed silently. Im so sad.

After saying that, she speared a piece of steak and put it into her mouth. Then, she speared another piece and put it on Cherrys plate. Here, have more!

Everyone was speechless.

Wasnt she sad?

Why was she eating so heartily?!

They then looked at the three children and Nora again, only to see the four of them exchanging looks with one another and then digging into their food happily.

Nora had already instructed the three little fellows that they mustnt say in front of outsiders that their father was still alive.


After the meal, Nora went upstairs with the four children. Tanya, who had stayed behind to direct the servants in cleaning up, couldnt help but look at Joel. She said, I heard that some people stop feeling sad when they become too sad. Nora probably hasnt recovered yet! She may not know what death really means, sigh! Some people suffer a whole year before they truly recover.

Joel also frowned. He asked, Should we get Nora a therapist?

Will that be too much fanfare?

Tanya was a little hesitant. Besides, Nora is a doctor herself, and an all-around one at that.

Joel became a little troubled.

Ian, who was listening from the side, said, No, its not necessary. I think this is pretty good. If she cant live just because her lover died, then shes not worthy of being my, Ian Smiths, daughter!

Tanya and Joel: ?

Both of them had question marks all around their heads. Then, they looked at him in unison.

Who was the one who wanted to die all the time back then?! Just because Yvette was dead?!

Ian didnt get the look in the couples eyes at all. He merely said, Alright, Joel, come on, lets take care of our business.

Joel nodded. When the three of them went upstairs, Tanya was still thinking to herself that Nora must be thoroughly heartbroken.

Nora had always been like that. When they were living abroad, among the group of parents searching for their missing children, she had seemed to be the one in the best mental condition.

In truth, though, she was awfully broken deep down. Once she set her mind on something, she stuck with it for a lifetime.

It seemed that Tanya would have to find an opportunity to have a chat with her.

With that in mind, Tanya entered Noras bedroom. The four children were playing, so the place was very lively. Tanya said, Nora, Dad and Joel want you to meet them in the study. They said they have something to talk to you about.

Nora nodded, left the four children to Tanya, and headed to the study.

As soon as she entered, she saw Joel and Ian sitting upright on the sofa with serious expressions on their faces. They looked at her. After she entered, Joel got up to confirm that no one was outside. It was only after he got someone to stand guard at the door that he finally closed it.

It went to show just how important this matter was that the two of them were about to bring up.

Even Nora couldnt help but straighten her back. She felt as if what Ian and Joel were going to talk about might be a matter of life and death for the Smiths!

Otherwise, why would they be so secretive about it?

While she was thinking about it, Ian said, Nora, its like this. In order to guarantee that Joel has absolute control in the company, Ive given 51% of my shares to him, so theres only less than 20% left for you and the children. Joel feels that you are getting too little.

The bland topic made Nora yawn, and she felt a little sleepy. Its already a lot. Its not like I do any work there.

Her words made Ian choke and he looked at Joel.

Joel said with a smile, In addition to the shares, the Smiths have another important inheritance. Since Dad has shown partiality toward me in the shares, then lets give the account to you instead!

Nora was taken aback. What account are you talking about?

Joel lowered his voice and said mysteriously, You heard us talking about the Imperial League the other time, right?

Nora: ??!

Joel went on. Dad also mentioned it the other time, he had spent a lot of effort back then to join the Imperial League group. In the group, people share business information with one another and you can get information there earlier than anywhere else in the market. You should understand the significance of the account, right?

Yeah, I do.

Joel nodded and looked at Ian. So, Dads account will be handed over to you. Now, Im going to tell you the Imperial Leagues rules and regulations.

Ian nodded and took out his cell phone with a very grave look on his face.

His behavior made Nora feel like they might be performing some kind of sacrificial ceremony.

Noras lip corners spasmed. Its fine.

Ian sighed. I know, you dont want to take advantage of Joel, either. This account is indeed more valuable than any amount of shares. Just share the really important information with him in the future and itll do.

Joel also nodded. Nora, you dont need to feel awkward about this.

Nora replied, Im not feeling awkward. I just dont need the account.