She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 794 - Mysterious Account

Chapter 794 - Mysterious Account

Chapter 794 Mysterious Account

At the Smith Corporation.

After sending Tanya back home, Joel went to the Smith Corporation.

As soon as he entered the top floor, his special a.s.sistant came to him. President Smith, this is your itinerary for today.

Joel nodded. After taking the itinerary, he casually glanced at it and suddenly stopped in his tracks. He turned back to look at his executive a.s.sistant, Mindy. She was a capable woman. Her hair was neatly tied behind her head and she was wearing a black suit. Her eyes were very serious.

Joel lowered his head and said, Were having a meeting.

When Mindy heard this, she was stunned.

The meeting Joel was talking about was not a normal meeting but a private one with a few of them. However, he had an important appointment at ten oclock. She was about to object but when she met Joels eyes, which were always smiling but were now firm, she could only lower her head. Yes!

Two minutes later, Mindy and eight senior executives in their thirties appeared in the Presidents office.

Joel stood in front of the French window with his back facing them.

Smith Corporation was a 60-story tall building. Standing there, it seemed like the entire New York could be seen. This was the proudest thing about Smith Corporation and Hunt Corporation.

They were high above and everyone else seemed to be crawling at their feet.

The crowded human life downstairs was as small as an ant in their eyes.

He looked at it for a while and turned around to look at the few people standing respectfully in front of him. These were all the people who had fought with him in the company after Ian handed the company to him.

Joel still remembered that when he took over the company back then, the elders in the company with Ian were very indignant and had secretly made many obstacles for him because he was too young.

It was all because of this group of people who had accompanied him through those dark days that he conquered those old fogeys.

It could be said that it was even more difficult for Joel than Justin to become the true successor because he was not Ians biological son. He was not the rightful heir!

There were many people under Ian who knew his true ident.i.ty They were even more dissatisfied with him.

Therefore, Joel trusted his subordinates very much. Over the years, Smith Corporation had been getting better and better under their leaders.h.i.+p.

He sat down on the sofa beside him. The smile on his face disappeared and he became serious.

Those people looked at each other, not knowing what was going on.

Mindy said, President Smith, did you call us over to say something?

Joel nodded. Yes. Last night, Uncle signed a share transfer agreement with me. Now, 51% of the companys shares are mine.

These words were meant to rea.s.sure everyone.

However, the nine of them did not speak. They continued to stare at Joel as if waiting for him to say something. Joel was silent for a moment before saying, I rejected that account.

This sentence made the nine of them frown.

President Smith, that account is the most important. How can you not want it?

Yes, President Smith. You should know that that secret account is the foundation of the Smiths continued rise!

President Smith, although we dont know what that account is, we all know that many projects in the past were only completed because we got information from that account. Without that account, how would we obtain that precious information in the future?

President Smith, that account is the foundation of the Smith Corporation. 51% of the shares are not as important as that account. You



The people below expressed their opinions one after another. They all felt that Joel should keep that account. Without the account, even if he got 51% of the companys shares, he would still be controlled by others in the future.

Mindy said indignantly, I knew it. Why would Old President Smith give you 51% of the shares so easily? After all this, he left his account to his own daughter. From now on, President Smith, youll always be under her control! No matter how well the Smith Corporation does in the future, itll still be hers! Youve done so much for the company, but in the end, youre only helping her! Old President Smith is really scheming!

Mindys words made it difficult for the others to calm down.

Everyone said, Yes, President Smith, youre making us disappointed. President Smith, we cant just let this matter go. Tell me, what should we do next? Can we get the account back?

President Smith, say it. As long as you give the order, we wont hesitate to do anything even if it means touching the edge of the law!

Looking at these people, Joel sighed silently. Dont you understand what I just said?

The few of them paused.

Joel said word by word, What Im saying is that I rejected that account. Dad gave me his account but I insisted on leaving it to Nora. Theres no need to discuss this anymore.

Mindy instantly bit her lip. President Smith, youre too naive. Old Master probably gave her his account long ago! When Miss Smith said the gold price would rise, it really did. Where did she get the information from?