She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 795 - A Child Missing Love

Chapter 795 - A Child Missing Love

Chapter 795 A Child Missing Love

President Smith, you treat Old President Smith as your father, but hes just playing with you! He has already handed that account to Miss Smith. Saying that he gave it to you was just a test!

Thats right. Nora has that account. Its like adding wings to a tiger for Hunt Corporation. In the future, the gap between us and Hunt Corporation will grow wider and wider!

Yes, Miss Smith predicted the gold price so accurately and even said the number of days clearly. She must have known about it long ago!

President Smith, you


Joel suddenly roared angrily and interrupted their conversation.

Joel was very famous outside. The few people inside were also afraid of him. If not for his ability, why would these people follow him willingly?

With that, Joel lowered his head and said, This matter is settled! Even without a source of information, can the Smith Corporation no longer grow? I think you guys took the shortcut too generously and have already lost your ambition to fight! Society is developing so quickly and opportunities are everywhere. Why? Others can do well without a source of information but you bunch of elites cant even compare to them?

With that, the group of people did not dare to speak again.

Everyone lowered their heads.

Joels gaze swept past them one by one before he finally said, This matter ends here. I hope you dont play any tricks behind my back. Dad taking me in and raising me is already the greatest kindness to me. The entire Smith Corporation should belong to Nora. However, Nora couldnt be bothered to manage it, so Dad handed it to me. I hope you dont forget your conscience! Dont forget who helped you guys till this day! Without Dad, how could you have gotten where you are today?

These words made everyone even more afraid to speak.

Actually, including Mindy, everyone was from a poor family. Some were orphans. It was Ian who had started a fund and paid for their studies. Some who were talented had been allowed to study abroad.

They were not bound to enter Smith Corporation after they returned. However, if they wanted to enter, they had to go through an interview with Joel.

These were people Ian had nurtured for Joel.

He had indeed never tainted it before and had handed it all to Joel. Only this group of people knew that it was Ian who had paid for everything when they were young. When they grew up, it was Joel who they interacted with. They had handed all their loyalty to Joel.

This was the greatest wealth Ian had left for Joel.

Therefore, although Mindys words were very reasonable, Joel still did not dare to have any resentment toward Ian. He could not have any! This was the father who had raised him!

There was no such thing as contentment in the human heart in this world. Joel had once seen a story-A tyc.o.o.n gave a beggar $100 a day. Day after day, year after year, the beggar got used to it. Until one day, the tyc.o.o.n did not bring extra money and only gave the beggar $1.

The beggar was furious. He threw the $1 to the tyc.o.o.n and shouted, What do you mean by this? Are you humiliating me? Joel was that beggar. Since he was young, everything was given to him by Ian.

Now, if Ian wanted to take it back, he should not have any resentment. Otherwise, wouldnt he be an ingrate?

He could not become the enemy of someone he was indebted to.

The few of them did not dare to speak anymore.

Joel waved his hand. Alright, go out. I wont pursue this matter here, but if I find out that anyone has targeted Nora, dont blame me for not considering our relations.h.i.+p!

These words made Mindy s.h.i.+ver. She bit her lips and finally lowered her head before leaving the office with the others.

After the few of them left, Joel sat on the sofa.

This made sense, but he had treated Ian as his father since he was young. Now that his fathers true daughter was back, the entire family was doting on her. Ians entire heart was on Nora Actually, to a child like Joel who lacked love, it was impossible for him to not feel uncomfortable at all.

Fortunately, Tanya had been by his side lately and had suppressed the dark side of his heart.

Joel took off his and rubbed his temples.

Now that he had a father, a daughter, and a wifehe had lived enough, right?

He did not want that account. Even if Ian really gave it to Nora, it was only right. After all, Nora was his flesh and blood He should let her have her way.

Furthermore, there was only one girl in the family. It was only right for all the brothers to give in to their younger sister!

Joel brainwashed himself like this and finally started a day of work.

At four in the afternoon, Joels phone suddenly rang

He lowered his head and realized that it was Ian.

He was overjoyed.

After starting work at the company, Ian rarely called him. His fathers love was always reserved. He yearned for his father to call and scold him for doing something wrong. This was the normal way a father and son interacted. However, Ian was his uncle in the past and had not done this before. Although, he had not done this after he became his father, either.

He picked up the call and said in a relaxed tone, Dad, whats wrong?

Nora is coming home for dinner tonight. She said she has something to say. Come back early.

Ians words made Joels heart sink. He lowered his eyes and smiled. Okay.