She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 793 - Justin's Whereabouts

Chapter 793 - Justin's Whereabouts

Chapter 793 Justins Whereabouts

Rogers eyes suddenly shrunk. You you hacked into the banking system! Youre breaking the law. Im going to sue you!

Nora sneered. Sue me? You still have to wait for me to deal with you first, right?!

With that, she stood up and said impatiently, Roger is fired from the board of directors for compromising the company for his personal gain. Furthermore, the price you paid for the gold was 400, but when you sold it to the company, it had already dropped to 280. However, you still sold the gold to the company at 400. Now, you have to make up for this difference. Otherwise, Ill see you in court!

If the difference was made up, then it would be over 100 million!

Although Roger could gather that bit of money, he still felt his heart ache.

However, if Nora sued him, then that could jeopardize his retirement plans. He should take out the money to resolve this trouble first!

He looked at Nora angrily. Okay! Ill agree to everything! But dont forget that I can still sue you!

Nora raised her eyebrows. What are you going to sue me for? Roger sneered. For hacking into the banking system.


Nora picked up the bank records. Her milky hand held the few pieces of paper and threw them into the shredder beside her. Then, she said, When did I do that? Instead, just now, you admitted in front of everyone that you stole the company a.s.sets, so we can ask the bank to investigate your account now

Roger: !!

He stared at Nora in disbelief. You! Shes lying. Did you all hear that?

Roger looked at the other directors and saw that everyone had turned their heads away looking like they had not heard anything.

Seeing their expressions, Roger instantly understood that these people were Justins trusted subordinates!

He could only accept this loss!

Roger clenched his fists.

He was really speechless!

Last time, when Justin was around, he only fired Rogers father, who was also the second son of the Hunt family, from the board of directors. After all, Raymond had admitted his mistakes and left behind a seemingly idle Roger.

Now, Roger was also chased out.

In the entire company, even the flies that Justin had hated were gone in the end.

This matter quickly spread in the circle.

Downstairs at Hunt Corporation.

Joel had just arrived when he received a call from his secretary. After informing him of this news, he immediately smiled bitterly and looked at Tanya. Alright, we came for nothing. Lets go back!

Tanya was stunned and asked what was going on. When she heard Joels words, she said, Nora has her own connections. The person shes talking about is probably her aunt. Her aunt is also a top figure in Switzerland! Even the aristocrats in Switzerland have to respect her aunt! How can Nora have any bad friends?!

Joel nodded. Yes, Im overthinking. Besides, Nora will be better in the future because shes about to get the worlds best source of information.

Tanya: ?

She looked at Joel in confusion. What do you mean?

Joel smiled. Its nothing.

He turned the car around and was about to leave Hunt Corporation when he suddenly saw Logan leave in a sports car. Joel instantly chuckled. It looks like were not the only ones who care about Nora!

In the Andersons car.

On the way, Simon urged the driver to drive faster.

At the side, Melissa was angry with a cold expression.

Simon said, Alright, wife, dont be angry. I know youre not a petty person. Lets treat this money as a loan to Nora, okay?

Melissa instantly became even angrier.

When she had said those words at home, Simon thought that she was reluctant to pay and had even expressed his understanding. However, the more he said, the angrier she became.

Was she the kind of person who only cared about her family and not Nora?

She said angrily, Am I that kind of person to


Simon understood. No, Honey. If giving away the money was not the issue then why did you say we didnt need to come over?

Melissa was really furious. She looked at the sullen man in front of her and finally sighed. You, youre really I mean, Nora probably doesnt need our help!

Simon lowered his head. I know. The Smiths are stronger than us, but were family, after all. We have to help

Melissa: !!

Melissa took out her phone in anger. When she realized that it was nine oclock, she opened the trading app. When she saw the gold price, she threw the phone at him. See for yourself!


For the next half month, Simon slept on the sofa.

People concerned about Nora came and went outside. However, Nora, who was upstairs, did not know that these people had been there.

This did not stop her from working.

Petes work was done very well and many projects were approved. Nora was only responsible for throwing those things to Celine before coming to Justins office to sit.

Half an hour later, there was a knock on the door.

Nora looked up and saw Celine walking in.

She lowered her head and twisted her fingers. As if she had done something wrong, she continued, President Smith, Im sorry. I just contacted Lawrence. He said that he left on his own and it has nothing to do with you.


When Nora heard that she had contacted Lawrence, she asked in surprise, Where is he?

Celine said, He said hes taking a breather in Switzerland. He asked me not to tell anyone.

Nora: !!

It seemed like Justin had really gone to Switzerland.

But why couldnt he tell her?

She frowned, unhappy.

As she was in deep thought, Celine suddenly said, President Smith, I have something to report to you. The person closest to you had told me!

Noras eyes narrowed. She looked at Celine. Who is it?

Celine bit her lip and finally said a name. Joel!

Nora: ?


How could this be?!