She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 792 - Continue to Slap His Face

Chapter 792 - Continue to Slap His Face

Chapter 792 Continue to Slap His Face

Mrs. Hunt sighed and did not notice the change in Mr. Livingstones expression. She continued, If you doubt someone, dont use them. If you use them, dont doubt them. Besides, doing business comes with losses and wins, so its normal for Nora to occasionally suffer losses in projects. After all, its her first time managing a company. Dont think you can look down on her Her old friends might be unreliable but with me around her future friends will definitely be reliable

However, Mr. Livingstone was still staring at the phone. When he saw the price on it, he was stunned.

His eyes widened as he stared at the phone in disbelief, thinking that he must have seen it wrongly.

It was fine if it did not drop. After all, it could not keep falling, but it actually increased?

Moreover, the price was fluctuating. Did it increase again after a while?

Mr. Livingstone swallowed and looked up.

Mrs. Hunt continued to speak. So, when you see Nora later, dont mention this matter anymore. Just treat it as the past Lets go!

When Mrs. Hunt was talking to Mr. Livingstone, she had already entered the presidents elevator.


The elevator reached the top floor.

As soon as Mrs. Hunt finished speaking, the door opened. Celine stood outside. When she saw Mrs. Hunt, she revealed a respectful expression. Mrs. Hunt

Mrs. Hunt nodded and asked, Wheres Nora?

Celine said, Shes at the board of directors meeting.

Board of Directors meeting? Are those people really going to make things difficult for her? When Mrs. Hunt heard this, she was anxious. She immediately turned around and walked to the meeting room. Lets go and take a look. Nora is so stupid and has never experienced such things. She will definitely be frightened by others. Dont embarra.s.s our family again!!

Her words were unpleasant, but her footsteps were fast. It was as if she was afraid that if she was a step slower, Nora would feel aggrieved.

Celine followed closely behind her. Mrs. Hunt, what are you talking about? Everyone in the company is very happy now. They cant wait to praise President Smith. President Smith has seen all kinds of things. Its okay to have minor skirmishes!

Mrs. Hunt was stunned. A minor skirmish? The price of gold fell so badly today, wont those directors skin her alive?

Celine was also stunned. Have you not seen the gold price today?

The old madam was puzzled. No, I didnt see it.

She really did not want to see it. Just looking at it made her heart ache a little.

Although money was just a number to her, she could not help but feel uncomfortable when she saw her fortune evaporate.

However, the next moment, Celine smiled. Mrs. Hunt, the gold has increased today! Furthermore, the price has increased by 100%! In the last half an hour, it has increased by 10 dollars again. Furthermore We finally received some insider news today that the gold price will keep rising in the future!

Mrs. Hunt: ??

She was stunned and stopped in her tracks. She looked at Celine in confusion. You mean the price increased?

Yes! It increased!

Celine was smiling from ear to ear. Just now, she was so hostile to Nora, but now, she was so protective of her. Furthermore, because of her past suspicion and betrayal, Celine felt even more guilty toward Nora!

She said, Everyone mocked President Smith and misunderstood her but President Smith did not fuss about it with us. Instead, she made us wait for two days. Today, she finally slapped us in the face with the truth! Everyone in the company knows President Smiths capability now! She has connections in the business industry! Now, everyone is supporting President Smith!

Mrs. Hunt: ??

She felt that the President Smith in Celines mouth was not the same person as the lazy granddaughter-in-law at home. She could not help but ask, Is the President Smith youre talking about Joel or Nora?

Celine: Its Nora, President Smith!

Mrs. Hunt felt a little confused. Did Nora really make the right bet?

She could not help but turn her head and look at Mr. Livingstone again. She saw that he looked anxious and was talking on the phone in a corner. His voice was very low. Whats wrong with you? I gave you so much money and now youre doing this to me? You guessed Do you know youll be hit by a car when you go out tomorrow?! You liar! Return the money to me or Ill sue you

The furious Mr. Livingstone hung up the phone. When he looked up and saw Mrs. Hunt, his face instantly turned red. He said, Mrs. Hunt, I I made a mistake this time. But youre right. Everyone makes mistakes. Its normal to have losses and wins. Dont worry, Ill definitely handle the future projects carefully! Ill also help you a.s.sist Miss Smith well!

When Mrs. Hunt heard this, she lowered her head and sighed. Mr. Livingstone, our familys business has losses and wins. I cant be angry at my own family, right? After all, were family, but its different for outsiders

With that, she looked at Celine. Take all the unimportant people outside. Dont disturb President Smiths meeting.

Celine smiled and regained her usual calm and gentleness. She nodded. Yes!

In the meeting room.

The shareholders had already seen the doc.u.ments that Nora had thrown on the table.

Noras fingers gently knocked on the table as she slowly said, Everyone has seen it. These are the transaction records for our recent gold investment. You can see that Roger first bought 100 million for the company, and then he bought 400 million in his own name. After that, the gold depreciated but he found a way to sell the futures in his hands to the company for 400 million. Its equivalent to the company buying 500 million worth of futures. I wonder what everyone thinks about this?

Roger stood up immediately and looked at Nora in disbelief. The smile on his face finally disappeared. He narrowed his eyes and smiled. Nora, are you joking? Besides, how could you have access to the records of my bank account? You cant use something so groundless to slander me!


Nora rested her chin on her fingers and yawned. She had really woken up too early in the morning. Then, she smiled and said, You might have forgotten how I can get your bank records. Other than being a doctor, Im also a hacker.