She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 791 - Slap in the Face!!!

Chapter 791 - Slap in the Face!!!

Chapter 791 Slap in the Face!!!

Get out of Hunt Corporation!

Thats right. We dont need a CEO like you!

A few people with insufficient intelligence did not look at the gold price on their phones. After all, this group of people did not care about this. Usually, they did not even have an app for trading. However, they were very loyal to the company, so they followed their original plan and shouted their slogan.

At the scene, there were already reporters pointing their microphones at them. The reporters were also let in by Celine. After all, if reporters sensationalized this matter, it would be easier for them to chase Nora out of Hunt Corporation.

At this moment, the reporters also wanted to rush over and surround Nora to interview her first-hand information.

However, at this moment, Celine suddenly raised her head and looked at Nora in disbelief.

Someone beside her shook her shoulder and asked, Celine, whats wrong? Say something? Everyone is waiting for you to speak!

Celine swallowed.

She said word by word, Gold has risen in price.


Everyone fell silent.

Only Roger stared at the data on his phone and wondered if he had seen it incorrectly. He rubbed his eyes and looked again. The price column still said that the price had increased.

He was not seeing things!

Roger suddenly looked up and argued, So what if the price increased? Even if the price has gone up, arent we still at a loss?! Were only losing a little, but were barely on par with the Smiths!

Gold could not have grown so high in a day. The price of gold today had increased to more than 300 dollars. It was still a loss from buying now.

However, Rogers words were clearly unbelievable.

Nora sneered. Do you remember your words? There are still a few days until the report for this year. This is enough!

The report would not be finalized until the 30th of December. The price increase was definitely enough!

Roger choked from her reb.u.t.tal. He still wanted to say something, but Nora walked past him and directly walked in front of Celine. She asked, You said earlier that you wanted me to leave?

Celine bit her lip and looked at her in disbelief. I, I No, I dont know

Nora turned around and looked at the others.

Someone else raised a question. Were still in a loss-making state. Perhaps the short rise today is just a momentary recovery!

Alright, thats enough.

Someone beside him pushed him and said, Miss Smith said that the results will be revealed in three days. The price of gold increased today. What does this mean? It means that Miss Smith really has insider news! Thats why she was so adamant that the gold futures would not be sold. She resisted everyones objections and left the gold futures untouched because she was certain that the gold prices would rise!

After saying this, those who did not understand came to a realization.

How much hostility did everyone have towards Nora earlier? Now, they felt so guilty and regretful. They regretted misunderstanding her!

The misunderstanding was cleared!

Nora raised her eyebrows and did not say anything. She wanted to enter the room.

Just as she was about to enter, a reporter rushed over. Miss Smith, you

Nora had a headache.

She hated dealing with reporters the most. However, at this moment, Celine suddenly blocked her way. Im sorry, you dont have an appointment with President Smith You need to stop here.

Nora, who had entered the office, was speechless.

She turned around and saw that Celine had said something. She was gentle and magnanimous as she took the reporters downstairs. Those difficult reporters could not say anything harsh in front of her.

Then, Celine turned around and arranged some things. The people from the secretary department got busy.

The chaotic top floor immediately became orderly.

This was Celines work ability.

She was very powerful.

As Nora thought about this, she saw Roger suddenly turn around and plan to sneak away. However, before he could leave, Nora pressed his shoulder. Where are you going?

Rogers shoulder was pressed down, and he could not move anymore. At this moment, he stared at Nora and could only smile. Nora, where else can I go? Of course Ill go to work!


Nora nodded and suddenly smiled. Yes, I called the directors to a meeting. Lets go together!

At the board of directors meeting.

Roger wanted to escape, but he smiled awkwardly. Nora, uncles, look, I have so little shares in the company. Its not appropriate for me to stay here. I have something to care of. Ill take my leave first?

Unfortunately, just as he turned around, he heard Noras voice. Alright. Anyway, well discuss the punishment for you next. Its not good for you to stay.


As soon as she said this, Roger stopped walking. He looked directly at Nora. A cold light flashed across his smiling eyes before he said, Nora, what are you talking about? My punishment? What have I done? I was doing it for the good of the company. The gold futures had fallen so badly back then. Furthermore, although it increased a little today, you cant be too confident. What if its the end of the world? No one knows how much money you can earn. You havent brought any profits to the company yet. Isnt it inappropriate for you to start flipping out here?

Nora narrowed her eyes.

Roger continued to sigh. I know. In the past, I didnt get along with Justin and you had a problem with me. But now that Justin isnt around, I cant bully you two! Nora, why are you targeting me like this?

Roger was still talking when Nora suddenly threw a doc.u.ment on the table.

When he saw that doc.u.ment, Rogers expression changed.

Downstairs, Mrs. Hunt had arrived.

She was old. The car drove slowly and smoothly. She was still talking to f.a.n.n.y as she got out of the car. Tell me, why is a girl like her driving so fast? She disappeared in the blink of an eye. I didnt catch up all the way!

f.a.n.n.y smiled and said, Maybe she was in a hurry

As the two of them spoke, they saw Mr. Livingstone arrive. When he saw Mrs. Hunt, he walked forward.

This was what he and Mrs. Hunt had agreed on. Today, Mrs. Hunt would help Nora suppress the people in the company. However, the following arrangements still required Mr. Livingstone to be the first special a.s.sistant.

In the future, the companys decisions would still depend on Mr. Livingstone

When she saw Mr. Livingstone, Mrs. Hunt was about to speak when Mr. Livingstone sneered. Dont be anxious. Lets see todays gold price first! Itll also let you know how reliable my source is!

Mr. Livingstone picked up his phone confidently. He had to show the evidence first before he could occupy a high position in the subsequent negotiations!

He opened the trading app.