She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 790 - Gold Prices Make A Comeback!

Chapter 790 - Gold Prices Make A Comeback!

Chapter 790 Gold Prices Make A Comeback!

At the Hunt Corporation.

When Nora arrived in her car, there were already a lot of people in the company.

Most of the shareholders had also come. Everyone was very concerned about how she would give an explanation to the media and everyone else today.

When Nora entered the CEOs office on the top floor, the secretaries, who all had feelings for the Hunt Corporation, were chatting with one another in low voices.

She says that she will give everyone an explanation today, but I really dont know what kind of explanation shes going to give. It will be the year-end closing in two days, and the companys annual turnover data will be calculated then. If gold prices still dont recover by today, Im afraid itll be hard to say which way the Hunt Corporation will go this


Sigh, I have a friend working in the Smith Corporation. They have already calculated their turnover for this year and it has increased by a lot compared to last years. This year, under Mr. Hunts lead, we have invested a lot in research and development, especially in the fields of biomedicine and microchip research. Those 1.5 billion dollars are never coming back. Once you compare them like this Is the Hunt Corporation really going to be dethroned?

Actually, we have all seen the annual data reports. The Hunt Corporation barely manages to take first place each year. It seems that our profits exceed the Smith Corporations by only tens of millions every year. With such a small gap, any money-making project can get things done When you think of it that way, our victories really come too difficultly

Dont you know? This is actually all part of Mr. Hunts plans. Only when the turnover is only tens of millions of dollars higher and at risk of being surpa.s.sed will we have the motivation to work harder. Otherwise, if the gap is too big, we will end up monopolizing the market Also, if the difference is just tens of millions of dollars, then the Smith Corporation will also be motivated to catch up with us. But because of this, its really hard to say which way itll go this year

Yeah, its all Ms. Smiths fault. If she had disposed of the gold futures in time on the day of the board meeting, we wouldnt be losing this much money. If we compare carefully, our profits are actually just a few million dollars less than the Smith Corporation! If she had disposed of them at that time, the loss would have been reduced by 15 million dollars, and our position as number one this year would also have been in the bag.

So, this shows that some peoples hearts are just not in here!

Celine suddenly remarked coldly.

It was now the end of December. The figures for the years annual turnover had been calculated and released at the end of the day before. There were only a few days left to the end of the month. After that, they would add the profits from these few days to the previous data. Once that was done, the results would be out very soon.

The profits from several major projects had all been included, and it was impossible for there to be any large sums of income during the next few days.

It could be said that the results were already fixed.

Had it been the day before, Celine would still have placed a bit of trust in Nora, but now that she had seen the statistical results, she had lost all trust in her.

She suddenly stood up and said, We are only a few million dollars short of the Smith Corporations profits this year. If the difference was big, I wouldnt have been suspicious of Ms. Smith, but now, I have no choice but to doubt her. I think she did this deliberately. Besides, the amount of money lost is not that much for them either

Someone whispered, But Ms. Smith is now the Hunts daughter-in-law, why would she help the Smiths? Its not like shes the head of the Smiths

Celine glanced over frostily. Even when the usually-gentle woman got angry, her voice merely shook a little. She was utterly livid. Because she will be the head of the Smiths very soon!


Everyone was puzzled. How come? It has already been decided long ago that Joel Smith is the head of the Smiths. Besides, he also holds 51% of the shares. Is your information reliable or not?

Celine was furious. Even her eyes had turned a little red, and she was shaking in anger all over.

Of course. She forced Lawrence to resign just so she could abuse her authority and pull all these dirty tricks. If Lawrence was still here, and if Mr. Hunt was still here The gold futures would have been sold long ago. How would it have come to this?!

She suddenly bit her lip and said, We must unite as one and protect the Hunt Corporation together now!

The Hunt Corporation had undergone several major bouts of cleansing. With the exception of Roger, everyone who was still in the company was loyal to the Hunt Corporation.

Therefore, when they saw the data report the day before, they had panicked.

They had always been proud to be part of the Hunt Corporation. Additionally, when Justin was still around, he had treated them all very well.

Thus, all of them had always regarded the company as their home.

As Celine was the deputy manager of the secretarial department, she only had a little less authority than him. Besides, all of them could tell that Celine and Lawrences relations.h.i.+p was a little ambiguous.

As soon as she said that, everyone responded to her call.

Yes, we cant let her destroy the Hunt Corporation. We must unite as one! Lets boycott Ms. Smith and oppose her coming into the office!

Kick Ms. Smith out!

Lets watch over the Hunt Corporation for Mr. Pete!

With their emotions roused, they stood up one by one and blocked the way out of the elevator.

Behind the crowd, as Roger looked at the situation, his smirk became even more malicious, and a cold glint shot forth from his narrowed eyes.


He couldnt beat Justin, but did they think that he couldnt beat a woman who had never done any business?

Indeed, the old fogeys in the board of directors might not care about this bit of money-after all, 30 million dollars split equally among everyone wasnt muchbut there was no lack of people who were concerned about the Hunt Corporations image.

These workers were what an enterprise truly relied on for survival!

These people were elites from all walks of life. Now that they had come together to resist Nora, he would see what else Nora had to be so smug about!

As Roger thought so, the elevator arrived with a ding

Nora walked out from within.

As soon as she stepped out, someone threw a gla.s.s of water in her face!

Noras eyes narrowed and she moved her head to the side a little. With a loud splash, the water splattered onto the floor.

Her brows drew together, and she saw that Celine had led a group of people to block off the path outside the elevator. In addition to the secretarial department, there were also some other people from other departments.

Although they were not senior executives, they nevertheless represented at least one-tenth of the companys manpower!

Nora frowned and asked, What are you people doing?

Celine replied, Ms. Smith, you are not welcomed here in the Hunt Corporation!

Just as Nora was about to speak, Roger took a step forward and said, Nora, youre really just so Why cant you listen to me? Do you know that your actions have really disappointed everyone?! Just for the Smiths sake, you made us suffer a loss You are ultimately still a Smith after all! Only Hunts would truly have the Hunts interests at heart!! In the past, when Justin was still here, I was always indignant, but now that hes gone, it is time for me to step up to the challenge and take on the burden! Nora, I think you should go back. From now on, I will take care of the Hunts affairs instead. After all, even if there are conflicts between Justin and me, I am ultimately still a Hunt! At the very least, I will never harm the Hunts interests for the sake of the Smiths!

When Roger said that, Celine immediately looked at him with a very reluctant look on her face.

When Lawrence was here, hed called Roger a wolf in sheeps clothing before. Despite Justins cold and stern exterior, he really treated his subordinates very well. However, this was not the case for Roger.

Roger was friendly on the outside but cold on the inside! Such people were the scariest. However, if they drove Nora away, then it would seem that Roger really was the only one who could take over as the companys interim CEO.

Thus, Celine did not say anything.

She intended to wait until she got in touch with Lawrence to discuss this problem!

Since Celine did not say anything, the other secretaries did not raise any objections. They all stood behind Roger.

Nora looked at Roger and scoffed, How did I harm the interests of the Hunts?

Roger asked, Have you forgotten about the gold futures?

Nora lowered her eyes and looked down at the time.

The clock on her cell phone jumped from 8:59 to 9:00.

Nora raised her head and slowly said, The market is now open. Everyone can take a look at todays gold price now.

Her words took Celine by surprise a little.

Regardless, she quickly took out her cell phone and opened the trading app.

Roger sighed. Dont be stubborn anymore, Nora. Considering how badly gold prices have fallen, even if they do recover today, how much can they really recover? Its not like they will recover all at once, right? I think youd best go home quickly and stop making such a scene in the company. Otherwise, you will only be embarra.s.sing Justin. If you also thoroughly embarra.s.s Pete, it wont be easy for him to take over the company in the future

Right after he said that, his mobile trading market app sent a push notification to his cell phone: Gold prices make a comeback today!