She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 785 - Mrs. Hunt's Spirit

Chapter 785 - Mrs. Hunt's Spirit

Chapter 785 Mrs. Hunts Spirit

Since Mr. Livingstone had said such harsh words, Mrs. Hunt instantly trusted his judgment more. She stood out and said, Alright, listen to Mr. Livingstone on this matter. Nora, I know you also want to help the Hunts and even more so help Pete protect the Hunts, but you have to keep your eyes open and not let others find any loopholes. Its best not to trust your so-called friend so easily.

Mrs. Hunt said to Mr. Livingstone, Dont lower yourself to her level. Saying that you want to resign is just an angry remark. Dont worry, Nora has neglected you this time. Ill pay you double.

When Mr. Livingstone heard this, he nodded. Alright! Then now, Miss Smith, follow Howards thoughts and throw out the gold investment. Thats the best choice!

Nora listened to their conversation and smiled. She knew that Mrs. Hunt had always looked down on her.

Even though she had slapped her face frequently, Mrs. Hunt still felt that Nora had grown up in the countryside and did not know anything

Therefore, as a result, she also looked down on her friend.

Nora lowered her head.

After a moment, she looked up with a stern gaze. No.

She only said one word, but it showed her displeasure very clearly! Mr. Livingstone frowned tightly. He was so angry that his fingers were trembling as he pointed at Nora.

He had really spent a lot of money to get some information about the global gold price from Wall Street. This was also the capital he planned to use to control Nora this time.

But why was this woman so stubborn?!

He flung his sleeves in anger. Miss Smith, if you dont throw it away, then wait to lose! Besides, Roger happened to catch your pigtail. Your future doesnt look bright!

Mrs. Hunt was also anxious. She hit the ground with her walking stick and said, Nora! I trust you because youre Petes biological mother, but dont be overconfident! I know that you have good medical skills and might have some powerful connections, but youre not a businessman. You dont know the twists and turns here at all! I think that so-called friend of yours is also a bad friend! You cant trust him completely!

Bad friend?

Nora sneered and sat on the sofa behind her. Then, she said, Mrs. Hunt, I respect you as Justins grandmother, so Im still being polite to you. But actually, I havent gotten married to Justin yet. Legally, I have nothing to do with him. I advise you to be more polite!

Mrs. Hunt was furious. Polite? If I didnt support you, how could you be in this position? Youre simply killing the donkey after its outlived its usefulness!

Nora raised her eyebrows. Say whatever you want, but Im the one in charge of the company now! So, stop talking nonsense. I wont throw away this gold! Alright, Im going to sleep with the three children. Please!


Mrs. Hunt was even more surprised and anxious. She looked at Nora in disbelief. It has already come to this, but you still want to sleep? How can you sleep? Dont you care about the Hunts at all?

Nora could not be bothered to speak anymore.

It was indeed difficult to change opinions. After all, prejudice was difficult to correct.

With this in mind, she stood up and walked to the door to open it. Please.

They were both from wealthy and respectable families. If Nora was so rude, Mr. Livingstone would definitely lose face. He said angrily, Okay, okay! Miss Smith, dont blame me for not warning you when you have to compensate me! Dont cry and beg me to come back! Im not returning!

With that, he turned and left.

Mrs. Hunt hurriedly followed behind Mr. Livingstone. Mr. Livingstone? Mr. Livingstone?

After the two of them left, Nora closed the door with a bang. Only then did she sigh silently.

It was finally quiet.

She walked straight to the bed and climbed up. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

In the courtyard.

In the end, Mrs. Hunt caught up to Mr. Livingstone, who had no intention of leaving.

They were all managers, but who could be the manager of such a big company like the Hunts? This was almost every managers dream!

He made such a fuss with Nora just to stay!

Mr. Livingstone deliberately slowed down. Sure enough, he waited until Mrs. Hunt caught up. Dont go. Nora is young and insensible. Dont take her words to heart!

Mr. Livingstone pretended to be proud. Mrs. Hunt, its not that I dont want to help. With your order, I resigned from my current job and ran here. But as you can see, Im really unfortunate to have such an arrogant boss! I really cant be the special a.s.sistant of the Hunt Corporation!

Mrs. Hunt frowned. Mr. Livingstone, look. Why dont I give you five times your salary?

Mr. Livingstone shook his head. Its not about the salary. Its just that if Miss Smith keeps going against me and doesnt listen to me, even if I can create a plan to raise the Hunts to the heavens, she wont follow it. Sigh!

Mrs. Hunt sighed. Shes young and has never held such an important position. There are so many people at home who are eying her covetously

After Mrs. Hunt said this, she thought of Hunt Corporation and Justin. Her chest started to hurt.

Her eyes were red. Dont fuss about it with her. How about this? I dont think theres anything else we can do about the gold. Let her suffer this! At the same time, Ill let her know how powerful you are. Shell be obedient in the future!

Mr. Livingstone frowned. But if she doesnt listen to me this time, shell have to bear the consequences. At that time, her prestige in the company will drop. How can I help her then?

Mrs. Hunt lowered her head. Dont worry. Ill make up for the 50 million loss!

This sentence made Mr. Livingstones eyes widen as he said in disbelief, What?

Ill make it up. Mrs. Hunt said firmly, I have 300 million in cash. If the company pursues the matter, Ill make it up to them. Justin is the one who bought the gold, it has nothing to do with her. Please dont lower yourself to her level, Mr. Livingstone.

When Mr. Livingstone heard that 50 million dollars could be taken out by Mrs. Hunt easily, he was even more tempted.

He compromised. Alright, Miss Smith is really lucky. Youre so good to her, sigh!

After Mr. Livingstone left, Mrs. Hunt stood there and sighed silently.

f.a.n.n.y stood behind her and said, Mrs. Hunt

Mrs. Hunt sighed. In the past, I listened to the old man and placed Justin as the leader. However, after Justin left, I realized that humans still have feelings for each other The only thing I can do for him is to protect the woman and children he loves the most