She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 784 - Genius? Slap Her in the Face?

Chapter 784 - Genius? Slap Her in the Face?

Chapter 784 Genius? Slap Her in the Face?

Nora hurriedly drove back home. After getting out of the car hugging the companys project books, she went straight to the study room.

After placing the books on the table, she picked up her phone and looked around before calling Justin.

This was the first time she had taken the initiative to look for him since the incident.

However, when she dialed the number, the automated tone reminded her, The number you have dialed is unreachable.

That made sense. The phone had been destroyed in the explosion. After all, Justins belongings had been found beside the corpse.

Therefore, it was reasonable that she could not find him on the other end of the line.

Nora could not help but start to think again. Where did Justin go?

Just as her thoughts were running wild, the door was pushed open. Following that, the heads of the three little fellows appeared at the door. Cherry blinked her large eyes and said in a childish voice, Mommy, are you thinking of Daddy?

I suppose, replied Nora.

When Pete heard this, he said, Mommy, didnt you say Daddy just has something to do? Hell be back soon.

Nora held her chin. But there is so much work. My head hurts too!

Xander immediately craned his neck to take a look and said, Is there too much work? It would be good if someone helped you share the burden.

Cherry immediately said, Mommy, let Pete and Xander help you!

Xander took the opportunity to say, Yes, let Pete help you!

Pete and Cherry looked at him at the same time, their identical faces filled with confusion.

Why Pete?

Why me?

Xander scoffed. Of course its because Hunt Corporation will be yours in the future. Dont think I dont understand. The tyrant wont come back. Mommy is helping you work! So, you should be the one doing it!

Pete: !!

However, Cherry was still nodding her head vigorously. Xander, youre right!

Xander patted Petes shoulder. Go on, dont be afraid. Its just like your Math Olympiad questions.

How could these business matters be the same as the Math Olympiad?!

Were they as difficult as Math Olympiad?!

Pete glanced at Xander in disdain before walking silently to Noras side. Mommy, Ill do it.

Nora: ??!

She was already stunned by the three childrens conversation.

What the heck was this?

Were they really only five years old? After their intelligence and genes were improved, they could be so spectacular?!

Pete climbed into the chair. His small hand grabbed the first project and opened it to read.

Nora could not help but ask, Pete, do you understand?

Pete nodded. Yes. Actually, Daddy often let me see these in the past. Its just that these are too dry and boring. I still like the Math Olympiad more.

Nora remembered. She had once asked Justin what Pete was good at. Justins original words were: Hes a business genius!

Now, she finally understood what this meant!

She grimaced and decided to stand up and give him her desk.

Pete counted the projects. Mommy, you guys should go and rest first. It will probably take six to seven hours to finish reading these.



Faced with such an impressive and crazy son, Nora felt that she should get used to it.

She sat on the sofa beside him.

Cherry and Xander sat obediently beside her.

This was the scene Mrs. Hunt saw when she entered.

Her little great-grandson was reading some doc.u.ments.

The woman sat on the sofa and emptied her mind to Cherry and Xander. The scene was simply tragic.

Mrs. Hunts expression changed as she asked, Why did you fire Mr. Livingstone?

Nora replied, Did he complain to you?

Mrs. Hunt frowned. Mr. Livingstone is the best manager in New York. You dont know anything about business. If you fire Mr. Livingstone, what will you do next?

Nora lowered her eyes. Dont worry. The company is fine.

Are you okay? Why do I hear that Howard is fighting with you? Howard is now spreading the news that you wont let him throw away the gold futures. He even said that hell lose 50 million dollars to the company as soon as he takes over! Although Hunt Corporation doesnt care about 50 million, if word gets out that youre acting like this a day after taking over, theyll only say that youre incapable!

Ever since Mrs. Hunt temporarily reconciled with her, Nora knew that she was really doing this for the Hunts.

After Justins funeral, this old woman had visibly lost some weight.

Since she was so sad, Nora could not bear to let her continue to be on tenterhooks for her. She said, Dont worry. I have information from a reliable channel here. Gold prices will rise.

Mrs. Hunt frowned, not trusting her. What channel?

Kings existence could not be revealed to the outside world.

Therefore, Nora could only say, A friend.

A friend?

Mrs. Hunt sighed. Its not that I dont trust you. Its just that if you had such channels, you would have made a killing long ago, right?


She only cared about sleeping and did not take the opportunity to earn money.

The corners of her mouth twitched. Just as she was about to speak, Mrs. Hunt said again, Is your friend really reliable? Dont be fooled. They have a lot of traders in this industry. They invested 80 million this time, its not a small sum!

Nora said calmly, Dont worry. Hes reliable.

Mrs. Hunt still did not believe her.

Mr. Livingstone, who was following behind Mrs. Hunt, said, Miss Smith, I know you want to establish your power, so youre anxious, but I have a lot of information here. The gold market has been too turbulent recently. Its indeed not good. Fighting Howard with the gold market like this is like playing with a knife in a sea of fire. Its too dangerous! I suggest you listen to Howard and dump your investment. Even if the gold prices really increase later, its still Howards fault! Why do you do this?

When Nora heard this, she looked at him. Your information is not very reliable.

Mr. Livingstone was instantly furious. Impossible! Miss Smith, youve always been studying in the medical world, so you might not understand the relations.h.i.+p between us businessmen. Its all built on interests. There are only interests between us. In order to obtain this information, I have paid a big sum! How much did you pay? Or how much did you give?

Nora: ??

From her expression, she knew that Nora did not give anything.

Mr. Livingstone sneered. Why dont we make a bet?! If you lose, then you have to listen to me from now on! If you win, Ill resign!