She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 786 - No Shortage of Money!

Chapter 786 - No Shortage of Money!

Chapter 786 No Shortage of Money!

When f.a.n.n.y heard what she said, her eyes reddened and tears almost fell from her eyes.

She looked at Mrs. Hunt. Maam

A faltering Mrs. Hunt continued walking to her residence. She said, Humans are never content with what they have. When he was around, I not only wanted him to make concessions for the sake of the company but even wanted him to enter a political marriage. He expanded the company step by step into what it is today all because he loved his grandma, but you know what? Justins dream wasnt to become a bossy CEO because he is a romantic at heart. Im the one who shackled him here with my love for him During the last two days, I have thought a lot and realized that many things I did were wrong. If I could do it all over again, Id want him to just be alive and happy Whats the use of expanding the company into such a big and powerful one when he isnt even here anymore?

With a sigh, she left Justins villa and slowly walked to her own.

After she entered the villa, she felt rather panicked and short of breath.

f.a.n.n.y brought her the Zabe Corporations Calming Pills. After taking one, she stared at the pills. At last, she sighed and said, Never mind, Ill just pay back what I owe Justin to that woman instead!

After saying that and taking the medicine, the discomfort in Mrs. Hunts chest was alleviated and she felt a lot better. Only then did she lie down and go to sleep.

The next day, Mrs. Hunt woke up with a start.

After she opened her eyes, she looked at f.a.n.n.y and asked, What time is it?.

f.a.n.n.y looked at the time. Its only seven oclock.

What time does the stock market open?

Nine oclock.

Mrs. Hunt breathed a sigh of relief. She got out of bed and slowly started to wash up. Just like that, she slowly pa.s.sed the time until it was nine oclock. At nine oclock, she looked at f.a.n.n.y, only to see her expression changing greatly when she picked up the phone and took a glance at it.

Mrs. Hunts heart sank at once. Sure enough, the next moment, f.a.n.n.y said, The gold price yesterday was $45 per gram, but it has dropped to $32 per gram

Mrs. Hunt broke into a huge frown.

Justin had acquired the gold at nearly $63 per gram. With this, it had become a 50% loss for them!

In other words, it was a loss of nearly 40 million dollars!

Mrs. Hunt felt as if her heart was being tightly squeezed. Her cell phone rang at this time. When she answered, Mr. Livingstones voice reached her.

Mrs. Hunt, have you seen the gold price? My friend didnt lie to me! Its the end of the line for gold futures, weve already suffered a loss of 40 million dollars! If this continues, we will really incur a loss of 50 million dollars!

Mrs. Hunt took a deep breath and looked at f.a.n.n.y. What is Nora doing right now?

f.a.n.n.y replied weakly, I just called Mr. Hunts villa. The butler said he said that Ms. Smith is still asleep, and that she has forbidden them from waking her up unless its a matter of life and death.

Mrs. Hunt:

She felt like her heart condition had gotten even worse. She took a deep breath, yet she felt as if she could neither expel that breath of air nor force it back down. It was stuck in her chest, making it feel terribly stuffy and uncomfortable.

After hanging up Mr. Livingstones phone call, Mrs. Hunt got onto her feet with f.a.n.n.ys help. She said, Come on! Lets go and wake her up!

To sell the gold? f.a.n.n.y asked.

No, were not selling it anymore. Mrs. Hunt said firmly, Well lose 40 million dollars if we sell it now. Even if we wait a while longer, the most we will lose is just 50 million dollars. After all, its not like gold prices will ever fall to zero. Theres no real difference between 40 million and 50 million dollars anyway, so lets not make her slap herself in the face.

f.a.n.n.y held the old ladys arm and looked at her faltering appearance. Then youre going over because?

Im going to wake her up!

Mrs. Hunt tapped her walking stick against the floor. Even if shes just all form and no function, she still has to behave the way she should be behaving! Which familys matriarch sleeps in every day? Besides, how can anyone even sleep for twelve hours a day?! Her health will eventually suffer if she stays in bed like that every day!

f.a.n.n.y nodded.

To be honest, shed wanted to bring this up a long time ago-she had never seen anyone as lazy as Nora! She could sleep for more than twelve hours a day? She must be hiding in her room and secretly playing with her cell phone instead, right?!

The pair arrived at Justins villa.

Mrs. Hunt walked up to the door and knocked.

Nora was extremely grouchy after being awakened, but when she saw that it was Mrs. Hunt, she didnt say anything.

Mrs. Hunt stood where she was and reprimand her with gusto. Can you open your eyes? Its already nine, yet youre still asleep?! Do you know that gold prices have reached another new low?!

Nora yawned. Oh.

Mrs. Hunt:

She felt like she was about to suffer a heart attack!

Just how unconcerned about the matter was she?!

Mrs. Hunt took a deep breath. Only then did she speak again. Nora, Im really not trying to scold you, but can you stop being so lazy? I have never seen a woman as lazy as you! From now on, you will get up at eight no, you must get up at six every morning and exercise!

Nora: ?


Just as she found herself somewhat puzzled, Mrs. Hunt said, No matter what, you must make sure you stay alive for a while longer! I dont have that many years left to keep Pete company, so youll have to keep him company for a few more years!


She wanted to say that she would be able to live a few more years if she gave her a few more hours of sleep.

If she slept only eight hours a day, she would totally die right in front of her!

But when she saw how Mrs. Hunts chest was heaving up and down intensely, she slowly swallowed the words back down.

She must have been pretty furious with her the day before.

The old lady sure was a pain.

Nora heaved a silent sigh and very reluctantly replied, Okay, I suppose.

If she wanted her to get up at 6 AM, then she would just go to sleep at 6 PM.

Just as the thought flashed by her mind, a check appeared in front of her.

Nora looked at Mrs. Hunt in confusion. This


Its a check for 50 million dollars. If you dont want to sell the gold, then dont. If the directors make things difficult for you at the meeting, then just make up for the loss with this money.

After she spoke, Mrs. Hunt turned and walked off. Did I owe you something in my last life or what?! Why do I have to pay for your mistake? I really dont know what kind of sheer dumb luck you have to be able to date Justin and even have three children with him

Upon hearing her babbling, Nora lowered her head.

Suddenly, her lips curled into a smile.

The old lady was actually pretty cute.

She looked down at the check in her hand. Originally, she wanted to go after Mrs. Hunt and return it to her, but after a moments thought, she decided against it, lest the old lady not only got angry with her but also distrusted her.

In any case, gold prices would be rising in another two days. She would just show her the truth then. Surely that would do, right?

While she was thinking about it, the butler came to report something to her. He said, Ms. Smith, Mrs. Smith called just now to ask if you are awake.

Mrs. Smith?

Nora took a while to realize that he was referring to Tanya, Joels wife.

Nora nodded. Yeah. Half an hour later, Tanya came with a check, which she handed to her. She said, Joel told me to pa.s.s this to you. He also said, 80 million dollars? Whats the big deal? Ill even take care of the capital and let Nora throw the money onto the table at the board meeting! The Smiths are in no way short of money! Nora: ???!