She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 783 - King Was Watching Her!

Chapter 783 - King Was Watching Her!

Chapter 783 King Was Watching Her!

Imperial League could only be accessed through a special encrypted web page. If one didnt log in, they wouldnt be able to see the information inside.

Nora was not interested in economics in the past, so she did not care much about this organization. However, ever since Old Maddy said last time that he wanted King to support her unconditionally, she had begun to pay attention to Imperial League.

In order to not miss any important info, Nora had written a small program. As long as someone sent a message, she would receive a notification on her phone.

That was why she had received such a message.

Looking at that message, Nora suddenly raised her head and looked around.

Her first reaction was that King was monitoring her. Otherwise, why would the message about the gold be sent directly to her?

Wasnt this too much of a coincidence?

She had never believed that there were any coincidences in this world.

However, she did not know anyone else in Hunt Corporation. So, what was going on?

She frowned and was in a daze because she could not figure it out.

This behavior created an illusion for Howard, making him misunderstand that Nora did not know anything. He smiled and said, Nora, I think you dont know! Thats true. I know this is the decision Justin had made previously. You dont want to overthrow it, but things have already turned out like this. Its better for you to face it positively. Besides, this is a company, not a place for you to be emotional. Nora, I hope you can wake up. My suggestion is to throw away the gold in our hands. Otherwise, if the price of gold continues to fall, you might lose all your capital! When Mr. Livingstone heard this, he pursed his lips.

He could tell that among the board of directors, the others were still considered polite and friendly to Nora. However, they were not in so much danger.

Only Howard was troublesome.

However, this was actually a good thing for him. If the people on the board of directors were not like Howard, what was the meaning of his existence?

Therefore, he had to make the atmosphere more tense and create some business conflicts. Only then could Mrs. Hunt and Nora trust him!

Therefore, Mr. Livingstone shut his mouth. He did not speak and planned to act according to the situation.

Howard made things difficult again. Nora finally came back to her senses from her thoughts. She decided not to think about it anymore. She looked at Mr. Livingstone and saw that his eyes were fixed somewhere else. He did not have the intention to speak at all.

Logically speaking, he should have warned her.

Nora understood something. She pursed her lips and raised her almond-shaped eyes to look at Howard. Theres no need to throw it away. Futures always rise and fall. Its normal.

As soon as she finished speaking, Howard sneered. Normal? The futures in the past never fell by more than a third! If we dont sell them now, well lose a lot of money! Nora, you dont know about futures, right? You havent bought them before, either. Dont you know what futures mean? Do you need me to explain it to you?

Every word was targeted at her.

Nora laughed softly. Theres no need to explain. Although I dont really understand, let me ask you, when Justin was around, did he ever make a wrong decision?

Everyone shut their mouths.

Justin was a business genius, and he did not lose money doing business. The company lost a few projects, but they were the ones who insisted on doing them, not Justin. Sometimes, Justin would give them face and let them do it, which was why they lost money.

This resulted in losses and wins on the account. But actually, Justin was brilliant on his own and had never lost money!

When Howard heard this, he was also stumped. However, his eyes darted around and he said with a smile, Nora, Justin is a business genius. We dont deny it. Over the years, the Hunts have indeed climbed a few steps under his lead. However, the futures have indeed changed a lot in the past few years. Furthermore, gold has started to fall rapidly these past few days. If Justin was still around, the losses would have stopped long ago Sigh!

With that, he revealed a fake look of sadness.

Nora lowered her eyes. Yes, lets leave it like this!

With that, she did not give Howard time to speak again. She looked at the others and said, Its a project set by Justin. You dont have to ask anymore what to do. Its getting late. Everyone, leave your projects behind and go have lunch!

Actually, the board of directors meeting today was to let Nora meet everyone.

There was no need to say everything. Moreover, with the words Nora said to Howard earlier, everyone thought of Justins glorious achievements and did not dare to speak anymore, so they all stood up. Okay!

Everyone handed the project books they had sorted out to Nora and left one after another. A thick stack of information quickly appeared in front of Nora.

After everyone left, Howard stood up with a smile. He had long been marginalized by Justin and was only responsible for buying some gold futures.

Howard said, Nora

In the company, please call me President Smith. Nora interrupted him. This is not a family business. Were only business a.s.sociates here, not family.


He lowered his eyes. Okay, President Smith. I advise you to take the gold futures seriously. You might not know how much Hunt Corporation has bought. Its not a small investment worth a few hundred thousand dollars or a few millions Its tens of millions of dollars!

Nora raised her eyebrows. I understand.

Seeing her calm demeanor, Howard did not know what to say and could only leave angrily.

After he left, Nora stood up, picked up the stack of doc.u.ments, and walked out.

Mr. Livingstone followed behind her. He wanted to say something, but Nora said directly, You dont have to come tomorrow.

She did not want such an a.s.sistant!

And when it came to a.s.sistants

Where was Lawrence?

Why did Lawrence disappear after Justin faked his death?

For some reason, she suddenly had a bad feeling

Sean was still in the company, but he had always been in charge of the outside world. Lawrence was in charge of Justins internal matters. Logically speaking, since he had faked his death, Justin would definitely let Lawrence come back. Had something happened to him?

She thought of that explosion again.

Nora was suddenly vexed. She simply hugged the stack of doc.u.ments and returned home.

After she left, Howard walked out of the room and sneered at her back.

This time, Nora was definitely going to lose!

This was because Justin had asked him to buy 15 million dollars worth of gold back then, but he had secretly changed it to 80 million! The other 65 million were for him alone.

Justin had sharp eyes and had always been good at reading things.

However, Justin was no longer around. There was no evidence. It was up to him to decide if he had helped the company buy 15 million or 80 million!

Therefore, two days ago, when the gold began to fall rapidly, he had transferred the 65 million dollars worth of gold that he had bought personally to the company.

Fortunately, it would only be the company that made a loss.

He had also made up for his loss from the company.

If it fell again, it would drop by more than half.

If that was the case, Nora could not afford to lose 40 to 50 million!

This had nothing to do with him. He had suggested throwing it out at the meeting today. It was Nora who did not listen, so he was waiting to see Nora make a fool of herself!!