She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 782 - King!!!

Chapter 782 - King!!!

Chapter 782 King!!!

The moment Nora walked in, the entire conference room fell silent.

Howard rubbed his eyes in confusion as if he had seen wrongly. The smile on his face froze.

The servant at home had just said that Nora came out of the house 20 minutes ago. How could she have arrived so quickly? Did she fly over?

When he was stunned, Third Uncle said, Nora, youre here! I knew it. How could you have forgotten such an important meeting?! You must have left long ago!

With that, he said in a low voice, However, Howard said that you just left the house. I wonder which servant told him that. This isnt good. Youve left an impression on us directors that youre lazy!

Howard knew that he had lost this round.

However, his expression did not change. The smile on his face returned to life as he said, Yes, yes. I must have made a mistake there! Fortunately, youve arrived. Otherwise, these uncles would have waited for you for an hour! Nora, did you sleep till late this morning? Even if there was a traffic jam, you shouldnt be half an hour late, right?

Although Nora arrived within half an hour, it could not change the fact that she was late.

Nora narrowed her eyes slightly. She did not explain and walked straight to the host chair. After sitting down, she said calmly, Im sorry Im late.

These short words inexplicably gave people a sense of security and calmness.

The other shareholders looked at her. At this moment, everyone suddenly had a little confidence in the companys future.

At least this woman could really control the situation. In such a tense atmosphere, she could handle the problem easily. It seemed like she had some skills.

Howards heavy fists. .h.i.t cotton and he instantly felt that it was meaningless.

If he continued to talk about her being late, it would make him look very petty. Therefore, Howard smiled and said, Nora, its okay. Were family. Lets start the meeting, okay?

This person was really petty. Nora complained in her heart and nodded.

Then, the people below reported their respective projects to her so that she could understand the business quickly.

Nora was mult.i.tasking. As she listened, she looked at her special a.s.sistant, Mr. Livingstone, who was standing beside her. This was a child from the distant family of Mrs. Hunt. He had already served Mrs. Hunt for more than five years and had always been in contact with her.

This person was very good at managing the company. He had once been a professional manager and had a good reputation in the industry. This was also the person Mrs. Hunt had worked hard to invite to help Nora run Hunt Corporation!

Logically speaking, he should have reminded Nora that she was coming to the meeting today. After all, as the special a.s.sistant, he was responsible for these small matters.

Moreover, Nora had always been carefree. Lily was the one handling the medical matters. Even if Justin was here, he could not possibly remember his daily schedule. It was arranged by the special a.s.sistant!

Moreover, Mrs. Hunt had even instructed Mr. Livingstone repeatedly yesterday to get him to help her no matter what. He had to suppress the situation!

But this Mr. Livingstone did not remind her?

At the very least, he should have informed her that she should leave for the company at 9 oclock!

Nora thought about this and turned the pen in her hand.

President Smith, what do you think we should do with this case? Should we continue or shelve it?

As she was thinking, the first person finished reporting and asked her about it.

Nora was about to speak when Mr. Livingstone beside her suddenly said, You should go ahead and do whatever President Hunt advised when he was still around.

Mr. Livingstone stood behind Nora, looking handsome as a special a.s.sistant.

With his words, everyone understood.

It seemed like Miss Smith was still just for show. Had she found a professional manager to act for her?

However, that was fine too!

As long as Hunt Corporation continued to develop well.

Everyone thought about this. Next, they faced Nora one by one but actually began reporting to Mr. Livingstone.

Justin had already arranged most of the projects well enough. They could continue according to his instructions and things he had left behind.

Mr. Livingstone opened his mouth to handle the matter and sized Nora up.

This woman was his new partner.

When Mrs. Hunt called him over to help, he had thought that he was going to be the manager of Hunt Corporation. He did not expect to be her special a.s.sistant!

Mr. Livingstone was unwilling.

He was a dignified economist and a doctoral student who had double degrees, but he now had to listen to a young girl around 25 years old?

Therefore, he deliberately did not inform Nora to come for the meeting.

His goal was to make Nora panic after she was late. Then, he would come and help suppress the situation. That way, in the future, Nora would definitely rely on him excessively

By then, Nora, this President Smith, would be useless. He would still be the manager of Hunt Corporation!

As Mr. Livingstone thought about this, Howard suddenly said, Nora, I have some questions. I want to ask you about it.

Nora raised her eyebrows. What is it?

Howard said, When Justin was around, he asked us to prepare some gold reserves. Therefore, when the price of gold increased a while ago, we bought some gold futures. However, Justin misjudged this time. After he got the company to buy it, the price of gold began to fall. Furthermore, it became worse and worse. Until now, the price has already dropped to two-thirds from when we bought it. Should we quickly dump the gold futures now? Otherwise, the loss will be even greater!

Nora: ?

Gold futures? Isnt that a type of investment bond?

She frowned and before she could speak, Mr. Livingstone was about to speak again. About that

However, before he could finish, Howard suddenly said, Mr. Livingstone, are you a special a.s.sistant or a professional manager? If youre here to manage the company, why did you make Nora come here? If youre just a special a.s.sistant, arent you saying too much today?

Mr. Livingstone instantly shut his mouth and looked at Nora at the same time.

As a special a.s.sistant, it was wrong to interrupt casually. However, if Nora asked, then it would be reasonable for him to answer.

Therefore, he was waiting for Nora to speak. He was also very confident that after Nora witnessed his recent actions, she would definitely open her mouth to beg him.

Howard continued, Nora?


She rarely paid attention to gold futures. After all, she was not that obsessed with earning money. Who knew when the gold would rise?

What was she going to say about this question?

As she was thinking, a message was sent to the Imperial League group. [King: Gold will climb crazily in the next three days.)