She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 779 - Redirecting their Troubles!

Chapter 779 - Redirecting their Troubles!

Chapter 779 Redirecting their Troubles!

Nora drew the curtains and sat on the sofa, her grip on the phone tightening a little.

The events from the previous night resurfaced before her eyes.

When Justin pushed her out, hed whispered three words into her ear: Nora, trust me.

From the moment the man in black showed up, all the way until she and Justin both appeared in the room where the safe-deposit boxes were, every single second had been too rushed. She and Justin hadnt said a word to each other at all!

At that moment, she could only put her trust in him, go with the flow, and get out of the room.

After that, she saw the metal box flying out and hid it in her clothes, but when she looked back, Justin was already closing the metal door.

The sound of the bomb going off in the room and the click of the lock on the metal door were like boulders that weighed down on her heart.

He had told her to trust him

But when Morris and the others carried out the charred body, regardless, she had still been filled with disbelief and unable to rest assured at all.

That was why she had impulsively gone to the lab together with the corpse.

After that

As there werent any records of Justins DNA in the database, Nora could only get Lily to send over the records of the samples she had taken in the past.

When Lily sent them over, she had hinted to Nora that Sean had changed the DNA records on the way.

At that moment, Nora had become a little relieved.

But she was still worried.

It wasnt until she returned to the room, answered Lilys phone call, and heard her say loud and clear, The DNA comparison results show that its not Mr. Hunt, that she finally became completely relieved!

After hanging up the phone, Nora did not change her clothes right away. Instead, she took out the metal box from her clothes and put it on the coffee table. Then, she sat on the sofa and kept quiet for a very long time.

What exactly was in the metal box no longer mattered to her. What mattered was what on earth was Justin doing? Why did he fake his death?

Also, why did he prepare a dead body?

Was he the one who had put the bomb in the safe?

What was his purpose in doing this?

Nora couldnt figure it out at all.

Just as she was pondering over these questions, her cell phone suddenly rang.

She answered the call. Calebs voice came from the other end.

I heard that Mr. Hunt is

He paused slightly. Then, he asked, You are you okay?

Im fine.

Nora lowered her eyes, her voice calm and flat.

Caleb breathed a sigh of relief. Just as he was about to say something, Nora heard someone snatch the phone from him. Truemans shrill voice then rang out.

Youre such a good-for-nothing! That barbarian snatched away the V16 from right under your nose? Youre so useless! No wonder even Justin Hunt died! He deserves


Noras grip on her cell phone tightened a little.

Even if she knew that Justin was just faking his death, she still couldnt help but get a little angry.

But right after, Trueman sneered and said, My little servant, why dont we cooperate with each other?

Nora narrowed her eyes. Cooperate on what?

Trueman said, Like me, Xander only has a little over two months left to live. Lets cooperate. I will go to the barbarian and take back what your mother had left. If it is a clue, then you will solve it. Once you get the antidote, you are to give me a share of it! I guarantee that I wont make any more trouble.

Nora balled up her fists tightly. Why should I trust you?

Trueman let out a low laugh. Do you have any option apart from trusting me when you cant even beat that barbarian in a fight? What else do you have to be so arrogant about when even your husband is dead? If you want to save Xander, you can only beg me for help!

Nora hung up on him right away!

She looked at the metal box in front of her again. She seemed to have somewhat understood Justins objective this time.

The man in black alone was already so powerful that neither of them could beat him in a fight, yet he was only one of the five genetically-modified humans!

If Trueman, Caleb, and the other two were added to the equation too, how would she possibly be a match for them?

Nora had clearly sensed that shed already thrown everyone off before she went to the bank.

Yet she had still ended up being tailed by the man in black. That was why Justin had set up this whole thing-in other words, he was redirecting their troubles elsewhere! Indeed, even though she had claimed that the two of them only went to the bank in the middle of the night because Justin wanted to show her what hed prepared for their wedding, Trueman and company all knew that they had gone to the bank for the V16. But now, the situation was that she and Justin had been in terrible shape and big trouble when they were facing the man in black, so they had lost to the man who then stole the V16 from them!

News of this had already started spreading in private among the insiders.

No one would suspect that the V16 was actually still with Nora-after all, the man in black had even killed Justin! If he hadnt achieved his objective, would he have spared Noras life?

Therefore, he must have taken the V16!

With that, everyone who had been watching Nora would now watch the man in black instead!

Also, Nora might not know who the man in black was, but the other four among the five successfully genetically modified children did.

This was Justins setup, as well as personal safety that hed exchanged for with his life!

One could say that his ploy was perfect and seamless

But where had the man gone? Why hadnt he contacted her even now?


When the metal door closed and the blast of the explosion rang out in the room, did he really have time to retreat into the tunnel safe and intact? Also the man in black was gone, so he must also have discovered the tunnel and escaped along with Justin.

Could Justin beat the man in black? Definitely not

So, was Justin dead or alive? Was he seriously injured? Was that why he couldnt get in touch with them?

While Noras imagination was running wild, a knock came from the door. Brendas voice rang out.

Nora, I have prepared your outfit for the wake. When youre ready, come out and take


Since Justin was dead, they had set up a wake for him.

A lot of friends and family would be coming to the wake to pay homage to Justin. As his fiance and the mother of their three children, by right, Nora should be there to attend to the guests.

Nora did not move.

Outside, Brenda called out again. Nora, can you open the door first? Grandma has something to tell you.

Mrs. Hunt?

Nora hurriedly hid the metal box again before she walked to the door and opened it.

The door opened to reveal Brenda, who had already changed into a black formal dress, standing outside with Mrs. Hunt.

Mrs. Hunts fingers shook as she glanced at Nora. She took a deep breath and said, To be honest, deep down, I blame you for his death.

Nora was taken aback.

Mrs. Hunt said, Herman may be my son, but Justin is also my grandson! I watched him grow up! It was my wish ever since Justin was a child was for him to manage the company and Im also the one who put in the most effort in him! Now that hes gone, this old woman cant live on anymore!

Mrs. Hunt pounded her chest as she spoke.

When she saw her reaction, Nora suddenly understood why Justin had been in such a dilemma back then.

He had continuously allowed Mrs. Hunt to dig her own grave, and then allowed Nora to slap the old lady in the face after that. In doing so, his objective was to let her suppress Mrs. Hunt and also to make Mrs. Hunt acknowledge her.

Privately, Joel and Ian had actually complained about it before. They felt that Justin could have easily just sent Mrs. Hunt away with a few words, yet hed made her suffer such grievances.

But in this instant, Nora suddenly understood.

The elderly Mrs. Hunt might have made a lot of concessions for the Hunts, but her feelings for Justin were all real.

At the very least, Mrs. Hunt was the most saddened by Justins death at the moment

When Nora was thinking, Mrs. Hunt spoke again. She said, But I cant blame you for it! Pete is Justins son and also the heir to the family. As Petes mother, you must pull yourself together! Nora, I know that you grew up in the boonies, but you have impressive medical skills, so you should have been exposed to high-class events before. Today, you must keep up a presentable front for the family! As for later, I will help you to protect Petes Hunt Corporation and personally hand it over to him when he grows up

After saying that, Mrs. Hunt looked at her again. She kept quiet for a long while before she finally said, I declare a temporary truce between the two of us.

After saying that, she turned and left.

Seeing her staggering footsteps, Nora suddenly stood up straight. This was the first time she felt respect for the old lady from the bottom of her heart.

Despite the multiple twists and turns that the family had faced, she was able to overcome the ordeals no matter what the circumstances.

When her son left, she had supported her grandson to become the heir.

Now that her grandson had left, she was going to support Pete.

In that case, how could she break the old ladys heart?

For some reason, Justin wasnt contacting them. In that case, she would protect his home for him until he returned!

With that in mind, Nora locked the door from the inside.

She took out the metal box and opened it.

She would take a look and see what on earth was this thing that everyone was fighting over!